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Publication: Today's Consumer
Real fur sales breaking records in Britain

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            TODAY'S CONSUMER - Tuesday, November 28, 2006
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       Real fur sales breaking records in Britain

LONDON, -- Sales of real fur in Britain have topped $969 
million for the first time in history, marking a surpris-
ing 30 percent increase from this time two years ago.
While many in the fashion industry and the public have 
maintained their stance against the use of real fur, The 
Independent reported that the opposition apparently is 
having little effect in the face of such daunting new 
numbers. "The continuing use of fur is a real problem in 
the fashion industry, and there is an issue with people 
assuming that fur trim is fake when most of it is real," 
fashion designer Stella McCartney said. With 1 million 
tons of real furs being imported into Britain each year 
and sales increasing for the third year in a row, the 
British government is looking to curb the practice by 
banning the import of seal skins. The Independent said 
that the issue is not limited to Britain as worldwide 
sales of real fur have reached nearly $13.5 billion.

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         Atlantic City casinos facing smoking ban

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., -- Atlantic City, N.J., may extend a 
statewide ban on smoking in public places to its popular 
casinos, which so far have been exempted. While New 
Jersey's State Legislature made a special allowance for 
the gambling establishments when it enacted the smoking 
ban seven months ago, the Atlantic City Council is now 
considering voiding that exemption, The New York Times re-
ported. At the heart of the possible move, likely to face 
strong opposition from casino operators, is a concern for
the health of both casino employees and those who frequent 
the establishments, the Times said. To date, numerous 
employees from Atlantic City casinos have testified to the 
City Council that their health endangered by tobacco smoke.
Surprisingly, similar bans passed for gambling halls in 
Delaware and California were followed by increased 
business, the newspaper said. The Times said that the 
council, which has already given initial approval to the 
ban, will make its final decision Dec. 29.

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         More parents 'unschooling' their children

CHICAGO, -- Home schooling is on the rise in the United 
States, with some parents choosing "unschooling" for their 
children. The New York Times said the trend allows home 
schooled children to play all day long, immersing them-
selves in whatever interests them. For instance, when it
comes to reading, the child can pick up a book or not -- 
the choice is up to the child. The Times reported on a 
Chicago family whose four children are all unschooled. On 
a typical weekday afternoon, they play, tell stories or 
read. The children said they enjoyed the freedom of not 
having to be in a classroom all day. Critics of unschool-
ing say it does not adequately prepare children for real 
world situations. Parents of unschooled children have 
formed social networks among their children as well as 
support groups, including the San Francisco Bay Unschool-
ing Network, Unschoolers Unlimited in Guilford, Conn., 
and the Northside Unschoolers in Chicago, which has 
about 100 families.


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