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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
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Issue date: Saturday, July 29, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

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Hello Everyone!

I want to thank everyone who has written in response to 
last week's column on paranormal or psychic pet behavior. 
The amount of mail that came in on this topic was a total 
delight, especially as I am a true blue animal fanatic. 
Just this past week, I spent two days trying to protect a 
fledgling robin who kept having some bumpy landings in my 
backyard, much to the dismay of its mother. I knew each 
time her baby was in trouble from the frantic, ear-splitting
chirping in our maple tree, and even my dog (who 'owns' the 
backyard) knew better than to come between mama and her 
baby, having been dive-bombed the first time he accidentally
got in the way. The dog learned robin-speak in a real hurry 
this week! 

Simply observing animals can not only connect us to nature, 
to our inner selves and to greater understanding of life, 
but to realms beyond. My cat Mystic, for instance, has a 
connection to some plane beyond 3D, and I do believe he 
spends more time in other dimensions than here. Although 
he has perfect eyesight, he finds it hard to focus his gaze 
on us when we speak to him - it always looks like we're 
bringing his attention 'back' from somewhere else. Even 
though he is a black and white tuxedo cat, he has such a 
strong green aura that it is readily visible to others (and 
not just to me, his doting mom), and in fact, he leaves 
amorphous blobs of green behind sometimes when he leaves a 
room. He has at least one invisible playmate in the house 
(that I was able to capture on film as an amazing bluish 
orb) and I am also quite sure he senses many other energies 
that pass through here as he often acts like someone is 
patting him from above. We have a standing joke in the 
family that Mystic's 'strangeness' is a result of having 
lived in my metaphysical shop for a few weeks as a kitten, 
and breathing in just a bit too much incense and smudge 
smoke! But I truly believe he is connected to other realms 
and I hope maybe one day he will invite me for a visit to 
his special world. And now, I'm happy to share some of 
your wonderful stories and comments. Please read on... 

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Thought I'd share a truly amazing and sad experience with 
my son's cat, Roddy. My son went away for a weekend of 
hiking and camping with some of his coworkers. He wasn't 
an experienced hiker but one member of group was supposed 
to be. I had a feeling I should ask him not to go but he 
worked so hard and deserved a weekend to himself as he 
helped me with his disabled grandmother all the time. I 
put my uneasiness aside and prayed he'd have fun. He said 
he'd be home Sunday night. They left on a Friday morning....
later that evening Roddy started acting very strange pacing 
and meowing. He'd go to patio door and whine.....nothing 
would comfort him and he never did this before. After I 
had gone to bed Roddy got very agitated and started howling 
at the patio door. He continued this behavior through 
Saturday. Sunday came and my son, Glenn, didn't show up. I 
thought they got delayed and he stayed at a friend's and 
would come home after work. I went to work and got a call 
that my son was killed in a fall from a mountain. One other 
hiker and he fell 70 feet and the other hiker had to crawl 
out for help. I believe Roddy knew this was happening. He 
frequently goes into Glenn's room and chatters to someone 
only he can see, though I too have felt a presence. Glenn 
did return home and Roddy was trying to alert me to the 
situation. Glenn stayed very close to me over the years and 
he only crossed over after I was able to allow him to go. 
Though he is felt around occasionally he has passed over 
to the other side now and is at peace. Roddy, at age 19, 
is still with me and when the day comes that he passes, I 
know it will be to live with his person...'til I join them. 



