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Publication: Coffee Break
Restaurant in trouble over drugstore name

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Monday, June 30, 2008             

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Crude oil prices climbed to $141.50 a barrel Friday morning
on the New York Mercantile Exchange, setting a record for 
a second consecutive day.

Crude oil jumped $1.86 per barrel to $141.50 a day after
the Chakib Khelil, president of the Organization of 
Petroleum Exporting Countries, said oil prices could 
reach $150-$170 a barrel before summer's end.

The price of heating oil also rose Friday, up 0.056 cents
$3.9394 per gallon. Reformulated blendstock gasoline prices 
rose 0.0315 cents to $3.5428 per gallon. Natural gas prices 
rose 0.032 cents to $13.28 per million British thermal 

At the pump, the national average price for a gallon of 
unleaded gasoline fell slightly, down 0.001 cent to $4.066, 
AAA said.

What changes are you making to cover the increase in fuel 

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         $40,000 piece of art found at Goodwill
Employees of a Goodwill store in Maryland said they were
shocked to find out a donated painting was by Impressionist 
Edouard-Leon Cortes and worth $40,600.  The painting -- left
at the Goodwill in Easton, Md., in March -- was sold at 
Sotheby's auction house in New York for $40,600, the
Baltimore Sun reported.  Store manager Terri Tonelli said 
she decided to do some research on the painting after a 
worker "recognized it as something worth a second look."
She said the hair on the back of her neck stood up when she
looked up the name of the artist who signed the painting 
and learned he was well-known. Sotheby's had to check the
painting and clean it before it could be auctioned.  "It
was really a team thing. All I did was Google it," she 


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        Restaurant in trouble over drugstore name
A long-established family business in a small Missouri town
is in trouble with state officials over its name.  The
Justus Drugstore has been on Main Street since 1914. But a
year ago its latest family owner converted it into an 
acclaim-winning restaurant with the same name. That isn't 
sitting well with the State Board of Pharmacy, which is
demanding he remove the word "drugstore" because there is
no pharmacist on duty, KCTV, Kansas City, reported.  "We
lose our name, we lose all of that name recognition. We
lose everything we've worked for and we lose our family
history," Jonathan Justus said.  Officials from the Board
of Pharmacy have reportedly said further legal action will
be taken if Justus Drugstore doesn't change its name by 
July 10.


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               Home with 170 cats condemned
A smelly Wisconsin house has been deemed uninhabitable after
officials removed more than 170 cats from the home,
authorities said.  Between 170 and 177 cats were taken
from the house Tuesday before it was condemned by city
officials, said Fond du Lac Police Lt. Rob Duveneck.  
Authorities said they found the cats after a nearby resident
reported a "strong smell of urine" wafting from the 
825-square-foot home.  Two brothers, ages 54 and 55, were
living in the home, the Fond du Lac (Wis.) Reporter said.
One of the brothers initially told authorities only seven
felines were in the urine-soaked home.  "As far as we know, 
there were no signs of abuse. It was just a situation that
got out of control," Duveneck said.  Most of the cats were
taken to the Fond du Lac Humane Society and the rest were
being held at other animal shelters, the newspaper said.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thoughts on ultrasounds being mandatory
before an obortion?
"I have a friend who saw her baby's heart beating when
she had a sonogram & decided not to get the abortion she
was about to have. As far as I know she has never
regretted her last minute decision. Perhaps more would 
change their mind about what they are doing if they had 
a sonogram too. I'm a firm believer in people making up
their own minds about abortion, I'm neither pro nor anti 
on the subject. I can say I don't regret having my babies
even though they gave me my share of heartaches. "When
they are little they step on your toes & when they are
grown they step on your heart." Words my mother told me 
long ago."

"I believe it is still an issue of a woman’s choice.  I 
understand that people might want to require it to 
hopefully change some minds before going through an 
abortion, but to require it would just be wrong.  Most
women already have their mind made up to do it.  I don’t’
think we should be able to require women who are going to 
abort to do that until we require all women who are going 
to have a child to do it and take proper care of themselves,
and the child for the next 18 years."

"I think the very least a person should have to do is 
to see exactly what they are choosing to destroy. 
Hopefully that will persuade some women to change their 
minds about abortion."

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