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Publication: Cat Nips
Seeking Attention

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             CAT NIPS - Friday, May 25, 2007
  "Stories, Facts & Tips on the World's Most Popular Pet"


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Dear Fellow Ailurophile!  

Here we are at the beginning of a long weekend. I hope
you all have a SAFE and fun-filled Holiday. On with
today's CatNips....Be back on Tuesday.

Cassie Cattails  

^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  
 ><    ><    ><    ><    ><    ><    ><    ><    ><    ><  

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                 Your Talkative Cat

Vocalizing is one way for your cat to communicate with 
you and with other animals. Some cats "talk" more than 
others,( Gracie "talks" all the time) but most cats do 
make noise some of the time. We're all familiar with 
the meaning of hissing and growling, but there are also 
many other sounds that your cat is capable of, and a 
variety of reasons for vocalizing.

                   Breed Tendency

Oriental breeds, such as the Siamese, are known to be 
very vocal. If your cat has a pointed face and a long, 
lean body, chances are she has some oriental heritage, 
so "talking" may be a part of her character. Avoid 
giving her any attention when she is vocal because 
this will only encourage the vocal behavior. Instead, 
give her attention when she is quiet.

                   Seeking Attention

Some cats "talk" because they know they'll get a 
reaction. People may talk back, feed her, yell at her, 
pick her up and lock her in another room, or pick her 
up and soothe her. All of these responses will encourage 
an attention-seeking cat. To discourage this behavior, 
simply ignore your cat when she does this, and when she 
is quiet, pour on the love, feed her or give her some 
treats. This will teach your cat which behaviors you 
would like her to continue.
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      Understanding Cat Aggression Towards People

Cat owners sometimes have difficulty understanding why 
their cats seem friendly and content one minute and may 
suddenly bite and scratch them the next. Aggressive 
behaviors are part of the normal behavioral patterns of 
almost any animal species. Cat bites are seldom reported, 
but probably occur more frequently than dog bites. 
Aggressive cats can be dangerous, so attempting to resolve 
a cat aggression problem often requires assistance from an 
animal behavior specialist who is knowledgeable about cat 
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A cat sees the world the way a human with cataracts does – 
a little blurry and soft around the edges


Be Back With You On Tuesday --- Stay Safe - Cassie Cattails  

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