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Publication: Coffee Break
Return to duty delayed for White Castle

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Friday, June 20, 2008             

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Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., in a video message to his 
supporters, Thursday said he will opt out of accepting
public campaign financing.

"It's not an easy decision" to forgo roughly $80 million 
in during the final months of the campaign season, Obama
said. "I support a robust system of public financing of
presidential elections."

But the public finance system "as it exists today is 
broken," he said.

Early on, Obama indicated he would accept public financing.
His presumptive GOP presidential challenger, Arizona 
Sen. John McCain, indicated he would take advantage of the
public money, which would bar him from accepting private 
donations and cap spending at the $84.1 million the U.S. 
Treasury would provide.

Obama has become a fundraising machine, taking in
$272 million through April for the primaries.

"You've fueled this campaign," Obama told supporters in 
the video, by contributing small amounts of $5, $10 or $20.
He said he was relying on "ordinary people" to unite behind

"Let's build the first general election campaign that is
truly funded by the American people," he said.

Steve Schmidt, a senior McCain adviser, told CNN Obama's 
decision to decline public financing was "a broken promise
of staggering dimensions."

What are your thoughts on Obama rejecting public campaign

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             Man, condo group face off over toy boat
A Florida man is arguing his battery-powered,
remote-controlled motorboat does not violate his
condominium's policy against motorboats.  John Madden of
Margate, whose previous toy motorboat generated noise
complaints from neighbors, said the quieter, battery-powered 
model he now uses is not banned from the Coral Gate 
Condominium lake under the building's rules because it is
a toy, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Wednesday.
However, one condo owner, Doreen Zappala, said she plans 
to push to have the rules enforced and impose penalties on
Madden if he continues to operate his toy boat in the lake.
"He can do it in his bathtub all day long but when he does
it on common property he's offending the 467 other people
who are obeying the rules," Zappala said.  She expressed 
fears that Madden could fall and injure himself while
operating the 12-inch boat, leaving the condominium
vulnerable to a lawsuit.



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easy storage in garage, trunk, or beach bag! In durable 
polyester with sturdy handle, plastic liner, and zipper close, 
they tote fresh-picked veggies or fruit, garden clippings, 
potting soil, ice and picnic supplies. 

Each, 11" high x 10 1/2" diameter. 

- Holds Water, Weeds, Potting Soil, Tools & more...
- Great for the Garden, Camping & the Beach
- 3 Gallon Capacity
- Twists & Folds for EASY storage

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           Return to duty delayed for White Castle
A U.S. Air Force service member said he had his military 
leave extended by a week so he could dine at a newly opened 
Livingston County, Mich., White Castle.  Aaron Kay said he
was excited to hear the fast food chain was opening a
Genoa Township location but was dismayed to learn the
restaurant was scheduled to open its doors Wednesday -- one
day after he was scheduled to return to duty at the U.S.
States Air Force base in Okinawa, Japan, the Howell (Mich.)
Daily Press & Argus reported Wednesday.  Kay said he
contacted his superior officer and received permission to
delay his return to active duty for one week.  The service 
member said he has not tasted White Castle's signature 
"Slyder" burgers for 14 years, but the small sandwiches
were previously a hallmark of his diet -- he said he ate at 
White Castle 2 to 3 times a week when he was 19.  "It was
cheap to eat and I didn't make much money," he said.

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Celebrate the most feared and respected troops in the world 
with your own Marine Corps flag. For over two hundred years 
the first line of offense in every American military effort 
has been the U.S. Marines. 

* Measures 3 ft. x 5 ft.      * Water Resistant
* Durable Polyester           * Metal Grommets 

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              Bear cub spotted at McDonald's
Witnesses reported spotting a bear cub in a South Brunswick,
N.J., McDonald's drive-through shortly before 9 a.m.
Wednesday, police said.  Police Sgt. James Stoddard said
authorities received at least three 911 calls from people 
who reported seeing the bear cub at the fast food eatery, 
the (Newark) New Jersey Star-Ledger reported Wednesday.
Stoddard said reports of a bear sighting Tuesday near the
forest on Route 27 may have concerned the same cub.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thoughts on death by lethal injection?

"I think that lethal injection should be legal in every
state.  I think hard-working, tax paying Americans should
not be paying for a criminal to sit and have three meals 
a day and watch TV, etc for the rest of their lives.  I 
think some people deserve to (gasp) die after the crimes
they’ve committed.  As far as the holy rollers saying who
are we to judge a life, we’re not, we’re sending the life
to be judged by a higher power just a little bit sooner 
than the criminal planned.  Until someone has had something
horrific happen to them, someone close to them, or in their 
family, and experience that, and then say that the criminal 
shouldn’t be subject to lethal injection, that it’s 
inhumane, THEY CAN’T TALK." 

"Hi. How could any method of lethal punishment be cruel
and unusual?  If the reason for the taking of a prisoner's
life is punishment, then it should be at least equal in
severity and pain to the crime for which the punishment 
is called for.  Lethal injection is a lot less painful
than being buried alive like that young girl in Florida." 

"I believe that the punishment should fit the crime, so
this to me is too good for the criminals.  Once there is
no doubt as to what he did, then he should be put to death,
period, but should there be circumstances that might make 
one believe that he would be acquitted should new evidence
come to light, then,yes, he could be put away for a long
period of time, but keeping him in jail and making the 
public pay for his housing and food is ridiculous.  And, 
yes, I am in favor of corporal punishment." 
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