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Publication: Thrifty Tips
Reasons to Save Money:

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THRIFTY TIPS                                June 5, 2008
        "Pinch your pennies until Lincoln squeals..."

Greetings Thrifty Friends, Good Morning

Now that the weather is turning warmer, today's tip is 
a real money saver when it comes to doing laundry...

Have a Good Day!

Keep pinchin' those pennies,   

Watch this one-of-a-kind video of Hollywood's greatest leading ladies!

Set of 4 Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths

Store Price: $9.99
Get Two Packages (8 Cloths) for $9.98

These amazing cloth cleans dust, spills, or plain old dirt
with no soap or chemicals. It can absorb up to 7 times its
weight in liquid! Dry, this unique fiber sucks up dust like
a magnet. With a little water, it can scrub away grime or
shine glass and chrome. Each cloth measures 12 ½ X 12 ½ .

You get a set of four in assorted bright colors. Made from
durable micro-fiber you can wash them over and over again!
They are super soft to avoid scratching of fine interior
trim pieces..

Additional Benefit you can save both money and the environment...
No More Need For Paper Towels! No chemicals or cleansers are
needed for cleanups because super soft microfibers loosen and
absorb dirt.

Get one set (4 cloths) for $5.99 or get two sets (8 cloths
for $9.98. Get more details at:

Set of 4 Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths



Line Drying...  

We've all heard of solar heating, but if you have a 
backyard and haven't considered drying your clothes
on a line outside, think about it now. Line drying
ia a terrific way to conserve energy, and it really 
does leave your clothes smelling fresh and static-


Reasons to Save Money: 

Unless you have written savings goals, it is often 
tempting to spend money on purchases that give 
immediate gratification instead of long term rewards. 
Being skilled at managing money often requires goal 
setting as well as long term planning and saving. 


          ********** IMPORTANT REMINDER *********

When was that appointment again? What day will the dry cleaning
be ready? Isn't my anniversary coming up?

You'll never have to worry about missing those important dates
again with the Gopher Central Calendar Mouse Pad.

Each pad comes with 40 monthly calendar sheets to remind you
of upcoming events. Not only that, it also features common
keyboard shortcuts to make life at the office even that much

Pick one up for yourself for just $4.99 for one, or SAVE on
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