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Publication: Quote-A-Day
Police Brutality

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                VIDEO QUOTE of the WEEK 
         "Famous words by famous people on video" 
                     Oct. 19, 2007 

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Dear friends, 

This week I had to feature clips about police brutality. I 
was reading about the black kid who was killed in "camp" by 
several officers... and then I read all of the comments on 
the video clip of the 5-year-old black girl handcuffed. 

View: 5-Year-Black Girl Handcuffed By Police 

Please do me a favor and make your own comment on the above 
video clip. I should say that I have many friends who are 
police officers and I cannot be considered anti-police... 
but I am anti-violence. 


Thank you,

JA & Denis


          *---- Video Clip of the Week ----*

          The LAPD Clubs Retarded Bystander

In a chaotic scene, a group of zealous LAPD in riot gear
disperse a crowd. One man was moving too slowly so the 
cop starts to beat him with his club. You hear a woman 
pleading, 'He is mentally retarded, Stop...' The police 
continued in their rage. 

Click to view: The LAPD Clubs Retarded Bystander

                 Bonus Video Clip

Police in Trouble For Repeated Tazering Of Compliant Suspect
In France, it's illegal to video tape police unless you're 
a journalist. They're trying to stop people from knowing 
about police brutality. Take a look at why activist groups 
are lining up against the use of these tazers. 

Click to view: Tazering Of Compliant Suspect 


     Once again, to view and comment, view the clips.
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   *----Top 5 Forwarded Video Clips of the Week ----*

1)   Kitty Says... Let Me Sleep


2)  Pavarotti and James Brown - It's A Man's World


3)  Women In Film


4)  Girl Flips Through Basketball Hoop


5)  Hot Air Balloon Becomes Fireball


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