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Publication: Gizmorama
Scientists envision self-repairing planes

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Gizmorama - Scientists envision self-repairing planes
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	        Fish filmed flying 45 seconds

A fish flew above the water for 45 seconds off the southern 
coast of Japan, video of the rare flight shows. The fish, 
filmed by an NHK crew, was traveling parallel to a ferry that 
was going about 20 miles per hour, the BBC reported Tuesday. 
The fish remained airborne while occasionally beating the 
surface of the water with its tail fin. The fish's flight 
apparently was one of the longest on record, the British 
network reported. An American researcher reported seeing a 
fish fly for 42 seconds in the 1920s. There are about 40 
species of "flying fish." They actually glide rather than 
power their flights by flapping.


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	  Scientists envision self-repairing planes

British scientists say they have created a technique that 
enables a damaged aircraft to mend itself automatically -- 
even during flight. Bristol University researchers said that 
with the technique, should a tiny hole or crack appear in the 
airplane, epoxy resin would "bleed" from embedded vessels near 
the site and quickly seal the rupture, restoring structural 
integrity. By mixing dye into the resin, any of the repairs 
could easily be pinpointed during subsequent ground 
inspections. The Bristol engineers said their technique has 
potential to be applied wherever fiber-reinforced polymer 
composites are used. And, since the light-weight, high-
performance polymer composites are also used in cars, wind 
turbines and spacecraft, the new self-repair system could 
have a wide impact. "This approach can deal with small-scale 
damage that's not obvious to the naked eye but which might 
lead to serious failures in structural integrity if it 
escapes attention," said Ian Bond, who led the project. "It's 
intended to complement, rather than replace,,,, conventional 
inspection and maintenance routines." The researchers said the 
new self-repair technique could be available for commercial use 
within about four years.

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	 Drug may be first to treat the common cold

U.S. medical scientists say they've discovered a smallpox drug 
might also target the adenovirus -- one cause of the common cold.
The researchers at St. Louis University said their findings might 
lead to the first human testing of a drug to target the adenovirus,
which not only causes the common cold, but also several severe 
upper-respiratory infections. There are no drugs approved 
specifically to treat adenovirus infections, in large part 
because there has been no animal model in which to test drug 
candidates -- a key prerequisite before testing in humans.
Now, the SLU scientists and their collaborators report two 
breakthrough findings: an animal model suitable for adenovirus 
testing -- in this case using Syrian hamsters -- and a drug 
that successfully attacks the adenovirus in the animals.
The drug, hexadecyloxypropyl-cidofovir is under development 
by Chimerix Inc. as a biodefense agent to meet the threat of 
smallpox or monkeypox viruses, and as an antiviral agent in 
transplant patients. The SLU research appears in the early 
online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy 
of Sciences.


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