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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Readers Respond about Ouija

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Issue date: Saturday, September 2, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Happy Hellos, Everyone! I'm going to devote today's entire 
issue to sharing some of your wonderful feedback on recent 
topics and I'll also answer some of your questions. Please 
remember to try out our new Paranormal Insider Forum to 
share brief comments and also to leave messages for other 
readers. Have a great weekend, stay safe, and keep in mind 
that "Time spent laughing is time spent with the gods." 
(Japanese Proverb) 


Readers Respond about Ouija


I can attest to Ouija being a powerful channel of 
communication to the beyond.  Years ago, friends and I 
would gather at a friend's apartment and whip out the 
Ouija board.  We had several interesting moments with 
Ouija.  On more than one occurrence, we had the oracle 
levitate up under our hands.  The entity I remember we 
had been speaking with the first time this happened was 
Errol Flynn.  I ducked my head down to see if my partner's 
hands were gripping it and I saw not.  The oracle was 
indeed levitated by some unseen method.  If that was Errol 
Flynn on the "other side", he is quite expressive. 



First and foremost let me tell you that my experience with 
the ouija was not a very good one. I was in the service at 
the time and had just gone through a nasty divorce. I 
started to explore various forms of beliefs and stumbled 
onto a ouija board that had been blessed by a white witch. 
Now whether you believe in wicca or not matters very little 
to this case. I started to use the board to answer some 
questions I had had for years; I figured maybe this was a 
way to find what I had been searching for. I can tell you 
that the ouija is very real and it does work in various 
ways but it does work. I got to the point that I could get 
it to answer my questions without touching it, which is 
pretty amazing to most people. I am not going to say if 
the board is a game to some or a portal to other beings 
but to me, at the time, it was a gateway to knowledge 
that I had been denied all my life. It is neither good nor 
evil but it can be both depending on how you use it. Any-
way, back to what I was saying: I had been working all day 
and was sitting in the dorm room which I share with a room 
mate. I got out the board and started to talk to it and 
as usual it began to spell out things. I asked it who was 
in charge of the board and it would not answer me - it 
just kept spinning in circles. I asked it if the influence 
was good and it said no. I asked it if it was bad and it 
said no. I asked it if it was evil and it started to spin 
faster and finally said yes but evil is a relative term so 
I asked it who it was. It gave me a bunch of letters which 
I will give to you....IAMAMESSENGEROFMYFATHER. Well as 
soon as I deciphered it I knew I had crossed into an area 
I did not want to be in so I took the board and placed it 
across the room on top of my dresser. I fell asleep almost 
immediately and was soon awakened by the door opening. 
Since I had a room mate I didn't think much of it but I 
asked him not to turn on the lights since I had duty the 
following morning. I fell back to sleep and was soon 
awakened to my bunk being bounced. All I did was yell and 
say to knock it off. That was when the needles started. As 
I was laying there I was being stabbed with sharp pointy 
things coming through my mattress. It took a while but I 
realized that this was not normal so I sat up only to 
realize that my roommate was not there. The first thing 
that went into my mind was to grab the ouija and break it 
so I did. Now here is the part that is sure to send me to 
the loony bin but as soon as I broke the board into four 
pieces the room door flew open and a small rat-like 
creature flew down the hallway of the dorm screaming. It 
hit the outside door with such force that it broke or 
should I have said shattered the wire reinforced glass 
pane in the door. I went back to sleep after that and the 
next morning I took the pieces of the board and threw them 
into the dumpster. I watched the dumpster being dumped and 
watched the truck drive away. The freakiest part when I got 
home from work that night the ouija board was on my pillow 
pieced back together with the indicator going in circles. 
Needless to say I burned it in the woods and the curious 
part was it burned a bright blue. 

So when you are asked if a ouija board is safe to use? As 
I said before yes and no but to me absolutely not. 



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Dear Zsuzsana,

Around 1970 I was in pharmacy school at the University of 
Georgia. We were visiting my brother and sister-in-law and 
it was getting late. We asked the ouija board if we should 
return that night or wait until the next morning -- it said 
the next morning.  We asked why and all it would say was 
danger to the Henderson family. 

