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Publication: Today's Consumer
Safety Bulletin

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            TODAY'S CONSUMER - Tuesday, February 21, 2006
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                       Polycom Inc.

  Recalls Conference Phone Batteries for Fire Hazard

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Com-
mission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today 
announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer 
product. Consumers should stop using recalled products 
immediately unless otherwise instructed. 

Name of Product: Lithium Ion batteries in SoundStation2W 
wireless conference phone

Manufacturer/Distributor: Polycom Inc., of Pleasanton, 

Hazard: These batteries can overheat, which could pose a 
fire or burn hazard. 

Incidents/Injuries: Polycom has received two reports of 
batteries overheating and causing minor damage to the 
tables on which the units sat. No injuries have been 

Description: The recalled batteries were sold with the 
SoundStation2W wireless conference phones, and separately 
as replacement batteries. The SoundStation2W Part Number 
is printed on the underside of the telephone. The 
SoundStation2W Part Numbers and SKU numbers are as 

Part Number SKU number 
2201-07800-001 2200-07800-001 
2201-07880-001 2200-07880-001 

SoundStation2W recalled battery Part Numbers, SKU numbers 
and date codes are as follows: 

Part Number SKU number Date Code 
1520-07803-001 2200-07803-001 1205 or earlier (December 2005) 
1205 or earlier (December 2005) 2200-07804-001 1205 or 
earlier (December 2005) 

The batteries have a black or white plastic coating and a 
white label with the following title: “RECHARGEABLE Li-ion 
BATTERY.” The recalled battery Part Numbers can be found on 
the bottom right hand corner of the white label on the 
battery pack. The date code can be found to the left of the 
Part Number. Recalled batteries have the date code of 1205 
(December 2005) or earlier printed on the white label of the 
batter pack. Sold by: Polycom business to business resellers 
who sell through catalogs, online, telesales, through office 
supply stores or on the Polycom Web store from August 2004 
through January 2006 for between $700 and -$900. Replacement 
batteries were sold for between $50 and $90.

Manufactured in: The batteries were manufactured in China.

Remedy: Customers should remove the battery pack from their 
SoundStation2W unit immediately. Once the batteries are 
removed, customers can still use their conference phone by 
keeping the charger plugged into the unit. Customers should 
not attempt to use other batteries in the unit. Consumers 
should contact Polycom Inc. for information on receiving a 
free replacement battery. 

Consumer Contact: For additional information, please go to 
www.polycom.com/2WBattery or call Polycom Inc. at (800) 
917-5738 between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. 
Consumers also can contact their local Polycom office or 
write to: Polycom Inc, 1565 Barber Lane, Milpitas, CA 95035 
ATTN: SoundStation2W Battery Return Program.

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                       SAFETY BULLETIN

  CPSC Approves New Flammability Standard for Mattresses

   Federal standard could prevent 270 deaths each year

WASHINGTON, D.C. – One of the most important safety standards 
ever developed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission 
(CPSC) was approved today. By a vote of 3 to 0, CPSC approved 
a new federal standard to reduce the severity of mattress 

The new mandatory flammability standard for mattresses is the 
first major regulation passed by the CPSC in the agency’s 
history. A major rule is one that has more than a $100 million 
annual impact on the economy. 

When fully effective, CPSC estimates the new mandatory 
standard for mattresses is likely to save as many as 270 
lives, preventing 78 percent of the deaths, and 1,330, or 
84 percent of the injuries currently occurring every year. 

“Consumers who purchase a new mattress that meets this 
standard will add an important layer of fire safety protec-
tion to their home,” said CPSC Chairman Hal Stratton. “Lives 
will be saved as a result of this standard, as it requires 
new mattresses to limit the spread and intensity of a 
mattress fire, which will give people more time to escape 
from their residence.” 

The mandatory standard addresses mattress fires ignited by 
open flame sources, including matches, candles, lighters, 
and other related scenarios. The test protocol was developed 
in coordination with the National Institute of Standards and 
Technology (NIST). “NIST’s contribution to CPSC’s development
 of this standard was invaluable,” said Stratton. 

Under the new mandatory federal rule, mattress sets must 
meet a performance standard. The CPSC does not specify how 
manufacturers are to design their mattresses to meet the 
standard. The new federal standard for mattresses goes into 
effect on July 1, 2007. 

In the performance standard, the peak heat release rate is 
limited to 200 kW during a 30 minute test. The total heat 
release is limited to 15 MJ within the first 10 minutes of 
the test. 

Cigarette ignition is covered by a separate mandatory 
standard. That standard, 16 CFR Part 1632, has been in 
place for more than 30 years during which deaths and 
injuries from mattress fires caused by smoking materials 
have fallen dramatically. 

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                    Paintball Markers
   Recalled for Ejecting CO2 Cartridges, Hits Users

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Com-
mission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today 
announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer 
product. Consumers should stop using recalled products 
immediately unless otherwise instructed. 

Name of Product: Blade Turbo™ and Paintball Breakout 
Players Kit™

Manufacturer: Brass Eagle, of Bentonville, Ark.

Hazard: The carbon dioxide (CO2) cartridges can be forcibly 
ejected out the back of the paintball marker and break the 
plastic screw-on cap. This poses a serious risk of injury 
to the paintball marker’s operator who can be hit forcefully 
by the CO2 cartridges or the plastic screw-on cap. Over-
tightening the screw-on cap after the cartridges are pierced 
can result in a serious impact injury.

Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received reports of at 
least 73 incidents involving the recalled paintball markers. 
Seven injuries have been reported including an eye injury, 
facial bruises, and lacerations. 

Description: The recalled Blade Turbo™ paintball marker is 
bright blue with a black handgrip on the nozzle. Two carbon 
dioxide cartridges are inserted into the back of the marker 
covered by a clear plastic screw-on cap. The silver-colored 
carbon dioxide cartridges are about three-inches long. The 
Paintball Breakout Players Kit™ includes a Blade Turbo™, 
black mask and CO2 cartridges. “Blade Turbo” is printed on 
the side of the paintball marker. Paintball markers are 
sometimes referred to as paintball guns. 

Sold at: The Blade Turbo™ was sold at Wal-Mart, Kmart and 
sporting goods retailers nationwide from January 2005 
through January 2006 for about $20. The Paintball Breakout 
Players Kit™ was sold at Wal-Mart from October 2005 through 
January 2006 for about $25.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recal-
led Blade Turbo™ paintball marker and contact Brass Eagle 
to receive a free replacement screw-on cap which is black, 
instead of clear.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Brass 
Eagle toll-free at (866) 363-8241 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. 
CT Monday through Friday, e-mail Brass Eagle at 
recall@brasseagle.com, or visit the firm’s Web site 
at http://www.brasseagle.com

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