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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Rey Mysterio's Return

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rey Mysterio's Return, Mania DVD, WWE Magazine
Story By: Daniel Pena
partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Rey Mysterio, who was asked to return after he did the 
angle with Umaga and turned them down, is apparently 
taking longer to rehab than people had expected. At this 
point, he won't be back anytime soon and won't even be 
able to work the Mexico tours this summer. His doctor 
really does not want him to come back, but that's hardly 
going to stop him. 

If you purchase the WrestleMania 23 DVD at Wal-Mart, it 
will be packaged with a Shawn Michaels: From the Vault DVD. 

WWE will be releasing a special magazine on title histories 
on 05/29/07. The cover reads "The Greatest Champions Of 
All-Time! Every single title-holder of every belt in WWE 

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Kennedy Not Returning To The Ring, Mysterio's Return
Story By: Steve Carrier
Partial Credit: Wrestlingobserver.com

- The official theme song for WWE Judgment Day is Ozzy 
Osbourne's "I Don't Wanna Stop." 

- While in Japan representing WWE recently, Rey Mysterio 
was telling people that he expects to be back in a WWE 
ring by July sometime. However, WWE wants him to make his 
in-ring return by mid-May.

- WWE.com has a story up on Kennedy being devastated after 
losing the Money in the Bank briefcase on RAW and mentions 
the injury that will keep him out of action. Which could be 
just part of an angle, the story also says "Sources close 
to the SmackDown Superstar have said that he is so 
distraught over this latest setback, plus the loss of his 
title opportunity, that he may never return to the ring." 
But keep in mind, that is probably just part of an angle 
of some sort. 

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HBK Injured?, Monday's RAW Rating, Nowinski, More
Story By: Richard Gray
Source: WrestlingObserver.com

- Monday night's edition of RAW did a 3.6 rating. We should 
have more details on that number later today.

- Former WWE superstar Christopher Nowinski will make an 
appearance on HBO's Real Sports show that premieres on 
May 14th. Nowinski will be talking about the effects of 
multiple concussions on football players. Nowinski, who 
played football at Harvard University, had his wrestling 
career cut short after suffering multiple concussions.

- WWE 24/7 is now available to Charter Cable subscribers 
nationwide. For those who have never seen it, WWE will be 
giving away one month free of 24/7 in September.

- Despite the fact that WWE.com has been doing a "worked 
story" on Shawn Michaels being injured Monday night on RAW, 
he is fine and will not be out of action for any amount of 


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                      Reader's Forum

I realize keeping this all from becoming Old Hat, is hard 
to do. First off, I don't really know how your system 
works? And do these letters get reviewed by Actual writers-
Choreographers? But a couple of things you really need to 
look at if you are connected to the show. I will start with 
the "Great Collie" I say it this way, because of the way he 
is being Built up. But the guy shows no real athletic 
ability. He just stalks around and destroys people due to 
his size. This gives him no real credibility as an Athlete, 
or Actor. Let's face it? The Guy is just one big dog, in 
your programs. I say Actor, because that is what I do. Even 
though it is only in the Community theater realm. I also 
choreograph fire Arms and shooting scenes. This latter is 
the last thing you need in your venue. Too Many! Impression-
able minds out there in your crowds for any form of gun 
play. But that is why your Lads have the muscles that they 
do. And I realize, to be fair to your casts, Everyone needs 
to look competitive. One other thing I wanted to touch on? 
My Son studied Wrestling for a while. He had aspirations on 
doing this professionally. I went through the same phase at 
one time, but for me? It was Moto-Cross. But I have been 
with him when he trained down in Coldwater Michigan. He got 
to the point where he was gaining some exposure in your 
minor leagues. But We were able to find out at matches, why 
certain matches ended early. This was due to unforeseen 
injuries. But the way you start all John Cena matches? You 
should let him win quick ones more often. This would show 
his Athletic ability, and make him appear more as a 
"Champ". An less as an Actor, with extreme Athletic 
abilities. And let's start more exposure of the Great 
Khalie, as someone with a flaw or two? Arf!  Just another 

- Timothy B. 

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