Well, we did not heed the warning and returned to school. 
The next morning we got a couple of calls to see if my 
wife was alright. That same night a girl with her same 
first and last name was killed in a car wreck. 

a reader


Hello Zsuzsana,

I have a ouija experience to share with you.  First off, 
I am an identical twin.  My twin and I have had too many 
"paranormal" experiences for any of them to be just a 
coincidence and we were part of a group that shared a 
Ouija experience.  There were about 7 of us in the room, so
there were witnesses.  One of the people was an incredibly 
"gifted" sensitive who had been drawn to me and my twin 
from the first time we met.  She had very calmly claimed 
to have several spirit contacts.  We believed her.  She 
had come to our house one day along with a small group of 
friends and someone suggested that we pull out the Ouija 
board and see if we could talk to her spirit contacts.  
She agreed as long as there were only three of us in actual 
contact with the board/planchette.  The room was dark and 
illuminated by candles and protective prayer/spells.  
We sat in a sort of upside down triangle (the cup) 
configuration.  She was the point and sat with the letters 
readable to herself.  My twin and I were the "base".  It 
started with simple yes and no questions.  I had some 
qualms at that point because I had at one point tried to 
consciously move the planchette toward an answer and it 
resisted.  Then we started asking questions that required 
the answers to be spelled out.  First it was really simple 
things, like names.  When the questions became more 
complex, we had to get writing implements in order to be 
able to keep up with the answers as they were being spelled 
out.  Everyone in the room became a little distressed when 
the planchette started moving so fast that it threw off our 
fingers.  Our sensitive friend had her hand above the board 
and planchette, but not in contact with them.  No one was 
physically touching the planchette, but still it flew about 
the board spelling answers to questions.  No one can recall 
exactly how long we were in spirit contact, but the 
planchette stopped moving and dropped to the board with a 
clatter when the door to the room was opened by someone 
who had not been there when we started.  A couple of the 
witnesses freaked out, called us evil and left hastily.  
The rest of us tried to fully absorb what we had just 
experienced.  We had been in my sister's room for the 
event.  It distressed her so much that she refused to let 
the room become completely dark for more than a month.  
And the ouija board was packed up and put away someplace 
where no body was likely to come in contact with it again 
for quite a while.  We were fortunate that the "spirits" 
that contacted us through the board were benign.  Every 
one of us that was in that room during the event is 
convinced that that type of contact medium could very 
easily be used by beings with malignant intent, and that 
it should NEVER be considered just a game. 

Thanks for listening.


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Readers Respond about 11:11

I found the article from the wife
and husband about seeing 11:11
on their digital clocks almost daily
very interesting.

I, too, have a connection to 11:11
appearing on clocks when I just
happen to glance at them although
it doesn't happen to me quite as
often as to them.

My uncle died on a Monday at
11:11 and now, every time, I
look at the clock and that is the
time, I always say "Hi, Uncle
Fred" as I want to acknowledge
him in the event this is his way
of reaching out to me.

Your explanation that this time
sequence is a "master number"
and represents transformation
from the physical into the Divine
makes this happening more
meaningful to me.  

I had never heard about this
before and am glad to learn of
it since my desire to acknowledge
my uncle whenever I see 11:11 on
the clock now makes sense to me.
I did it because he died at 11:11
but now see that there is more
significance to it than just that.

A Faithful Reader


Hi, my name is Neil. I'm from South Africa and I read 
the story about seeing double and triple numbers. It 
threw me back a bit, as in, "I'm not going mad!?" LOL. 
Anyway, I have been seeing digits like this for about 
2 years. The slight difference is that I do not see the 
same double digits but different ones all the time. 

I'll wake up and look at my cell phone... 06:06; later 
on someone will ask me the time... 10:10. I've even looked 
at an incorrectly set clock/watch with double digits. 
I'll then go to bed and check the time 22:22 or 23:11 - 
(11:11). I once looked at an advert (poster) while walking 
past - it was an advert for a "new" wrist watch 
(analog/hands – not digital) - the time was 20:20. I've 
freaked a few of my friends out with this and some thought 
I was mad or even better, from some 'alien' planet. LOL. 

They have, however, witnessed this as one has actually 
asked me the time while I was fixing their PC at their 
house. I looked at the PC's time and it read 14:14. Well, 
if there is a message, which I believe is very possible 
as I am wiccan/pagan and Christian and believe in a much 
higher power, I am at a loss. (Talk about mixed messages). 
Maybe I get minuet by minuet messaging. LOL 

Blessed Be.