Hi Zsuzsana, 

In the most recent issue of the Paranormal Insider, you 
stated that you would be interested in stories about 
paranormal/psychic cat behavior. Well, over the years 
we have been blessed with seven cats, and there have been 
many instances where they have looked around the room in a 
very strange manner (like they see something that we don't 
perhaps?) and then take off running in the opposite 
direction! My husband and I have come to call this behavior 
"seeing invisible animals"; however, I cannot help but 
wonder whether they are actually seeing spirits/ghosts from 
the other side--maybe our relatives, friends, or pets who 
have passed on? Also, there was one time that I recall 
being extremely distraught because our one cat was very 
sick and my husband had just taken him to see the Vet. I 
was in our kitchen at the time. I was standing there crying 
when I felt one of our cats brushing up against my legs the 
way that they sometimes do. When I quickly looked down to 
see which cat was trying to comfort me, I saw nothing! 
There were no cats in the vicinity whatsoever. I came to 
the conclusion that it must have been one of our three 
cats who were deceased. I was being comforted at one of 
the saddest moments of my life by one of them! It was an 
extraordinary experience--one that I'll never forget. When 
I told my husband what had happened, he said that he has 
had similar things happen to him. I couldn't believe it! 
This was the first I had heard of it. He hadn't told me 
about what had happened to him--probably because he thought 
I would think he was crazy! Since that first incident, I 
have also heard the sound of paws on the vinyl floor of 
our home's entranceway (and again there have been no cats 
in sight). It's an eerie experience. Three of our pets 
died here in this house, and I'm certain that is why we 
have had these encounters with them. They want us to know 
they are still with us on another plane of existence. 
Thanks for the opportunity to share my story. 

Debbie L.

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A few months ago, we adopted a cat from our local pet 
shelter. His owner wanted to find him a new home because 
she didn't want him any more, and we happened to be right 
there and had fallen in love with him at first sight. His 
name was Marty, which none of us liked. We tried out 
several other names, but none appealed to us, until it 
occurred to me that since he's a white cat, I would have 
given him a "ghostly" name if I'd had the original naming 
of him. I immediately thought of Jacob Marley, and Marty 
has been Marley ever since. (We just figure he thinks we 
can't say his old name properly because he doesn't answer 
as well to Marley as he does to "Junior," which is what my 
husband calls him--in deference to our other cat, Blaise.) 

Anyway, when we brought Marley home, he acclimated quickly, 
except for one thing. He got very skittish around the 
ceiling fan in our dining room. The other fans didn't 
bother him in the least, but he would hunker down and stare 
up at that fan with his body tense and ears flat back. A 
few evenings later, we were going about our business when 
there was a tremendous crash from the dining room. The 
glass globe over the light on the ceiling fan had somehow 
come loose and shattered when it hit the floor. We cleaned 
up the mess, all the time talking about how Marley had 
acted weird about that fan. You can guess the rest: he's 
been fine ever since and that fan no longer bothers him in 
the slightest. 

I don't know if it's an example of feline ESP, but it 
certainly made an impact on us. 

Thanks for your column, 


When my adult son came home to die we had a six month old 
Siamese named Spider. Spider knew Rick was sick and spent 
a lot of time with him. He never clawed or bit as kittens 
sometimes seem to do. On Rick's final day, Spider spent 
the entire day and into the night on Rick's bed. When Rick 
died Spider was sitting on my lap and slowly started 
raising his head. He seemed to be tracking something 
through the air until he was looking straight up. After a 
short time, he went into the other room and did his usual 
cat things. I have always believed he was watching Rick's 
spirit depart. My husband witnessed this too so I know I 
wasn't dreaming or in shock. It gives, for me, proof that 
we do go on and we will see our loved ones again. 

a reader 


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I have a German Shepherd dog that seems to have a 
connection with my oldest granddaughter. Because of a bad 
situation my pregnant daughter moved back home. I was there 
with her for the birth of her little beauty. When my grand-
daughter was about 4 months old we purchased Thorin. He was 
at that time a very hyperactive dog. He will drag me around 
even with a finger collar on. However, when my grand-
daughter began toddling around she would grab onto that 
collar and he would never even attempt to walk faster than 
her. He would stop when she stopped and walk when she'd 
walk, never once even pinching her fingers in his collar. 
What used to really amaze me however, is when my grand-
daughter would just stop for no reason and look up and 
start talking to no one there, and even Thorin would 
stop, sit and look up like he was listening to both 
conversations. To this day I think they were talking to 
my dad, who passed away 2 years before my granddaughter 
was born. Dad loved his kids and grandkids, so I think 
he just couldn't resist checking in on his first great-
granddaughter now and then. My daughter and granddaughter 
finally were able to get a place of their own. Thorin is 
now nearly 11 yrs. old and not as hyper as he used to be, 
but still senses when things are not right with his family. 
He will get sick when stress levels are high, and he will 
be close when someone is not feeling well, or is sad. 

