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Publication: Country Music News
Rissi Palmer Joins IMG Models

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        COUNTRY MUSIC NEWS - Thursday, July 3, 2008

Watch this one-of-a-kind video of Hollywood's greatest leading ladies!

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*----------- TEST YOUR COUNTRY MUSIC KNOWLEDGE -----------*

Q.  Which group had the song "I'm Already There"? 

*------------------ Answer At The End ---------------------*


1982 Bill Monroe and Tommy Jarrell awarded National 
Heritage Fellowships 
1946 Johnny Lee born in Texas City, Texas 

1958 Aaron Tippin born in Pensacola, Florida 

1965 Trigger, Roy Rogers' horse, died at age 33 

2001 Grand Ole Opry star Johnny Russell died at age 61 in 
Nashville following a long battle with diabetes 

2001 Guitarist Roy Nichols (Merle Haggard, Maddox Brothers 
& Rose) died at age 68 

Merle Haggard ,  Maddox Brothers & Rose  
2001 George Jones' "High Tech Redneck" album certified 

1993 Alison Krauss joined the the Grand Ole Opry 
2001 Jimmy Buffett's box set "Boats, Beaches, Bars & 
Ballads" certified quadruple platinum 

2001 Trisha Yearwood's "Songbook - A Collection" certified 
quadruple platinum 
1930 Jimmie Rodgers recorded "Those Gambler's Blues"
1941 Wiley Walker and Gene Sullivan recorded "Make Room in Your 
Heart for a Friend" 
1950 Moon Mullican recorded "Goodnight Irene"
1950 Moon Mullican recorded "Well, Oh Well!" 
1952 Bob Newman recorded "Greetings" 
1955 Johnnie and Jack recorded "So Lovely Baby"  
1954 Johnny Cash discharged from the U.S. Air Force 


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              Rissi Palmer Joins IMG Models

Country singer Rissi Palmer has signed a deal with IMG 
Models, home to models such as Gisele Bundchen, Heidi 
Klum, Selma Blair and Mischa Barton. IMG Models will 
represent her for global endorsement opportunities. 
Palmer, who lives in Nashville, released her debut 
country album last year. Her newest single is "No Air," 
and she recently filmed the video in the Turks and 
Caicos Islands with director Kristin Barlowe. 

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             +--- COUNTRY STARS CONCERTS ---+

              Tim McGraw Ejects Audience Member

Singer Called for Assistance of Security Guards After 
Witnessing Attack From the Stage

Tim McGrawTim McGraw helped members of his stage crew 
eject a fan from his Tuesday night concert in Auburn, 
Wash., after seeing the man assault a woman who was 
in one of the front rows. A video of the incident 
surfaced Wednesday at several Internet sites.

McGraw was performing his 1994 hit, "Indian Outlaw," 
when he stopped singing and yelled, "Get rid of this 
guy! Security!" At that point, McGraw knelt down and 
began pulling the man onstage. Members of his stage 
crew showed up immediately to assist McGraw.

Ernest Jasmin, pop music writer for the The News 
Tribune in Tacoma, Wash., described the incident in 
a blog posted on the newspaper's Web site.

"It wasn't immediately clear from where I was sitting 
that the encounter was hostile as McGraw struggled to 
pull this big boy onstage, nearly ripping the fan's 
'wifebeater' T-shirt in the process before he and a 
couple of roadies successfully dragged the guy up and 
sent him reeling. The disoriented heckler got to his 
feet and took a couple of menacing steps toward McGraw 
with hand raised, prompting the country singer (not a 
small guy, for the record) to cock his own fist before 
crew members grabbed the would-be attacker and escorted 
him forcibly offstage."

The band played throughout the encounter. Ironically, 
when McGraw returned to singing the song, he began 
with the line that began, "I'm not lookin' for trouble."

In his blog, Jasmin wrote, "And to the country star's 
credit, he jumped right back into the groove without 
missing a beat, as smoothly as if the scuffle was a 
planned part of the show."

In a prepared statement, McGraw's Nashville-based 
publicist, Jessie Schmidt said, "While Tim was per-
forming at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn, 
Wash., last night, he watched a man rush to the 
front of the stage. This overly aggressive fan 
attacked a female fan, and Tim witnessed this 
incident. Tim called for security, but when they 
could not respond quick enough, Tim and several 
crew members removed the fan from the audience 
where he was then turned over to the local 



A. Lonestar

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