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Publication: Coffee Break
Security camera roils remote village

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Tuesday, June 8, 2008             

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An Arizona jury has convicted a Scottsdale man of negligent 
child abuse and reckless child abuse for feeding his
children an extreme vegetarian diet.

Testimony in the trial of Blair Parker indicated that he 
and his wife, Kimu, fed their children a diet that excluded 
meat, fish and dairy products, and that the children were 
given enemas, The Arizona Republic reported.

The couple were charged in 2005 after their 3-year-old
daughter suffered an apparent seizure. Doctors found that
she weighed 13 pounds. Her 11-year-old sister was the size 
of a 5-year-old and her 9-year-old brother was the size of 
a 3-year-old.

Parker testified that his dietary knowledge came from 
university studies and said he consulted with a Washington
state naturopath because he could not find a doctor he 
trusted who shared his religious faith or dietary beliefs. 
The naturopath was unable to examine the children, he said.

Parker said the children could not absorb nutrients but
prosecutors said Parker obsessed over the children's bowel
movements and gave them enemas that impeded nutrient 

He said the children's daily regimen included prayer,
study, chores and exercise.

"My children might have been short and light in weight, 
but I never considered they were unhealthy," he said.
Parker could be sentenced to as much as 16 years in prison
following Thursday's verdict, the newspaper said. His wife
was convicted last year of intentional child abuse and 
given a mandatory 30-year sentence.

Prosecutors said the children have been placed in foster 
care and had gained weight on vegan diets.

What are your thoughts on this dad feeding her child
a 'vegan' diet?

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          Vicar accused of ruining wedding ceremony
A British couple says a vicar ruined their wedding ceremony
by stopping the nuptials to kick their child out of the
church for talking.  Ashley and Vicky Thorpe allege the
Rev. David Cameron interrupted their wedding to have their
2-year-old son Cameron removed for speaking during the 
service, The Mail on Sunday reported.  "This is a legal 
ceremony and I cannot proceed with that (Cameron's 
chattering) going on," the vicar was quoted as saying. 
"Will somebody please take him outside?"  After one of
the child's relatives defended the noisy boy, the minister 
continued on with the ceremony.  The new Mrs. Thorpe, 20,
has alleged to the diocese of Lichfield that the vicar's
actions during last month's ceremony marred her perfect
day.  "A wedding is supposed to be the best day of a girl's
life but my service was ruined by the actions of a nasty 
vicar," she told the Mail.  "It is completely unrealistic
to expect a child to remain silent in church."


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            Security camera roils remote village
Residents of a remote village on the Scottish island of 
Skye are angry about a reminder of modern life -- a closed
circuit TV camera on the pier.  Most of the residents of 
Elgol, which has a population of about 100, have signed a
petition demanding the camera's removal, The Scotsman 
reports. They say the Highland Council installed it without
talking to the locals.  Melanie McKinnon said local children 
should be able to play on the beach without being under
surveillance. She said tourists have concluded crime must
be high in Elgol.  "On the first day the camera went up
10 people went into the shop to ask about crime levels in
Elgol," she said. "It's embarrassing. People are asking 
whether it's safe to leave their cars. There hasn't been
crime here in the 10 years I have lived here."  The
council said the camera system, which cost $2,400, was 
put in because of complaints about unauthorized boats 
docking at the pier.


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           Millennials torn over generation labels
Some Americans in their 20s and early 30s say they feel
torn between generalized labels, such as millennials or
generation Y, applied to their age group.  Some people 
categorized as millennials or generation Y say they are 
confused by pop culture labels because they aren't drawn
to a particular category, The Washington Post reported.
"I don't know where I am in this generational timeline," 
said Doan Nguyen, 26, a photo editor for a non-profit 
group, Conservation International.  Some people believe
those in the post-X generation are uncertain about their 
identities because the Internet and increased academic 
pressures have caused their lives to be more fragmented 
than those of past generations, the Post said.  "People 
resist labels more among the millennials because there's
more subcultures. It's a fragmented culture in a way that
it's never been," said Michael Connery, 30, author of 
"Youth to Power."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
Do you agree with a grand jury decision to clear a Texas
man in the shooting of two men he suspected of burglarizing
a neighbor's home?


"It was the right decision...you should be able to protect
a home even if it is a neighbor's."

"To start with Jeanie, they were carrying his neighbors 
stuff away when he confronted them, he didn't "suspect
them" of any thing.  He also tried to get them to stop.
And the thieves need to know, crime can be hazardous to
your health.  He got it right and the justice was swift. 
I can only dream of being on those kinds of juries." 

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