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Publication: Thrifty Tips
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THRIFTY TIPS                                May 30, 2008
        "Pinch your pennies until Lincoln squeals..."

Greetings Thrifty Friends, Good Morning

Today's Bonus tip can save you time and money.
Check it out!

Have A Good Day....

Keep pinchin' those pennies,   

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Your Child Is Missing...

These are four words you NEVER want to hear. If you should
ever have to file a missing report, it is IMPORTANT for you
to document and store vital information about your child to
help police act fast.

The Child ID Kit allows you to log everything from your
child's physical appearance and medical history, to their
fingerprints, dental records, DNA hair sample, and even
store a recent photo of your child. Here's what you get:

* Personal & Medical Information
* Physical Characteristics Sheet
* Photograph Sheet
* Safe Shoes ID
* Fingerprinting inkpad and finger chart
* Dental Chart

There is nothing more important than your child's safety. Get
your Child ID Kit TODAY for just $1.49 plus s&h... Visit:




Generic Cereal...

Generic cereal can save you tons of money on your 
grocery bill. 99% of the time it will always be 
cheaper than the name-brand cereal. The only 
exception might be a great sale and coupon/refund 
combination. You won´t have coupons to use on the 
generic cereal, but you´ll still save.


Save Time and Money...

When you bake, you can save time and money by either 
baking a big batch of one thing, or small batches of 
other things. Try to make sure that everything needs 
to go into the oven at the same temperature, and 
bake as many things in the oven at one time as you 
can. If you can´t fit everything in, don´t worry 
because if you put it right in after the other batch 
is done you still save time and money waiting for 
the oven to reheat.


    Free CDRom - Exploring America's National Parks

Enjoy the Splendor of America's Treasured Sanctuaries.
Exploring America's National Parks is a tremendous resource
for planning your vacation, accessing useful visitor
information, and experiencing the best family vacation spots
in America. From the depths of the Grand Canyon to the heights
of Mt. McKinley, adventure to more than 230 American National
Parks. Enjoy more than 900 breathtaking photographs with audio
captions. Travel to awe-inspiring vistas with 40 full-motion
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National Parks CDRom



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