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Publication: Coffee Break
River log turns out to be alligat

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Thursday, July 31, 2008             
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U.S. President George Bush signed a housing bill Wednesday
that provides relief for homeowners and sets up a rescue 
plan for federal mortgage guarantors.

The measure will offer up to $300 billion in loans for 
troubled homeowners and provides oversight for the Federal
National Mortgage Association and the Federal Home Loan 
Mortgage Corp.

"We look forward to put in place new authorities to improve
confidence and stability in markets and to provide better
oversight for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac," White House
spokesman Tony Fratto said.

"The Federal Housing Administration will begin to implement
new policies intended to keep more deserving American 
families in their homes," Fratto said.

The U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate
overwhelmingly passed the measure last week.

What are your thoughts on Bush's housing bill?

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          Boy, 11, arrested after 100 mph chase
An 11-year-old Bakersfield, Calif., boy led police on a
high speed car chase reaching speeds on 100 mph in his 
parents' Mercury Sable, police said.  Officer Mark Ehly of
the California Highway Patrol said the boy, whose name was
not released, was being held in a juvenile hall on suspicion
of felony evading and being an unlicensed driver, The 
(Bakersfield) Californian reported Tuesday.  Ehly said the
boy had been upset by something at home prior to his 
high-speed joyride.  "He didn't want to be home," Ehly
said. He said the young boy had to stand on the floorboards 
of the car to reach the pedals and was not wearing a seat 



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          River log turns out to be alligator
People involved in a volunteer river clean-up effort in
Anderson, Ind., said they were shocked when a log they
attempted to move turned out to be an alligator.  The
volunteers said the reptile was surprised, but it was not
aggressive and did not try to attack anyone, WRTV-TV, 
Indianapolis, reported Tuesday.  County officials turned 
the animal over to Ed Roemer, a pet shop owner in Anderson,
Ind., to nurse the alligator back to health. Officials 
said burns and marks found on the chin and legs on the 
animal indicate it may have been a pet who was confined 
and neglected.  "He's lucky someone found him because he 
wouldn't make it through our winters here," Roemer said.
He said people releasing pet alligators into the wild has
become an increasingly common phenomenon.  "It's been 
happening more and more. People get them, they don't know
how to take care of them and they just turn them loose," 
he said.


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          Police: 'Joker' was after Batman film swag
Police in Three Rivers, Mich., said a man dressed as the
Joker from "The Dark Knight" was arrested attempting to 
steal memorabilia from a movie theater.  Officers said
Spencer Taylor, 20, was in full costume and makeup to
resemble Heath Ledger's character from the film when he
was arrested on felony larceny and malicious destruction
of property charges at the Three Rivers 6 movie theater, 
the Kalamazoo (Mich.) Gazette reported Tuesday.  Three 
Rivers Detective Mike Mohney said Taylor had been trying
to take posters off the theater walls and was attempting 
to take other items when he was retrained by staff until
officers arrived.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thoughts on makeup for men in stores?

"Not sure what the difference between men and women's 
make-up would be, but why shouldn't guys have their own
if they want it."

"I don't care one way or the other what others do with 
cosmetics. I will not be using any. I am gay, but I am a
heavy, hairy, bearded 'ol bear, and cosmetics would be
totally alien to my style."  

"if it makes money, I guess sell it."

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