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Publication: Quote-A-Day
Sharing and Connecting

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                        QUOTE A DAY
          "Words That Inspire, Provoke and Entertain"
                    Tuesday Nov. 27, 2007

Greetings fellow quote lovers:

After last week's issue, I received 15 emails from 
readers. I cherished every single one and wanted to 
share them with you. 

Our list is over 20,000 and 15 people writing in is not 
a very good percentage which actually proved the point 
that I have lost connection. When I stated QAD and had 
500 subscribers, I would get over 100 emails a day. 

That was then and this is now. The novelty of receiving 
quotes via email has long gone away. But what I have 
always needed was a sense of connecting and with the 
exception of the 15 folks who wrote in, it is difficult 
to know. But I dare say that connecting is a feeling. 

We went to a weekly format because people are so busy 
being busy that opening a daily email became "drudgery" 
and often would be deleted. 

I have reprinted every email received below. Some are 
amazing and inspirational in themselves. 

Here is what I am going to do. I am going to eliminate 
19,000 people from the QAD subscriber list. Many will 
simply stop receiving it and not know it because they 
don't open it. 

I want to share and connect with you readers. So if you 
want to stay subscribed, you will have to send an email 
to me by 12/31. 

It can even be blank... but it will prove you are opening 
the email to read it. If I have not received an email, I 
will assume you have not read what I am saying. The 15 of 
you who have emailed me already have already been put on 
a special list. 

If we ended up with only 16 of us on this list, so be it. 
I will do QAD for you 15 dear readers. If you still want 
to receive QAD, send an email to: 


[replace (at) with @ sign ]



Questions? Comments? Email JA at: quote (at) Quotes2u.com 


I first started receiving your quotes (and read them daily)
somewhere around mid high school. Once I hit college, the
business of life took its toll, and I read QAD weekly to
catch up. I am now 2 years post graduate and rarely check
the email account (where I'm writing you from now) I first
subscribed from. Yet here I am, at one of the valleys that
make up the "crests and valleys of life", reading QAD –
while deleting every other email) and still finding inspire-
ation in your Mystery Quote.
It's the little things we sometimes forget that make life
so valuable. For me, QAD has been one of these for years.
I have a text file with my favorite or most poignant quotes
saved to it, all thanks to you.
My point is- you sounded a little gray, fearing you've lost
touch with readers. I'm here to say as one reader... I'm
sure we can be a thankless bunch. But what you do does not
go unnoticed. And the times I do catch up are always a
bright point for me. So, Thank You.

for one would miss QAD very much. I read so many meaningful
and inspiring passages and enjoy sending many on to others.
Stay busy - and you won't have as much time to look in that
--Jeanne in Virginia 

Well, you could convert QAD into a reader-driven venue.
That is, solicit topics and quotes from your =readers=. 
(Specify in advance a citation system, though.  A lot of
circulating quotes are likely distorted or bogus.)

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I don't like to hear you sound so down.  We're all aging my
dear friend, gracefully or not, we're all on our way down
that road.  As you know, the key is really an inside job,
that's why I'm sad to hear you sound so pooped.  I'm hoping
you are just having a "moment" and that this too will pass
and be replaced again by your deep, intense fire!!   This
is no time to throw in the towel......your wisdom, your
humor, your intellect, your amazing insight is so needed. 
Happy Thanksgiving....enjoy all the richness of your life!

When reading your email this morning, you sounded so down!
 I wanted to write you to let you know how much I enjoy
reading the QAD.  It is also a good time to let you know
that you have indeed been a "torch" by which others can
light their candles, and also a blessing.
Let me relate my story to you.  Recently I worked in a job
that proved to be difficult.  One reason was because the
job entailed motivating others to do their physically
demanding and quite often dangerous work.  This was
especially true after damage from recent hurricanes in
S. Florida.  We had three in a row, and then a couple
the next year. 
So guess what I used each day for motivating information?
 Right -- your QAD.  You would be amazed at how often the
exact quote fit the current situation.  Not only that, I
think I introduced a lot of those guys to literature that
they had never been exposed to or cared about before.  It
was kind of like a devotional time each day before starting
the grueling grind of the work day.  Very often there were
times that guys would later quote back to me things that
they had learned previously.
While I no longer work and am blessed to spend most of my
time pursuing my writing career, I wanted to let you know
that you've helped me tremendously.  You've provided in-
spiration in ways that you probably never imagined. And I
personally appreciate each and every day's quote.  Thank
you so much for your effort on the behalf of your readers.

