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Publication: Safety Bulletin
Snowmobiling Safety

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                     * SAFETY BULLETIN *
                  Thursday, January 26, 2006  


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Dear Friends,

With many folks enjoying winter sports, safety becomes a 
very important issue. Snowmobiling is a fun and popular 
winter activity, but it can also be dangerous if you're not 
careful. The Consumer Product Safety Commission offers some 
important recommendations to snowmobilers for a safe and 
enjoyable season.

Be sure to visit the Safety Bulletin blog: 

Stay Safe,

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                     @ PRODUCT RECALL @


Homelite Consumer Products Inc., of Anderson, S.C., is 
recalling about 1,550 Homelite Vac Attack II Blowers. The 
blowers are missing the doors covering the vacuum inlet, 
exposing the blower's fan blade. This poses a risk of finger 
laceration to the user. The recalled blower is used outside 
to blow, vacuum or mulch leaves. "Homelite" is printed on the 
top of the blower. The blower is red with a black nozzle, 
and weighs about 10 lbs. 

Model number UT08542 or UT08542A is printed on the operator's 
manual. Only blowers missing the black cover over the fan 
are included in the recall. Home Depot stores nationwide 
sold the leaf blowers from September 2005 through November 
2005 for about $99. Consumers should stop using these blow-
ers immediately and return them to a Home Depot store for a 
new blower or a full refund. Contact Homelite toll-free at 
(800) 242-4672 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through 
Friday, or visit the firm's Web site at www.homelite.com.


L.L. Bean, of Freeport, Maine, is recalling about 4,100 Auto 
Safety Kits, Auto Aids in a Bottle, Winter Safety Kits, and 
Outdoorsman in a Bottle. The products have a flashlight that 
relies on a powerful magnet and copper coil for manual 
recharging. The magnet adversely affects the polarity of the 
compass rendering it unreliable. The magnet could be powerful 
enough to disrupt a heart patient's Implantable Cardiac 
Defibrillator (ICD). The product's packaging lacks 
appropriate warning information. 

Each kit contains a variety of safety equipment including a 
"Forever Flashlight," which does not use batteries. Shaking 
the flashlight for 30 seconds provides about 5 minutes of 
light. The Outdoorsman in a Bottle kit contains a compass. 
Bean's stores, catalogs and Web sites sold these kits from 
August 2005 through November 2005 for between $20 and $60. 
Consumers should contact L.L. Bean to receive a free warning 
label for the flashlight. Consumers with Outdoorsman in a 
Bottle kits will receive a free replacement compass/whistle. 
Contact L.L. Bean at (800) 555-9717 between 8:30 am and 4:30 
pm ET Monday through Friday, or visit their Web site at 

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                     @ HEALTH SAFETY @

                   BLOOD PRESSURE BOONS  

Fiber: To lower blood pressure, eat more fiber-rich fruits   
and vegetables, says a new Tulane University analysis.   
Eating 7 to 19 grams of fiber a day, particularly soluble   
fiber in fruits and vegetables, lowered high and normal   
blood pressure. Folic acid: Take folic acid supplements to 
suppress blood pressure, suggests new Harvard research. 
Women ages 27 to 44 who got at least 1,000 micrograms daily 
of folic acid in pills and folate in food had a 46% lower 
risk of developing high blood pressure, compared with women 
getting 200mcg a day. The comparable impact on older women   
was an 18% lower risk.  


An Ohio State University study shows antioxidants found in   
dark leafy green vegetables can help prevent cataracts.   
Vitamin manufacturers often add the antioxidants lutein   
and zeaxanthin, but until now there has been no biochemical   
evidence the substances help protect the eyes, says Joshua   
Bomser, study co-author and assistant professor of   
nutrition. Laboratory experiments on human lens cells show   
lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants found in plants such   
as kale, spinach and collard greens, may help protect the   
cells from exposure to ultraviolet light -- a leading cause   
of cataract formation. Lutein and zeaxanthin were nearly   
10 times more powerful than vitamin E in protecting the   
cells from UV-induced damage, the authors say. Nearly 20   
million Americans have cataracts, a clouding of the eye's   

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                 @ SNOWMOBILING SAFETY @

The Consumer Product Safety Commission offers this following 
press release on snowmobiling:

Snowmobiling. More than 2.5 million snowmobiles will hit the 
open country of North America this winter. (1.5 million in 
the United States and 2 million in Canada). Commission staff 
have found that the majority of snowmobile accidents involved 
collisions with fixed or moving objects such as fence posts, 
barbed wire, trees, cars, and other snowmobiles. Last year, 
the National Safety Council recorded about 156 deaths 
associated with snowmobiles.

Fatalities have resulted from riding on thin ice, freezing 
when stranded after a breakdown, and decapitation by running 
through a barbed wire fence.

Contributing factors in accidents examined included excess-
ive speed, product failure due to design or deterioration, 
darkness, bad weather, and the derring-do of some drivers. 

According to the Commission's Bureau of Epidemiology, 
injuries associated with snowmobiles are relatively severe 
and drivers make up the majority of those injured. 

The Commission makes the following recommendations to snow-

* Follow local regulations and operation instructions. 

* Become familiar with the particular model of snowmobile 
before driving. A number of accidents involved veteran 
drivers accustomed to a different make or model. 

* Wear goggles, helmets with chin straps, and protective 

* Inspect the entire machine, brakes, throttle control, 
lights, and emergency shut-off switch before departing. 

* Never start without a full tank of gas. 

* Take extra spark plugs, tools, a first aid kit, and other 
repair and survival supplies such as flares and matches. 

* Know the terrain. Know where fences, gullies, and rocks may 
be hidden. Beware of open bodies of water and thin ice. 

* Avoid driving at night and in bad weather. A single strand 
of barbed wire is hard to see. 

* Remember that the loud noise generated by the snowmobile may 
prevent hearing approaching trains and cars. Be alert. 

* On long trips, travel in groups. In case of emergencies, 
someone can go for help. 

* Never drink intoxicating beverages and drive at the same 

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END OF Safety Bulletin
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