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Publication: Gizmorama
Scientists search for alien life forms

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Gizmorama - Scientists search for alien life forms
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Good Morning,
I hope you had a good weekend. The summer is just flying by!
This morning I read an article about a new windshield GM is 
working on to help older drivers see the road better. Here 
is a link to the article if you want to check it out... 

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	   NASA in talks for Japanese spacecraft

NASA officials have begun negotiations to purchase a transfer 
spacecraft from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, a 
Japanese newspaper reports. The Yomiuri Shimbun said Sunday 
the U.S. space agency wants to buy several H-2 Transfer 
Vehicles, a series of unmanned cargo craft, from its Japanese 
counterpart to eventually replace its own shuttle model.  The 
current model of National Aeronautics and Space Administration 
space shuttles is due to be retired in 2010. If the two sides 
can reach agreement, it would mark the largest contract deal 
in the 50-year history of Japan's space program. The Japanese
craft is being designed by a group of manufacturers, including 
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. The H-2B vehicle that would 
be used to launch it also is under development. The Shimbun 
said the advanced spacecrafts would be used to deliver supplies 
to the International Space Station, which both the United States 
and Japan are helping support.

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	  Scientists search for alien life forms

There has been resurgent interest among U.S. researchers to find 
alien life forms, scientists say. The Washington Post reported 
Sunday that there has been an explosion of interest in 
astrobiology, the search for extreme forms of life on Earth and 
for possibly similar life on other planets. Biogeologist Lisa 
Pratt of Indiana University is among scientists who study so-called 
"extremophiles," or microbes found in very harsh Earth environments.
Pratt and her colleagues explored the depths of South African gold 
mines, where they found bacteria sustained only by the radioactive 
decay of nearby rocks. "Until several years ago, absolutely nobody 
thought this kind of life was possible -- it hadn't even made it 
into science fiction," she said. "Now it's quite possible to imagine 
a microbe like that living deep beneath the surface of Mars."
Edward Weiler, one of the founders of NASA's astrobiology program, 
said there are likely other life forms out there. "We now know the 
number of stars in the universe is something like 1 followed by 23 
zeros," he said. "Given that number, how arrogant to think ours is 
the only sun with a planet that supports life, and that it's in the 
only solar system with intelligent life."

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	    DNA database at center of controversy

A DNA database used by the FBI to identify suspects may have 
faulty data and should be opened to increased scrutiny, U.S. 
experts say.  David Faigman, a professor at University of
California-Hastings College of the Law, said any time DNA 
results come into question, a thorough investigation should
 be conducted to ensure such databases are accurate, the Los 
Angeles Times reported Saturday. "DNA is terrific and nobody 
doubts it, but because it is so powerful, any chinks in its 
armor ought to be made as salient and clear as possible so 
jurors will not be overwhelmed by the seeming certainty of 
it," Faigman said. Questions regarding the federal DNA database 
arose after Arizona crime laboratory analyst Kathryn Troyer found 
mathematically questionable results in the FBI database. The Times 
said officials at the FBI laboratory allegedly attempted to 
repress Troyer's findings.  However, news of the case was 
released and it prompted lawyers nationwide to request similar 
investigations into state DNA databases to find any potential 
irregularities, the newspaper said.


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