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Urban Dictionary

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                    THE WEBSITE REVIEW             
                 Tuesday, November 28, 2006                 
The best Site for understanding privacy and Internet 
Security on the Web: Visit MajorGeeks!

Welcome Fellow Surfers,

Remember the fortune telling game MASH? It was an acronym for 
mansion, apartment, shack, or house. One's fortune is divined 
by counting through the options consecutively until the magic 
number has been reached. Once the magic number is reached, 
that item is crossed out and counting resumes, Counting 
continues until all categories have only one option remaining. 
Here is an online version, hope you are excited as I was!

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Normal Price: $7.99

Here's a flashlight you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. 
It can swivel up and down, or all around. You can even clip it 
on your belt, shirt pocket, on a cap, just about anywhere.
Swivel Head Flashlight

             ***** QUESTION OF THE WEEK *****

Will Nancy Pelosi make a good Speaker of the House?

Please take a moment to share your opinion, visit: 
Question of the Week 


                 ***** QUICK HITS ***** 
Wanna Spell  
A multilingual, multi-room, collective way of being creative 
while dragging letters around.
Wanna Spell 

World Watch Institute
A behind-the-scenes guide to the things we buy.
Guide to Things We Buy 

Five List
Online community where you can create a list of your favorite 
things and find other users who have similar lists, view 
friends, and manage your own photo gallery.
Five List 

DRUM FRENZY - Roll Up Drum Set - The Gift EVERYONE Loves...

Store Price: $99.99
OUR PRICE: $59.99

Better than a full set of drums but only a fraction of the 
cost and size. Each of the four (4) different drums can be 
adjusted to eight (8) different tones, including cymbals, 
providing 32 DIFFERENT SOUNDS. Includes:

- 30 preset rhythms
- 10 demo songs to play along with 
- 20 preset drum combinations 
- Volume adjustment
- Tempo adjustment. 
- Headphone jack to practice with privacy. 
- Complete with detailed instructions. 

Folds for storage or easy transport. A gift that any music
lover or would-be musician will love. 
Drum Frenzy - Roll Up Drum Set

                ***** FEATURED SITES *****   

Urban Dictionary
A slang dictionary, keep up with all the latest sayings and
terms. Hilarious terms that you would never expect, this is
perfect for keeping in touch with the youngsters.
Urban Dictionary
Remember the MASH (Mansion-Apartment-Shack-House) game you 
used to play when you were a little kid, to predict what your 
life would be like when you grow up? Now you can play it 
online. Its simple, just fill in 5 choices for each category. 
Then find out who you'll marry, drive, live with etc.
Play Mash

What Every Stocking Needs This Christmas....

It's the perfect stocking stuffer that lights up and changes
7 different colors.... The Incredible Multicolored Illuminating
Pen. Now you can write in the dark. This fun and innovative 
ball point pen has an illuminating light set in the body 
enabling you to write in complete darkness. The Super Bright 
LED lasts for years. 

Twist off the barrel of the pen and use it as a mini flash-
light. NASA has used this Integral Super Bright LED to read 
and write on space missions for years, now you can use the 
same technology. Get a set of 3 Illuminating Pens for a low 
price of just $12.99 by visiting:
Illuminating Pen Set

*Or if you would prefer to order by phone please have your 
credit card ready and call (800) 711-1361 ex 772 (8-5 CST, M-F)

Viral Videos on the Net at EVTV1.com

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End of THE WEBSITE REVIEW - Another F-R-E-E Gopher Central 

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