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Publication: Safety Bulletin
Playpen Safety

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                     * SAFETY BULLETIN *
                  Thursday, February 2, 2006  


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                    @ PRODUCT RECALL @


DESA Heating Products, of Bowling Green, Ky. is recalling 
about 54,500 "40-80,000 BTU Portable Propane Convection 
Heaters." The burners on these heaters can "flashback," 
which is when fire burns inside the burner tube rather than 
out the end. This can cause the lower portion of the burner 
tube to get hot enough to ignite combustible material under 
the heater. DESA 40-80,000 BTU Portable Propane Convection 
Heaters generate from 40,000 to 80,000 BTUs an hour. The 
following model names and number are involved in this recall:
Reddy Heater (RCP80VC), All-Pro (SPC-80CC), MASTER (TC80VC), 
Universal (80-CC), and Dayton (6BY73). These heaters have 
serial numbers between 017390000 and 017632220. Home centers 
and hardware stores nationwide sold the heaters from August 
2005 through December 2005 for between $100 and $130. 
Consumers should stop using this heater immediately and 
return it to the store where purchased for a free replace-
ment, refund or store credit. If you have questions, contact 
your local retailer, or contact DESA toll-free at (866) 
279-3225 between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through 
Friday, or visit the DESA Web site at www.desatech.com.

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                     @ HEALTH SAFETY @


The consumption of tuna or other broiled or baked fish is   
associated with a lower risk of stroke in the elderly, a   
Boston study finds. Eating one serving of fried fish or   
fish sandwich per week, however, increased the risk of a   
stroke by 10 percent, according to study leader Dr.   
Dariush Mozaffarian of the Harvard School of Public Health.   
The study, published in Archives of Internal Medicine,   
found a 14 percent lower stroke risk with a consumption of   
broiled or baked fish one to three times per month, while   
eating broiled or baked fish one to four times per week   
reduced stroke risk by 28 percent. 


Philadelphia researchers suggest obesity prevention efforts   
should begin by age 4 for at-risk children. Researchers at   
the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the University   
of Pennsylvania find by age 6, children of overweight   
mothers are 15 times more likely to be obese than children   
of lean mothers. The study, published in the American   
Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed the strength of   
genetic influences and suggests that efforts to prevent   
obesity should focus on such children at risk, preferably   
by age 4. "We found dramatic increases in body fat between   
ages 3 and 6," said lead researcher Dr. Robert I. Berkowitz,   
of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. "This suggests   
that some genes controlling body weight may become active   
during this period." 


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                 @ PLAYPEN SAFETY TIPS @
To prevent deaths or injuries to children in playpens, the 
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) offers these 
* Before using a playpen, make sure it has not been recalled. 
Contact CPSC at 1-800-638-2772 or check the recalls section 
of CPSC's web site.

* Always put a baby down to sleep on his or her back in a 
playpen or crib with no soft bedding, such as quilts, 
comforters and pillows. This can help reduce the risk of 
SIDS and prevent suffocation.

* Use only the mattress provided by the manufacturer. Do 
not add additional mattresses in playpens. Children can 
suffocate in the spaces formed between mattresses or from 
ill-fitting mattresses. 

* Check that the playpen is in good shape. Using a modified 
or improperly repaired unit can create hazards.

* Make sure the top rails of the units lock into place auto-
matically. More than 1 million older playpens with top rails 
that had to be manually rotated into a locked position have 
been recalled. 

* Do not use playpens with catch points, such as protruding 
hardware. More than 9 million older units with protruding 
hardware have been recalled. 

* If using a mesh-sided playpen, make sure the mesh is less 
than 1/4 inch in size and that it is attached securely. This 
will help prevent strangulation. 

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