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Publication: Diet Buddy
Slimmer Instantly!

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, October 30, 2006

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Slimmer Instantly!

Happy Halloween Buddies:

I hope everyone had a good weekend and isn't as confused 
about the weather these past few months as I seem to be.  
It is October, isn't it?  I'm having a hard time adjusting 
to this jump from Summer to Winter without the beautiful 
Fall temperatures we normally have this time of year.  
Maybe by the time February arrives we'll have Spring 
weather and can wear shorts again, wouldn't that be nice?  
Yes, I know, in my dreams.

It's that time of year when we need to go searching 
in our closets for our winter attire again, which of course 
make some of us aware once more of the various sizes of 
clothing we've accumulated over the years with our 
continuing battle with the bulge.  What probably most of us 
don't realize, is that while on our way to that weight loss 
we can choose to wear clothing that can actually help us 
"reshape" to compliment our bodies, until we can once again 
wear our "flattering" clothes.

Thanks to Shape Magazine, here are the 10 best fasion tips 
and tricks while waiting for your diet and workout routine 
to start paying off.


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1. Invest In A Wrap Dress.  Universally flattering, 
   asymmetrical cuts "whittle down" your waist and hide 
   trouble spots.  Designer Diane von Furstenburg, who 
   popularized the look, explains:  "A wrap dress does 
   exactly what it claims; It wraps you.  And because it's 
   typically made of jersey fabric, it molds to your body, 
   helping you sculpt it."

2. Sport A V-Neck Top. The neckline narrows as it plunges - 
   the lower, the better - emphasizing the length of your 
   neck and upper body and giving the illusion of a leaner 
   line, says Anne Taylor creative director. 

3. Avoid Pleats.  Whenever they're on the waist, hips, or 
   neckline, extra fabric and fussy details like rufffles 
   and gathers can make you look bulky.  Stick with simple 

4. Dress In All One Color.  You've probably heard that 
   wearing all black makes you seem more slender, but 
   surprise! - going head to toe in any dark hue like 
   chocolate, navy, or charcoal achieves the same 
   streamlined effect.

5. Keep Pant Hems Long.  Tailor your trousers so they're 
   no shorter than half an inch from the floor.  A straight-
   leg cut gives the appearance of a lean, never-ending leg,
   says designer Elie Tahari.  

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6. Put On Heels With Pants. They'll make you stand 
   straighter while lifting your butt and elongating your 
   legs.  Creative director Holly Dunlap of Hollywood 
   recommends a pointed toe over a round toe for best 
   results: Match the shade of the shoe and pants as close 
   as possible. This draws the eye from the point of the 
   toe to the torso, creating a seamless silhoette."

7. Wear Vertical Lines. They lengthen your figure because 
   the eye naturally follows the pattern, making you look 
   taller and thinner. But don't overdo it. Varying widths 
   and colors can be distracting, not slimming.  The best 
   bets?  Try a turtleneck under a striped dress in a basic 
   shape, or pin-striped pants paired with a blouse in a 
   solid color.

8. Accessorize With Long Necklaces. Bold or layered chains 
   that fall from midchest to your waist pull the eye 
   downward, making you appear more trim, says L.A. jewelry 
   designer Chan Luu.

9. Hem Your Skirt To The Perfect Length. It should fall 
   just above or just below the knee, emphasizing where 
   your leg tapers between your thigh and your calf. Mid-
   thigh skirts draw attention to the thickest part of 
   your leg, while ultra-long skirts can look frumpy. 

10.Choose Clothes That Fit Just Right. Sounds obvious, but
   if your self-confidence is flagging, it's easy to dress 
   in baggy outfits that only add volume, and too-tight 
   pieces are unforgiving of even the slightest bump. Trust
   us:  The proper fit will automatically boost your 
   confidence - and your style.


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More Figure Flattering Tips!

*  Pants: The right pair of pants doesn't need to be tight, 
   it should fit just so.  Don't be concerned that a proper 
   fit may emphasize your curves.  In fact, pants that fit 
   right will make you look slimmer and trimmer than pants 
   with too much fabric hanging from the rear area.  You'll 
   notice the difference the minute you put them on.

*  Jackets, coats, dresses and tops:  Wearing tops that 
   create a waist is important in having a crisp, pulled-
   together look. And it's more feminine. Remember that 
   clothes that are too boxy or loose tend to fade in to 
   the background. Boxy shapes will also make you look and 
   feel shorter than you are. 

*  Bras: There is something about wearing the right bra 
   that makes you stand up straighter. Some women wear sexy 
   lingerie because it makes them feel better.  Either way 
   it translates into a more confident demeanor.  Whether 
   you are flat-chested or amply endowed, finding a well-
   fitting bra is esssential to dressing with assurance.  
   Look for one that is smooth-fitting and supports your 
   bust size.  Make sure it fits in the back as well as the 
   front.  Lumps and bumps under your clothing will only 
   make you feel self-conscious.

*  Shoes: Sometimes high heels can make you wobble, and 
   nobody wants a weaving walk. But when you pick a shoe 
   that's right for you, wearing heels will make you look 
   taller, slimmer and even sexier.

*  Jewelry: One of the quickest and most effective ways to 
   achieve a stylish appearance is with jewelry. Especially 
   a piece of bold jewelry. A chunky necklace, bracelet or 
   earrings (not all worn at once!) will make people stand 
   up and take notice of you. And for your own personal 
   benefit, you'll simply feel more fashionable.

Did You Know ???

That "when people first meet you they form up to 11 
different opinions about you in the first 60 seconds?  
People make judgements about what kind of person you are, 
even your moral character from their very first impression 
of you, and unfortunately, most of this is usually based on 
how you look! It shouldn't be, but it IS!

Most of us have been media-fed the idea that we can and 
should be a certain shape.  If we aren't that certain so-
called perfect shape, then we should try to reshape 
ourselves. Guess what ladies? it isn't going to happen!  
Sure you can keep your body at a healthy weight, not too 
heavy, not too skinny, but beyond that...we're talking 
genetics. What's a girl to do? Discover the clothes that 
are especially flattering and fun for YOUR shape to wear 
and then feel good about yourself. Remember, don't try to 
escape your shape...ENJOY IT !!!

Feeling frustrated with your lack of weight-loss? Why not 
stop and share those feelings in our Diet Buddy Forum at...

Diet Buddy Forum 

Have a great week and a safe and fun Halloween. And keep 
the hands out of the candy jars...well, maybe just a few. :)

Disclaimer: Since I am not a medical professional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice. 

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