I'd also like to share another story about when my grand-
daughter (at just over 2  yrs. old) was hospitalized with 
pneumonia. We'd taken her to the doctor for a fever and 
the doctor gave her antibiotics. However, the doctor didn't 
realize she was sicker than she appeared. Nevertheless, 
later on we took her to the hospital emergency room, they 
X-rayed her lungs and hospitalized her. It was during this 
time she was scared of someone in the room with us that 
only she could see. We asked her what he looked like, she 
said his name was "Obe" (my dad's nickname) and that he 
was trying to tickle her belly. We had never told her 
dad's nickname; she had seen pictures of him and was told 
he was her great-grandpa (Dad's first name). Just wanted
to share. These things really don't frighten us; there 
have been other experiences, but these ones do make me 
smile because it's nice to know Dad may have passed on, 
but still checks in once in a while. 

a reader



I enjoy reading your Paranormal insider but I was 
especially prompted to write you about an incident I had 
with a cat friend who is now on another plane. 

I worked at a university in my town and every night, I and 
another employee would feed the stray cats that adopted our 
particular building. I grew fond of the cats and their 
mother and looked forward to seeing them at work. I told 
my wife about the cats and informed her that I thought it 
would be a good idea to bring two of the cats from the 
litter home as I worked at night and she was alone and 
could enjoy the companionship of the cats. 

I was only able to convince one cat, whom we named "Drexel" 
(after the university) to move in with us. I found Drexel 
a most loving, affectionate cat. She was a very sweet, but 
a highly mistrustful cat as she was feral and didn't trust 

Years later, I had gotten sick and was in intense pain on 
my left side, so much so that I was literally rocking back 
and forth in an effort to lessen the misery. Our cat, 
Drexel, stubbornly continued to jump on my side of the bed 
and kept pushing her little nose under my arm so that she 
positioned herself at my side where the pain was. I was too 
weak to fight her off even though I didn't want her around 
in my condition. She insisted and lay there for less than 
one minute as I felt the pain leave me. I found out after 
an examination that I had pancreatitis. When I felt the 
pain leave, I wept uncontrollably because I knew that 
Drexel had taken my pain onto herself. 

I naturally saw Drexel in a new light and we remained best 
friends until her passing. Even now, I send her love and 
light for her unselfish act. 




Hi Zsuzsana. 

I loved your issue today with the interesting cats. I am a 
true "cat person", and have had cats pretty much all my 
life, so I especially enjoyed this issue. 

All of the cats that I've had over the years have had 
different personalities. I have always spoiled my pets, 
because it seems to me that they make better companions 
for it. Most of the cats I've had have not particularly 
had anything out of the ordinary associated with them, but 
I've had two that did, one in the past, and a current 
'situation', either of which you may find interesting. 

I got a particular tuxedo kitty when I was a child, which 
I first saw when it had just opened its eyes. The mentally 
handicapped were still normally institutionalized at that 
time, and my father's work took him to the farm in our 
area that served that purpose. Because we lived in an 
apartment, my dad would sometimes arrange to bring me out 
on the weekend to see the farm animals, especially in the 
spring. This one time one of the residents had a cat who 
had kittens that had just opened their eyes. I fell in 
love with this particularly tiny kitten, and this fellow 
gave me a thorough "interview" about looking after the cat 
before telling me if I wanted it once it was weaned I could 
have it. My parents agreed, and each weekend until the cat 
was able to be separated from it's momma we went out to 
visit my kitten. "C" was very active despite being the 
runt of her litter, and even as a full grown adult weighed 
less than 2 pounds. 

I had a severe illness at one point during her life, and 
she practically never left my side during those months. 
The same thing when I had to have surgery on my spine; once 
I was recovering at home, she hardly left my side. Even if 
I had the flu or something, she'd stick to me like glue. 

I was in college when her health deteriorated to the point 
where she had to be put to sleep. I held her when the vet 
gave the needle, and held her in my arms until she died. 

After that, at times when I was sick or had to have more 
surgery (spinal problem is recurrent in nature), I would 
get a visit from my old cat. I couldn't see her but I'd 
feel her cuddling. I suspected I was just imagining this, 
the old wishing she was still with me thing, but after I 
was married and had the surgery again, my husband saw her 
too, very hazy and indistinct, but he could actually see 
her and described her. 

