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Publication: Cat Nips
Recognizing Your Cat's Changing Needs

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             CAT NIPS - Tuesday, March 25, 2008
  "Stories, Facts & Tips on the World's Most Popular Pet"

Dear Fellow Ailurophile!  

How is everyone? I hope you had a fun and enjoyable
Easter Holiday weekend! Today we're going to discuss 
your cats changing needs. Have A Good week! 

Cassie Cattails  

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           Recognizing Your Cat's Changing Needs  
As a general rule, when a cat turns 7, it is considered an
older cat and at risk for developing age-related health 
problems. Though a cat may not show signs of aging, it is 
important to be aware of your cat's changing needs to help 
prevent disease and help ensure your cat lives a full and 
active life.

You may notice that your cat naps more frequently and is 
gaining weight due to inactivity or changing dietary needs. 
On the other hand, your cat may continue to behave like a 
kitten by stalking, pouncing and toy chasing. An owner may 
not realize a cat is getting older until they see changes 
in activity level and movement.

Factors that contribute to a longer life span -- proper 
nutrition, health and dental care -- also help control 
some of the health problems that beset an older cat. 
Along with watching for changes in your cat, you should 
be sure to take your cat for a geriatric wellness 
examination by the time it turns 7 years old. 
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                   Do Cats See in Color?

According to vest cats do see in color, although not exact-
ly the way we do. In our tests, cats appeared to distinguish 
between the low to mid light wave spectrum (higher frequency), 
meaning cats responded to the colors purple, blue, green and 
yellow range. Red, orange and brown colors appear to fall 
outside cats color range and are most likely seen as shades 
of gray or purple. Cats appear to see less saturation in 
colors than do humans, meaning cats do not see colors as 
intensely or vibrantly. Blue and green appear to be the 
strongest colors perceived by cats. Our tests suggest cats 
can distinguish between more shades or levels of gray than 
can humans. The images below show how we believe cats 
perceive color.  
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Neutering a cat extends it's life span by two or three 


Be Back With You On Friday --- Stay Safe - Cassie Cattails  

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