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Reader's Forum

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today 
                  Monday, May 21, 2007

                      Reader's Forum 

the great khali, like him or not he would be an awesome 
champ, beings the story writers decided to bump shawn and 
put khali in the 1 contenders spot, I don't like khali 
personally but we need a diffrent champ, john has wore 
out his reign, THE CHAMP IS HERE, boring, shawn you did 
very well on raw against khali, like always you put on a 
great show and fought hard you deserve any and all credit 
you get, I was at the wharton feild house years ago back 
in the late 80's shawn and marty where there to face off 
against power and glory but at the time shawn had a knee 
injury and the rockers where walking into the wharton feild 
house and I looked at shawn and marty and said hi to both 
and shawn looked up at me and said hi back even with him 
being in pain with his knee on cruches he still took the 
time out to acknowledge a fan, thank you shawn, how is 
triple HHH doing it be nice to hear some info. on his 
condition, hey vinnie mac as for your title reign as ecw 
champ, got two words for ya baldy, YOU SUCK, be a real man 
and face bobby lashley one on one at the pay per view, you 
say you got grape fruits down there sounds more like apple 
seeds pal, undertaker kick batista ass this thursday night 
which as all your dedicated fans know you will, I'll be 
watching rooting for ya thats for sure deadman.... 

- James G. 

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                      Reader's Forum

It is not spelled Johnston City, TN......It is Johnson 
City, TN. I live in Johnson City but was unable to attend 
the match. 

- Michael C. 

Lillian injured her knee skiing, she is recuperating after 

- John O. 


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                     Reader's Forum

where is the big show he'll take care of kahli.and where 
is rikishi hope he comes back. 

- buzz51 

In response to Bubba's question about Lillian Garcia, on 
March 17, 2007, Garcia twisted her knee in heavy snow while 
skiing in Killington, Vermont, incurring a torn anterior 
cruciate ligament. She underwent surgery on her knee on 
April 5, 2007 in New York, New York under Dr. Amin Tehrany. 
- CellBlock303 

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                      Reader's Forum

Hey Bubba 

If you haven't read on any of the other websites that 
are about Lilian garcia, she had a skiing accident and 
required surgery on her leg and she was hoping to be 
back by backlash but her rehab is going slower then 

- James from Kentucky

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