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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Shadow People - Are They \'Almost-Ghosts\'?

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Issue date: Saturday, June 3, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R

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Hi Everyone:

I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce myself 
to you all as the new editor of The Paranormal Insider. 
Some of you may know me from my other GopherCentral 
publications, Tarotscope and AngelVoice, and if you haven't 
yet checked out these daily columns, please have a look at 

I've had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and the 
occult. I found out in my teens that my great-aunt who 
lived in Hungary had been a famous fortune-teller in 
Europe and that knowledge added extra spark to my 

In the early 90's, I taught myself Tarot and Tasseography, 
and that opened the doors to a whole range of metaphysical 
and paranormal explorations which have had me hooked ever 
since. I'm a professional psychic reader, spiritual coach 
and author, and have studied, explored and taught in many 
areas of metaphysics, spirituality, the paranormal and the 

One of my favorite paranormal topics is ghosts and haunt-
ings and happily, I've had the opportunity to participate 
in many ghost hunts. The only one I didn't much enjoy is 
the haunting I had to live with in my own house a few 
years ago. We were renting the property and discovered 
a nasty entity in our basement, which had been modeled 
into a recreation and games room. Despite many attempts, 
because I really did want to enjoy using the basement pool 
table, we were never able to fully clear the space of the 
dark energy. I will write more about those experiences in 
a later issue.

About two years ago, I had the opportunity to give a 
presentation to a corporate group at the historic Fairmont 
Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada. The seminar 
afforded me the added bonus of actually experiencing the 
famous hotel's ghostly activity for myself. I have also 
investigated plenty of homes and other locations in the 
past decade, and I look forward to sharing many of my 
findings with you.

Some of my other favorite interests include UFOs, ancient 
mysteries, and psychic phenomena. We'll be talking about 
NDEs and OBEs, conspiracies, crop circles, spirit 
communication, precognition, clairvoyance and many other 
topics. I will certainly look forward to your letters 
and personal accounts of paranormal experiences. Please 
send your stories and comments to: 

Carpe diem!
Zsuzsana Summer

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Shadow People - Are They 'Almost-Ghosts'?

Increasing numbers of people seem to be reporting seeing 
shadow people, vague and misty shadowy figures, often just 
out of the corner of their eyes. Shadow people or animals 
resemble ghostly apparitions but often seem to lurk in the 
shadows and when they are glimpsed, they are darker in
color and perceived vibration. Sightings of these 
apparitions seem to evoke greater unease and fear than 
your typical luminous ghostly manifestations.

Is it possible that these shadow people are 'almost-
ghosts'? It's been suggested that these shadows are the 
spirits of people who are in a comatose state. In a coma, 
a person is not aware or conscious, and thus the spirit, 
which is out of body, lacks the light associated awareness.

Perhaps the sightings of shadow people are becoming more 
common due to increasing numbers of people being kept 
alive while in comas, or perhaps because more people are 
crossing over after having been kept alive while in a 
coma, it is these people who become shadow people. 

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Another theory is that shadow people are simply a denser 
spirit manifestation than the better known orbs or 
apparitions, and with the increased density, a shadow is 
either cast by the 'ghost' or the ghost appears shadowy in 
and of itself because less light is passing through it. 

I personally wonder if shadow people may be energy remnants 
or energy residue similar to the entities which are called 
thought forms.  Whether created unconsciously from intense 
emotions or created deliberately through magick or the dark 
arts, it seems plausible that any if these entities which 
have been left to roam the atmosphere could well be seen 
as shadowy figures or entities that bring on the heebies-
jeebies to the surprised observer. We'll talk more about 
these, and other theories in upcoming issues, but for now 
let me leave you with a question. 

Has anyone ever been in a coma and later remembered 
wandering around or haunting a person or place? Or perhaps 
a loved one of yours has been in a coma and come to visit? 
Please let us know about it at zsuzsana@gophercentral.com. 

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Yeti Gets a Promotion

If you're searching for a glimpse of Yeti, you don't need 
to go any further than Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando. 
Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, was tacitly 
elevated this spring to animal status as part of Disney's 
new adventure ride, Expedition Everest. He is now mixing 
it up with the lions, tigers and other exotic animals that 
are part of the setting for the new thrill ride. 

Yeti is strutting his scary stuff at the 20-story tall, 
$100 million roller coaster set on 6 acres that have been 
transformed into an ancient Himalayan Village. According 
to legend, Yeti protects the Himalayas against intruders, 
so the beast was obviously qualified for this job. Disney 
had already acknowledged Yeti back in 1978 with a scary-
looking statue at the Matterhorn Bobsled ride at its 
California theme park. This new depiction of Yeti, though, 
as part of the natural environment created for this ride, 
may encourage more people to take the possibility of 
Yeti's existence seriously.

A huge and hairy replica of Yeti is the crowning glory 
for Expedition Everest and for the cryptozoologists and 
researchers who are still trying to prove his existence, 
Disney seems to have made their made their dreams just a 
little more real. 

         GopherCentral's Question of the Week

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