If you are truly ready to quit, then go -- and enjoy every
minute of your life.  But if you have another quote to
give, there are many of us who truly benefit from it and
thank you for it.  
Please keep us informed on your decision and your next
direction in life.  I want to know and I care. Others prob-
ably do, too!  I wish you the very best in your decision
and, whatever you decide, please know how much you have
helped others along the way. With my very best wishes!


I don't like to hear that you are considering doing away
with the Quotes- - I can't tell you how many times the
quotes you have sent have uplifted, encouraged, and made
me think.  I hope you will reconsider. . . .


Hello JA-- just want to thank you personally for the quotes
over the time I've been receiving them. I certainly have
been "Inspired, Provoked and Entertained" & have passed on
many to friends/family who enjoy quotes.

I can understand if you want to give it up, as I just
retired from public school teaching in June of 2006. I was
tired of the administration's demands and all the work
involved in teaching. So I understand tired. Let me tell you
though, I haven't regretted my decision one minute. Love
being retired and living the creative life....get up when I
want and go to bed when I want and in between do whatever
I want. 

So basically, if you feel the time has come to move on,
don't hesitate. There is so much more enjoyment for you
around the next corner. You will definitely know when the
time is "right." Once you go beyond that point, the work
that delighted you becomes a drudge and unenjoyable chore.

Maybe some one else will jump in a fill your shoes, but I
highly doubt it. Personally, I do NOT think you've lost
touch with your readership...we're all growing older at the
same rate as you. One daily emailing I'd been sign up with
got a new person to take over and the personality of the
whole thing changed. I didn't enjoy his "language/silly
banter" or postings. After giving him a chance, I removed
myself from the postings.

Blessings to you and a Happy Thanksgiving & Merry
Christmas (or what ever holiday you celebrate) to you
and yours.  --K 

PS The tired feeling will go away! (At least it did for me)
I think "tired" comes from stress.

"Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art."
--Stanislaw J. Lec


I wrote you last time when you decided to discontinue QAD.
 I know you had over 200 e-mails and tried to respond to
all of them, but I wasn't so lucky. =-)
I told you then, and I'll say it again that I signed up for
QAD when I was about twelve.  I had pages of quotes that
I especially liked that I wrote down by hand, and I still
have those pages tucked away as a memoir.  I have lived
much of my life based on the quotes you have sent; I
remember them in times when they're useful and I would
reiterate them to my friends.  Quotes are so wonderful
because the are such effective use of language and I have
no hesitation in passing them on.
Just recently I was faced with a tough situation that I had
to walk into not knowing what was going to happen - I had
to serve someone documents personally, whom I am suing
(it turned out being fine).  Anyway, I was nervous about
this but I remembered on quote, but I forget the author at
the moment, but the quote is something like "Courage is not
the absence of fear, but being afraid and going anyway".

It's sometimes dramatic events, or sometimes relatively
small occurrences that remind me of the quotes I've read
and they have many affects on me; I can be inspired,
entertained, .
You say that you feel as though the flame you carry has
diminished.  This is acceptable to me.  While you may feel
burnt out, know that it was you who chose the quotes to
include, even if they were not your words.  You are the
integral component that was required to make this as
successful as it was, at least for me.
To carry on with the analogy, you have lit my candle, and
I know I have carried that and light other's candles too.
If you feel that it is time to stop I give you my best
wishes.  While I will miss seeing "QAD" in my inbox, the
words will endure.
Thank you,

After receiving my weekly QAD email this morning and
reading your portion, I am distraught to think that the
publication I enjoy so much may be coming to an end.
My name is Kelly and I have been "collecting" quotes since
my Sophomore year of High School.

