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Publication: Gizmorama
Research reveals new view of Milky Way

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Gizmorama - Research reveals new view of Milky Way
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Good Morning,
One of our articles today is about computers in the future
that may be foldable and can be made into any shape. It 
will be interesting to see what they come up with next. That
is the great thing about technology... it is always changing.
I guess the bad thing is that by the time you buy something
the next day it is outdated. 

Until Tomorrow,

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	 Future computers -- any shape and foldable

Canadian scientists are predicting future computers will be 
able to change shape, respond to touch and fold into your 
pocket. Queen's University computing Professor Roel Vertegaal 
said not only will computers of the future be able to assume 
flexible forms, but they'll respond to our direct touch and 
even change their own shape to better accommodate data, for 
example folding like a piece of paper to be tucked into our 
pockets. "What we're talking about here is nothing short of 
a revolution for human-computer interaction," said Vertegaal. 
"We want to reduce the computer's stranglehold on cognitive 
processing by embedding it and making it work more and more 
like the natural environment. "It is too much of a technological 
device now, and we haven't had the technology to truly integrate
a high-resolution display in artifacts that have organic shapes: 
curved, flexible and textile …," he added. The concept behind 
the next-generation computers is reported in the June issue of 
the Association of Computer Machinery's journal Communications 
of ACM.

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	  Research reveals new view of Milky Way

U.S. astronomers have discovered the Milky Way has just two 
major arms of stars, not the four arms of the current model.
Led by Robert Benjamin of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, 
the scientists based their conclusion on an evaluation of 800,000 
images of an expansive swath of the Milky Way taken by the 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Spitzer Space 
Telescope. Benjamin and his colleagues used Spitzer's infrared 
detectors to determine the small arm of the galaxy in which our 
solar system resides extends farther from the center of the 
galaxy than previously thought. A subsequent count of stars 
and measurements of stellar densities revealed the two-arm 
structure. "For years, people created maps of the whole galaxy 
based on studying just one section of it, or using only one 
method," said Benjamin. "We will keep revising our picture in 
the same way that early explorers sailing around the globe had 
to keep revising their maps." The findings were presented 
Tuesday in St. Louis during the 212th meeting of the American 
Astronomical Society.


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	  Renal cancer prediction technique created

U.S. scientists say they've created a statistical model to 
predict the probability of a renal cancer patient being cancer 
free 12 years after surgery. The researchers said their model, 
known as a nomogram, uses tumor and patient characteristics to 
maximize predictive accuracy. The scientists said knowing the 
likelihood of the cancer's return can help clinicians counsel 
patients and customize treatment recommendations. "If the 
cancer appears only in the kidneys, it can often be treated 
with a partial or radical nephrectomy," said the study's lead 
author, Dr. Ganesh Raj, an assistant professor of urology at 
the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. "This 
nomogram is designed for use in the initial counseling session 
after diagnosis and enables patients to have a clearer 
understanding of their cancer outcomes with surgery." The 
research that included the Cleveland Clinic, the Memorial 
Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the Mayo Clinic appears in 
the Journal of Urology.

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