Note from Zsuzsana:

Hi, Neil. Believe it or not, this happens to me all the 
time too. Some say it is simply a sign of becoming more 
aware or a sign of ascension. Metaphysically, seeing 
repeated numbers indicates that your DNA is being 
activated on some level. These numeric 'codes' usually 
continue to appear until we have 'got the message' so 
it is a good idea to reflect on what kind of changes or 
patterns are happening in our lives and whether or not 
we need to be paying attention to any particular that is 
going on in our lives or spiritual process. I usually 
suggest to people that if they want to explore further, 
they can research the meanings of any of the specific 
numbers but in your case, because the numbers seem to be 
random, I would simply suggest that perhaps you journal 
these events and see if you can find a pattern. If not, 
then just enjoy the 'messaging' and knowing that you are 
in tune with spirit! 

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Paranormal Q & As

Q: I'm glad someone had the same question as I have. For 
years, why do I always look at the clock and see 9:11? The 
only significance to me for the date is that I graduated 
from school that day and that my husband and I met that 
day, and now I found out my son starts school that day... 
there has to be something else about that time. What does 
the nine mean? 


A: Dear Wendy:

There are many possible explanations about the significance 
of you seeing this number repeatedly. Here are some of my 

You personal history shows that 9:11 is an important number 
sequence in terms of life cycles, beginnings and endings. 
When you see this number, perhaps you are being guided by 
spirit or your own soul to become aware of what is happen-
ing in your life at this time and take notice of what you 
are manifesting, and of what is culminating and what is 

9:11 has also become a global symbol of change, a wake-up 
call, so is there some area in which you need to take a 
broader more spiritual view of things, or take action on 
something that would benefit both yourself and humanity 
as a whole? 

911 is, probably not coincidentally, the number for an 
emergency phone call. Is there something the universe is 
urgently trying to contact you (your soul) about? 

In western numerology, 9 represents endings and 11 is a 
master number representing the twin strands of DNA and 
the evolution of human consciousness and this sequence 
could be a wake-up call asking you to look deeper into 
your self and discover some personal truths your higher 
self is trying to reveal. 



Q: Hi, I found this topic to be very interesting. I don't 
know if it is connected to the subject, but while I was 
pregnant with my first child at age 19, I had a vivid 
dream about what the baby would look like around 1 year 
of age.  It was a very powerful dream and remained in my 
mind for a long time. 

After my daughter, Hailie, was born, I anticipated her 
first birthday to see if the dream was correct. And to my 
surprise she looked exactly as I had seen her in my dream. 
I am still amazed and a little spooked by this experience. 
It did not happen during my other two pregnancies. Was 
this her soul contacting me before she was born? 


A: Hi, Jamie. It definitely sounds like your daughter 
contacted you and if nothing else, such an amazing 
experience will strengthen your bond during your lifetimes 
I am sure. I don't know how old she is now, but this would 
be an interesting topic to explore with her if she is at 
all interested in the paranormal or metaphysical. Hopefully 
she will remember her 'visit' to you, or the reason for it, 
and you can explore this soul connection further. 


Street Lights

Dear Zsuzsana,

To begin, I would like to say how much I enjoy reading 
your newsletters on my email. They are so heartwarming 
and touching. They brighten and uplift my day. My husband 
lost his father when he was 11 years old.  He was totally 
devastated at this age and never understood a lot of 
things. One thing he has never been able to get out of 
his mind was not being able to tell his father "goodbye" 
and to tell him how much he loved him before he passed. 

Shortly after his father passed away, my husband noticed 
every once in a while, whenever he waspassing under a 
street light in the dark, whether it be in an automobile 
or by foot, the street light will automatically go out. 
It is one of the most bizarre things when it happens. I 
never seemed to notice this until he brought this to my 
attention one day. As my husband put it, "It's like someone 
is trying to tell me something every now and then."  It's 
so strange.  It suddenly occurred to me. It was his father.
This was his father's way of communicating with him and 
letting him know that he was okay and he was in heaven 
watching over him. When I told this to my husband, we both 
got tears in our eyes and felt overjoyed. So now when we 
are traveling along or walking somewhere and a street light 
goes out, we usually just look at each other or just say, 
"We know, Dad, you're just watching out for us!"

God is good and wonderful. May he continue to watch over 
each and every one of you and your families always. And 
may your street lights shine bright. 

Marla J. Smith


A closing note to my readers: 

I just wanted to let you all know how very much I 
appreciate all the kudos and kind words about the column. 
I'm very happy you're enjoying it and I love to hear 
from you, so please send your comments and paranormal 
experiences to: paranormal@zsuzsana.com 

See you next week! 
Carpe Diem 
Zsuzsana Summer 

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