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Publication: Thrifty Tips
Save electricity and water

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THRIFTY TIPS                                July 22, 2008
        "Pinch your pennies until Lincoln squeals..."

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Greetings Thrifty Friends, Good Morning

Here it is Tuesday....The weather is just beautiful. 
Have A Great Day and Enjoy The Weather.....

Keep pinchin' those pennies,   

Watch this one-of-a-kind video of Hollywood's greatest leading ladies!

Mike Douglas: Moments and Memories DVD

Normal Price: $19.99
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You will absolutely love this nostalgic look back at The Mike
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The DVD features a collection of interviews and performance
segments with former guests, including John Lennon and Yoko
Ono, Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, Dr. Martin Luther King, Steve
Martin, Billy Crystal, Tiger Woods, Mel Brooks and many others.

It's a "who's who" of stars that you won't want to miss. It's
truly a collectible treasure and it's the first-time access
to the full catalog of episodes has been granted.

An entertaining and heartwarming reminder of the era of classic
television entertainment. Plus we've got a wonderful sneak-peek
at what's on it. Check out the link below to watch a very rare
and exciting video clip from the show featuring John Lennon
AND Chuck Berry.

Mike Douglas: Moments and Memories DVD



Save electricity and water

Because regular use of the dryer is hard on fabric 
and uses a lot of electricity, I hang my clothes to 
dry in the laundry room. I have a dehumidifier there 
that keeps the basement from being damp and helps 
speed the drying of my clothes. The dehumidifier has 
the Energy Star logo, which means it is a model that 
uses less energy, thereby saving money. I use the 
water that the dehumidifier collects to refill the 
toilet tank or to water the outdoor plants on dry 
summer days.


It pays to shut down!

Contact your energy provider to see if they have any 
energy savings programs that you can participate in. 
FPL has an "On Call" program that enables them to 
occasionally cycle off our A/C system for brief 
periods of time when necessary. In return, we receive 
a credit on our monthly electric bill, even if they 
never cycle off your equipment. There are no out-of-
pocket costs to participate in this program. And 
because your A/C already cycles on and off during 
normal operation, the main difference you'll notice 
from On Call is getting paid for it!


Be Prepared With Our High Quality 29 Pc. Roadside Emergency Kit

Store Price: $29.99
DEAL PRICE: $12.99

This well thought-out, high quality automotive kit brings
security as well as toughness to your travels--and at less than
half the price as similar models! Put the durable case in your
trunk and rest assured that you are prepared for those times
when you need a jump, or a tool to help get you back on the
road. With this exclusive offer you'll save $17.00 off the store
price. The jumper cables alone are worth $12.99 but you'll get
the other pieces along with the 100% Tough storage case as well.
For a complete list of all the pieces in the kit or to order, visit:

29 Pc. Roadside Emergency Kit



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