I am 29 now.  I had a teacher that would put a new quote up
on the chalkboard every day, and the very first one struck
me as something I would like to remember.  I quickly jotted
it down in a notebook, which filled up over the course of
the year with the new quotes every day.  That notebook
eventually turned into several, along with saved files on
my computer that I view as priceless.  I have sought out
books, material online, anything I could find that was
comprised of quotes, these glimpses into history from the
point of view of those living it.  I get excited to find
one I haven't already logged because it is a chance to
learn something, look at something differently, or maybe
just laugh.

In any case, when I was fortunate enough to find your quote
a day and subscribe, I got excited again, I wish it was a
daily publication, but I look forward to it like a child
looks forward to Christmas morning every week. I love it,
and I'm so sad to hear that you may be nearing the end. I
hope that you will rethink your position, and I just want
you to know that there are some of us out here that truly
truly enjoy your collection.  Receiving your email makes
me feel just like I did every time I stepped into that
classroom my sophomore year, excited and anxious, and
fortunate to have someone care so much about what people
through time have said that they wanted to share with any-
one and everyone.  Thank you for sharing, please don't stop.
--Kelly L. Meier

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As a new subscriber to QAD, I have thoroughly enjoyed
reading what you share with us.  I listen to a lot of 
ountry music and know the song you refer to.  Time does go
by quicker than we realize.  Hopefully, you have enjoyed
sharing your knowledge with us.  I want to thank you for
opening up new vistas for myself.  I also want to leave you
with two quotes that mean a lot to me.  The first one is by
Alfred Lord Tennyson.  The second one, I'm unsure of.
"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could
walk in my garden forever."
 "For those who we have held in our arms for a little while,
we hold in our hearts forever."
Greedily, I am hoping that you are not quite done pub-
lishing quotes for us.  But, if you so choose to retire, I
wish you the best of luck.  Enjoy each and every one that
touches your life and live it to the fullest.

I have subscribed to your Quote a Day for some time now and
truly enjoy reading your thoughts and the quotes you have
chosen to share.   I would be sorry to see you stop!  I do
not always agree with you, but that is the best part. Your
thoughts and ideas open doors and provoke thought and I
sincerely hope that you can continue. 


Please don't get discouraged.  All of us age at different
rates, and 60 is the new 40, etc.  What you need is an
infusion of a goal to reach, a dream to make, new quotes
to inspire. I REALLY enjoy QAD; I start off my day reading
them, and get encouraged.  Stick with it; you're the BEST!


I am so sad that you are thinking of "hanging it up". I
really look forward to what new quotes you bring to us and
how they may make us think higher and perhaps live better.
Perhaps you want to go into other directions. I am retired
and now may be busier than before. So much to do, so much
to learn, so much to see. Yet, the years are taking their
toll. I do not have my youthful energy and other unpleasant
things are creeping in. But I go on, and intend to for as
long as I can. 

Hope whatever decision you make is for your best. I have
enjoyed all the quotes. As I have said in a prior e-mail,
I have several books of quotes I myself refer to on
Good luck and God Bless!


Nothing is forever.  I will miss ‘my quotes’, but thorough-
ly understand your position as I, too, look in the mirror.
I’ve sometimes disagreed with your position on issues but
feel it is always important to listen to all sides to
either have a firmer grip on a position or be persuaded
to change it (hard for a 60-something know-it-all like me).

I understand why you went from the daily format to weekly.
Selfishly I must admit I did get more out of the daily. How
about going to a very simple single quote a day?  I (We)
could then savor it and spend more time contemplating it’s

In any event.  Thank you.  And my God bless you and keep
you safe.
Best regards,


You are getting old.  Remember that time stops for no one.
But we all need inspiration, even you.
So as inspiration to you, I return to you your own thought:
" ... try to be a fire from which others could light their 
candles...and carry the torch."
If you want to retire, then you need to find a successor who
will continue QAD.  Then the fire will blaze on.
Dave S 

Questions? Comments? Email me at: quote (at) Quotes2u.com

Visit the Quote-A-Day Forum and post your comments. 
Just click: Quote-A-Day Forum 

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