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Publication: Site Reviews
Happy New Year

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                    THE WEBSITE REVIEW             
                 Tuesday, January 2, 2007                 

The best Site for understanding privacy and Internet 
Security on the Web: Visit MajorGeeks!

Welcome Fellow Surfers,

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great holiday. Here are 
a bunch of fun sites, including a couple New Year sites and 
one of my favorites the death forecast. I think I only like 
it because I recently found out I am going to live to be 82. 
That means I have 60 more years to enjoy myself!

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Normal Price: $7.99

Here's a flashlight you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. 
It can swivel up and down, or all around. You can even clip it 
on your belt, shirt pocket, on a cap, just about anywhere.
Swivel Head Flashlight

             ***** QUESTION OF THE WEEK *****

Should we end our embargo of Cuba?

Please take a moment to share your opinion, visit: 
Question of the Week 


                 ***** QUICK HITS ***** 
New Years
A look at the history, traditions, and customs of associated
with New Years Eve and New Year's Day. 
New Years


The Sports Humor and Satire Site featuring fake current events 
with a sports theme.
Sports Pickle


The Holiday Spot
Happy New Year. 2007 new year celebrations with, greeting 
cards, personalized gifts, parties, fun, food, and wishes. 
The Holiday Spot


We want you to QUIT. Smoking is a NASTY HABIT. That's 
why we've dropped our Stop Smoking Tablets from $29.99 
to the unheard of price of $4.99.

Quit saying, "I'd give my right arm to STOP smoking" and do
it NOW. This is the only SAFE, nonprescription way to STOP 
SMOKING. Using a combination of herbs in tablet form, this 
proven tablet is a miracle. If you do not STOP SMOKING, 
return the bottle for a refund, WE G-U-A-R-A-N-T-E-E IT.

                ***** FEATURED SITES *****   

The United States Institute of Peace 
An independent, nonpartisan, national institution established 
and funded by Congress. Its goals are to help prevent and 
resolve violent international conflicts, promote post-conflict 
stability and democratic transformations, and increase peace-
building capacity, tools, and intellectual capital worldwide. 
U.S. Institute of Peace 

Death Forecast
Find out when you will die. The death forecast estimates your 
date of death based on a few simple questions to answer. 
Death Forecast  

Chop... Chop... Chop... Easier & Faster Than Ever!
The NEW Magic Chopper - SAVE $5.00

TV & Store Price: $19.99
OUR PRICE: $14.99 (or less)

Finally, a better way to chop vegetables, fruit, cheese, and 
more. With the ALL NEW Magic Chopper it's a treat rather than 
a chore to add all kinds of healthy vegetables to your cooking. 
Exclusively made by Handy Gourmet, the Magic Chopper:

     - Chops Food INSTANTLY      - Dices Without Tears 
     - Easy To Use               - Safe To Use

Plus, unlike similar products, only Handy Gourmet's Magic 
Chopper comes with a Bonus Slicer that is great for cucumbers.
cheese, celery, potatoes and more. Dishwasher-safe plastic with 
stainless-steel blades. Pick up one for yourself and another
one for a gift. Get one for $14.99 or two for $25.98 a total
savings of $14.00 off the store and TV price. VISIT:
Handy Gourmet Magic Chopper

                ***** READER'S PICKS *****  

Thanks Susan for your recommended sites!

Ugly Christmas Lights


Viral Videos on the Net at EVTV1.com

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End of THE WEBSITE REVIEW - Another F-R-E-E Gopher Central 
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