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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Risking Alien Attack

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Issue date: Saturday, November 18, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Greetings, Earthlings!

In the past few days I had several interesting pieces 
relating to UFOs come across my desk, so I thought I 
would research some of the latest news. Earlier this week, 
there were reports out of Portugal that two young men had 
witnessed a strange object in the skies over Algarve, 
rotating at great speed and making an "infernal noise". 
The two men, one of whom is a lifeguard and the other a 
receptionist, first saw the object independently and were 
very surprised when they met and compared notes. The 
object, which one man first spotted right over his back 
yard and the other from his balcony, is said to have 
slowed down at one point and hovered, emanating red and 
blue light as it rotated. The pair agreed to go stake out 
the scene of one of their sightings that same evening and 
were rewarded by two more appearances of the object at 2 
am and 3:45 that same morning. The witnesses are said to 
have captured both photos and film footage of the UFO. 
In September of this year, a guest at an area resort also 
reported several sightings of a UFO over the course of 
several days. 

Risking Alien Attack

Nick Pope, former head of Britain's Ministry of Defense 
UFO project, says that subsequent to his resignation from 
his post Oct. 31, 2006 as well as the disbanding of the 
Ministry's UFO program, there is little in the way of 
safeguard left against potential alien attack. 

Contrary to some media sources, though, who suggest that 
Pope is issuing an urgent alarm, the former Director of 
Defense Security says simply that more needs to be done 
now that the X-files are basically closed. 

In his latest press release, Pope says, "I haven't resigned 
because of my belief in an imminent alien invasion, as has 
been reported in certain media outlets. That said, I remain 
convinced that the UFO phenomenon raises important defense 
and national security issues, and believe sightings should 
be investigated in a proper scientific way." 

Pope, who is the author of 4 books relating to ufology, 
is recognized as a leading authority on UFOs as well as 
subjects like alien abductions, crop circles, cattle 
mutilation, ghosts and other phenomena. He has had many 
featured roles as a consultant in many television 
documentaries about UFOs and is popular as a radio/TV 
guest and international lecturer in his field. 

When he began his government job heading up the British 
X-Files back in 1991, Pope says he did not believe in 
aliens, but the investigations he pursued in the course 
of his top level position soon convinced him otherwise. 
A handful of sightings in particular stand out in Pope's 
mind and have helped convinced this former skeptic that 
aliens and UFOs are real. 


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Pope cites a 1976 incident over Tehran, the Rendlesham 
Forest incident, the wave of sightings over Belgium in 
1990 and the 1993 case when a UFO was observed by flying 
over RAF Cosford and RAF Shawbury as the most compelling 
cases he's investigated. 

In the Rendlesham Forest incident, which occurred in 
1980, bright lights were observed by military and police 
personnel as well hundreds of the general public, coming 
from the woods between 2 Suffolf air bases that were at 
the time being operated by the United States Air Force. 
Instead of finding a downed airplane as expected, 
investigators found what looked like a lunar landing 
module with 3 legs, which then took off, leaving 
indentations in the ground that were emitting 10 times 
normal levels of radiation.  Nearby farm animals were 
going into a frenzy during the incident. One security 
police officer actually got close enough to touch the 
side of the craft and another eyewitness was close enough 
to see, and later sketch, the strange symbols on the side 
of the craft which resemble Egyptian hieroglyphics. 

The UFO was witnessed again 2 nights later by high-ranking 
Intelligence staff from the base. Official investigations 
have to this day remained inconclusive. Pope believes that 
although there is no evidence that aliens have hostile 
intentions towards us, the possibility is real. 

"If you believe these things are extra-terrestrial craft 
then you cannot rule out that what is happening is some 
kind of covert reconnaissance." He has also been quoted 
expressing his frustration at the lack of follow through 
by government officials in investigating these cases to 
a conclusion. 

The Ministry of Defense is maintaining that all UFO 
sightings continue to be investigated for evidence of 
hostile or unauthorized activity in British air space. 

Mr. Pope, the real-life version of the X-Files' Fox Mulder, 
is continuing his UFO research in a private capacity since 
leaving the MoD. He is working, along with other experts, 
on investigating the cases of several 'abductees'. 

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pioneering a new trend to go where "no one has gone 
before...?" It could appear that Colonel Sanders is 
now hyping fried chicken to extraterrestrials. 

KFC Corp. has constructed a one-hectare image of the 
Colonel in Rachel, Nevada, on The World's Only 
Extraterrestrial Highway in a publicity stunt designed 
to get world-wide attention, but who knows if it might 
get even more? The 65,000-piece mosaic, measuring a 
gargantuan 87,500 square feet, is situated in a parcel 
of desert known as the UFO capital of the world, Area 51. 

KFC says it’s the world’s first brand to be visible from 
outer space. The mammoth smiling image of the Colonel 
introduces a massive global re-image campaign with an 
updated look for the famous Colonel. His southern 
gentleman's white suit has been replaced with a chef's 
red and white striped apron. If ET's have been watching, 
how will they even recognize him?:>) KFC seems to have 
no qualms on that point. 

"If there are extraterrestrials in outer space, KFC wants 
to become their restaurant of choice," said Gregg Dedrick, 
president of KFC. "For now, we'll be very content 
satisfying the entire human population with our finger 
lickin' good chicken. Besides, who knows if 
extraterrestrials even have fingers?" 

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UFOs Invade British Skies

The Welwyn Hatfield Times in the U.K reported a rash of UFO 
sightings just this week, saying that their news-desk was 
swamped with calls from people witnessing mysterious 
"spacecraft" in the skies. 

Over the course of 3 nights, bright orange lights flying 
in a triangular formation had people mesmerized, with many 
thinking at first that the lights might be an airplane 
headed to crash. The maneuvers exhibited by the lights, 
however, quickly dispelled that theory. Eyewitnesses say 
the craft resembled a helicopter, flying very low and 
completely noiselessly. One terrified couple pulled their 
car over when they spotted the craft in the sky and sat 
there in disbelief as it flew right over them. 

Calls to the airport provided no explanations, as officials 
stated there had been no scheduled fly-bys of planes or 
helicopters through the area. 

The WH Times interviewed American UFO investigator Chris 
Augustin for his thoughts on the sightings. Augustin said 
that there had been numerous similar sightings of orange 
orbs of light in recent months. He added that the 
triangular formation described is one of the most common 
shapes for UFOs, having become prevalent in Belgium in the 
late 80s and early 90s. When asked for his opinion on just 
what the lights are, he replied, "With many other sight-
ings, these balls of light are identified to be individual 
objects; they tend to fly back and forth, sometimes 
merging or separating with other lights, but tend to move 
in an organized formation for long durations. These lights 
can number anywhere from one to dozens." 

The WH Times article goes on to say that when Augustin 
was asked whether he subscribes to the popular conspiracy 
theories that governments know about and use alien 
technology, he replied that he does. "There's no doubt in 
my mind that our world powers have such knowledge. The 
Roswell crash gave our military and government some very 
advanced technology that they have been reverse engineering 
for years. I have personally visited Area 51 twice in the 
past few years." 

It's interesting to note that this news of a fresh wave of 
sightings in the U.K. comes only days after reports that 
Nick Pope, former head of the Ministry of Defense UFO 
department, issued warnings about the dangers of the 
X-Files having been closed. The WH Times articles quotes 
Pope as saying, "Frankly we are wide open. If something 
does not behave like a conventional aircraft now it will 
be ignored. The consequences of getting this one wrong 
could be huge." 

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