After that, we moved into a place we could have a pet 
again, and a friend who was moving and unable to take his 
cat gave us theirs. "B" had been rescued from an abandon-
ment situation when just a few days old, and had been 

A few years later I had to have the surgery again, and 
my old cat again came to look after me. This time was 
different. She cuddled until the current cat came into the 
room, and although I heard nothing, she seemed to 'call' 
him. I called my husband to the room, and he confirmed for 
me what I felt, that he could see the hazy image of my old 
departed cat, no longer cuddling, but sitting on the corner 
of the bed looking down at the living kitty.  

It appeared that they were communicating somehow, and prior 
to that (although nothing prior with "B" there was serious), 
he had never done the thing of sticking to me like glue if 
I was sick or anything. This time, after their 'communion', 
both cats walked around me, up one side and down the other. 
It felt like my childhood kitty was teaching him what to 
do, and then after a last nuzzle, she left, and I have not 
seen her since. 

The cat she 'turned me over to' was also a tuxedo kitty, 
but he was HUGE. "B" was over 25 pounds, and all muscle. 
His back was about knee height when he was fully grown, 
which wasn't until he was about 3 yrs old. He had never 
looked after me during illness before that incident, but 
thereafter he continued to do so as long as we had him. 
He died when he was only 12, sadly. 

He was a very maternal cat (in spite of being male!), and 
had a special cry for letting us know when there was a 
stray in distress outside, and was even known to push his 
food dish out to the door and try to feed the strays. A 
week and a half after his death a kitten showed up on our 
doorstep during the last big storm of the season. We could 
not leave her outside in a storm with windchills into the 
-30 range, so we brought her in. It turned out she did not 
belong to any of our neighbours and was actually one of 
the feral cats in our area, but just young enough to not 
be too feral yet, so we kept her. 

She showed so many of the same idiosyncrasies of our 
recently deceased one (and he was pretty unique, so it was 
actually a little creepy), to the point where I started 
calling her Spirit. We did not know it when we brought her 
in, but she was newly pregnant. The vet thinks she was only
6-7 months old when she gave birth to a single kitten, 60 
days after we took her in. After she gave birth to the 
baby, she stopped acting like the deceased kitty, although 
we've continued calling her Spirit since she'd gotten used 
to the name. We also named the baby, and kept her too. "M" 
(the baby), however, took over with all the idiosyncratic 
behaviours that we'd named her momma Spirit because of, 
and now that she is almost an adult, she has added to them 
with even more of "B's" behaviours.  

She will alert us the EXACT SAME WAY that the old deceased 
kitty did to a cat in distress in the yard, wanting us to 
go rescue it. And she has tried to push their food dish to 
the door the same way he used to. She also looks after me 
like I was her kitten, even though I've not had anything 
serious since she came to us. If I laugh aloud, "M" thinks 
I am crying, and will come over and try desperately to 
comfort me. "B's" favourite treat was green olives, and "M" 
will beg for them and if I give her a tiny piece, she will 
try desperately to eat it, even though she obviously does 
not like it. It's as if she thinks she is supposed to like 

Did my first tuxedo kitty come back in spirit form until I 
had another cat she could trust me with? Did my second 
tuxedo kitty come back, directing a young pregnant kitten 
to us knowing we couldn't turn her away, then being reborn 
to that young momma? I'm not certain if I believe in 
reincarnation or not, but since this, I am certainly 
leaning more in that direction, because I know of no other 
way to explain such things. Also, have you heard of a 
higher incidence with tuxedo kitties in paranormal 
situations. I know 2 kitties is too small a sample group, 
but it does seem a bit odd that of all the kitties I've 
ever had, I have only had 2 tuxedos, and they are the only 
two I've had paranormal experience with. 

Have a great day,


Thanks again, everyone, for these amazing stories, many of 
which truly gave me shivers and goosebumps. Please write 
to me at zsuzsana@arcanamatrix.com with your own paranormal 
stories or comments. Have a great weekend! Carpe diem, 


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