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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Shane McMahon Arrives At RAW

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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Former WCW & TNA Star Arrested For Illegal Gambling
Story By: Steve Carrier
Credit: PWInsider.com

Late Monday night during a gambling bust involving high 
stakes no limit hold-em poker in Roswell, Georgia, former 
TNA and WCW star Disco Inferno Glen Gilberti was among 
those arrested. For six months now, local police have been 
investigating the gambling ring after several complaints 
from neighbors about the amount of people coming to and 
from the home. 

Gamblers would have to pay a fee of $10,000 to get into 
the game with the basement of a home on Nesbit Ridge Drive 
converted to look like a casino. Players would sign up 
and pay a $10,000 entrance fee online, then receive an 
invitation to location of the game. A game was ongoing 
during the bust with some found holding poker chips and 
waitresses serving drinks. 

Roswell police Sgt. B.C. Brackett told the Atlanta Journal-
Constitution, "I've been with the city for going on 27 
years, and I've not seen an operation like this in my 

Twenty-seven people were arrested with two, Gilberti and 
an accomplice, charged with felony gambling charges. The 
others were expected to be charged with misdemeanors. 20 
cars, one of which contained over 200 ecstacy pills, were 
also impounded. 

The gambling bust made all of the local newscasts and 
newspapers in the Atlanta market, but at this point, 
Gilberti's past as a professional wrestler has not been 

Gilberti, doing his 1970s Disco throwback character as a 
takeoff of John Travolta in "Staying Alive" was a regular 
with World Championship Wrestling from the mid-1990s to 
the end of the company when it was sold to World Wrestling 
Entertainment in 2001. Gilberti became a TNA regular and 
was with the company for much of its run in Nashville, TN 
as a weekly PPV series. He received a tryout as an agent 
for TNA last year as well but wasn't hired for the position.

Nationally, Gilberti was last seen wrestling Koko B. Ware 
as part of the World Wrestling Legends PPV in Orlando, 
Florida in March 2006. 


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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Shane McMahon Arrives Unannounced At RAW
Story By: Steve Carrier

WWE.com has just posted video of Shane McMahon making an
unannounced, unexpected arrival at the Arena at Harbor
Yard in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Shane promises reporters tonight on RAW, he will make a
major "impact" on the WWE.


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Hulk Hogan On Issues With Savage, Diva Imitating Brooke
Story By: Amish Patel
Thanks to Jagger K and PWInsider.com for the following 
recap of Hulk Hogan's appearance on Bubba The Love Sponge's 

Hulk discussed his upcoming match with Jerry Lawler in 
Memphis and said it was going to be the last event ever 
at the Mid-South Coliseum but due to demand they moved it 
to a larger 14,000 venue. Hulk said he doubted he would 
sell it out because it is only a few weeks away but wants 
to do a lot more than the 4,000 Vince draws there. 

Hulk asked Bubba to be part of the show as a wrestler and 
Bubba said he doesn't know enough to wrestle a full match 
but Hogan said all he needed to know was the basics and he 
would get over. Bubba said he rather manage but will be 

Other names mentioned as possibilities for appearing were 
Ed Leslie (yes, he'll be there) and Brian Knobbs (no, he 
won't). Bubba kidded about Randy Savage and Hogan said its 
time to bury the hatchet and he would love Randy to be 
involved. Hogan kidded Savage would need to dye his hair 
black because its full gray. Bubba said if Hogan was 
serious that he would mediate it and Hogan said to do 
it and that Randy is a great guy who was going through 
personal issues.

Hogan used the F-bomb towards Vince McMahon and was 
obviously pissed that he felt Vince mocked Brooke with 
Jillian Hall doing a Brooke-type character on Smackdown. 
Bubba admitted he was the one that told Hulk about the 

Bubba talked about how he misses the old Hogan and could 
not wait until he becomes "free again" (obviously alluding 
to his rumored marriage problems). They said that once 
Bubba got off the air they would go out and hit some strip 
clubs and that even though Hogan has a house in Miami and 
another being built in Vegas that he will be back in Tampa 
soon and hanging out again. 

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                      Reader's Forum

When's Triple H coming back? RAW is flat without him!

- John from Smithtown

Are you nuts. Vince running around the ring  was a joke. 
What kind of an idiot in Vince anyway. Its not a crime 
to be bald. He acted like the child that he is. 
- JS   

ECW Champion Bobby Lashley is Vince's new Brock Lesnar!! 
Why else would he sell so hard as to allow his head to be 
shaved at WM 23?? Maybe it also means he wants to support 
HIS reincarnation of ECW!! The ECW Originals being 
victorious points this direction, too! WM results could 
also herald the reintegration of the Raw and Smackdown 
"brands!" Some dramatic occurrences need to happen to 
reinvigorate the WWE!! Perhaps WM 23 will mark the 
beginning of a new era for the WWE!! Or, more likely, the 
bookers, Stephanie and Vince will once again drop the ball, 
and continue to give us what THEY like to see, rather than 
what WE, the FANS, WANT to see!

- TeeBone

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