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Publication: Site Reviews
Tip King

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                    THE WEBSITE REVIEW             
                 Tuesday, January 30, 2007                 

Welcome Fellow Surfers,

I consider myself into home improvement, not huge projects, 
but I enjoy the small things that make big differences. If 
you are like me you are definitely going to enjoy tips from 
the Tip King. Save time, energy, and money while improving 
anything from any room in your home to your pets and the 

Contact Carly

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                 MicroGrip Non*Slip-Pads 
     The concept product our cars have been waiting for 

MicroGrip Non*Slip-Pads are state-of-the-art technology. 
Securely hold objects in place through sharp turns and sudden 
stops. No more stuff flying in the back seat. 

Millions of microscopic grips act as invisible suction cups, 
without glue or sticky tapes that melt in the sun. 

MicroGrip works on any surface in any temperature and humidity 
level. Hold cell phones, coins, garage door openers, IDs, 
wallets, PDAs, portable CD players, glasses & more. Only $5.99 
or 2 for $4.99 each. Visit: 
MicroGrip Pads

             ***** QUESTION OF THE WEEK *****

Do you think America is ready for a female President?

Please take a moment to share your opinion, visit: 
Question of the Week 


                 ***** QUICK HITS ***** 
The Fashion Police 
Fighting Crimes of Fashion, check out celebrities outfits and 
give your opinion on today's fashion fads.
The Fashion Police


Security Tips
Check out articles news and links concerning personal, home, 
computer, network, travel, family, financial, and identity 
security tips.
Security Tips


Celeb We Love
Site with celebrity picture gallery and celebrity cards, 
pictures, biography, addresses, credits, birthday, greetings 
Celeb We Love


Move Around in Style with The Telescopic Walking Stick

Whether you're an avid hiker or just looking for a little
extra help walking around, the Telescopic Walking Stick is
just what you need. It's fully adjustable to fit your height
perfectly and the spring loaded shaft helps reduce strain on 
your wrists, back, knees, legs and feet. With a built in
compass this telescopic walking stick will get you through
hard rocky terrain or just across the street. Order now for
$14.99 when you visit:
Telescopic Walking Stick

                ***** FEATURED SITES *****   

Office Invaders
Work got you down? Play this game where you can fire rubber-
bands at co-workers who are determined to slow you down from 
rising to the executive suite.
Baskin RobbinsOffice Invader


Tip King
Hundreds of tips to save your time, energy and money. Get a 
tip hint for home, cleaning, garden, stains, beauty, washing, 
health, pets, kitchen, internet, children, homemaking, home 
repair and worklife.
Tip King


With the Deal of the Day ezine we will! 

Five days a week you'll get an email with an item and a
discounted price... in many cases these are selling at less 
than cost. We simply must get rid of them.

Join the Deal of the Day community that focuses on selling 
COOL STUFF CHEAP... And joining is free.

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Viral Videos on the Net at EVTV1.com

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End of THE WEBSITE REVIEW - Another F-R-E-E Gopher Central 

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