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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Professional Psychic Gambling Advice

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Issue date: Saturday, April 8, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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You have clicked opened the latest issue of the Paranormal 
Insider, for which I thank you. My name is Gus, and I'm a 
veteran journalist who has covered the paranormal beat for 
over two decades. Last week I asked you to send in stories 
of your psychic gambling experiences. Many fascinating 
tales arrived. As you scroll down, you'll be able to read 
some of these exciting revelations and much more. So, 
ready, set, open your mind! 

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Derby Days.

Hi Gus:
"When my sister was younger and we would watch the Kentucky
Derby with our mother, we would each pick a horse to win. I
would pick a horse from its odds or name, while my mother 
would pick mainly based on the name of the horse. But a 
weird thing was that my sister, who was only around three 
or four at the time this started to happen, would pick the 
horse she liked from what colors it wore. I know this sounds
like an odd way to pick a horse to win one of the most 
famous horse races, but that's what she did. Amazingly, she 
picked the winner for six years in a row. Unfortunately, 
by the time we realized that she was profoundly good at 
choosing winners and decided that the next year we should 
bet real money on who she picked, she was wrong. But 
luckily we hadn't lost any money yet!"

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Professional Psychic Gambling Advice. 

Hi Gus:

"First, let me say that I love your e-mail newsletter. 
Keep up the good work.
"I am a table games supervisor at a local casino. I also 
have seven years of dealer experience, and I've heard 
plenty of stories from players who have won money based 
on a "feeling" they had. I've seen lots of systems used 
to pick numbers on roulette or pick a certain slot machine 
to play. I know from experience that sometimes those 
systems pay off.
"Now I'd like to relate a couple of psychic gambling 
experiences that I've had. My wife and I (before we were 
married) had decided to do a bit of small-time gambling 
at a local casino. We each lost a few dollars, and since 
winning didn't seem to be in the cards (literally; we were 
playing blackjack), we decided to get a bite to eat at 
their deli. 
"After finishing our meals, we decided to head home. 
Passing by a roulette wheel on the way out, I noticed 
that the number 31 had come up a couple of times with 
the dealer that was on the table at the time. I had three 
$1 chips left from the blackjack tables, so I decided to 
place them on the number 31. My wife said to place them 
on the number 13 instead (her lucky number) and since 13 
was the inverse of 31, I figured it was a good bet.
"The ball was already in motion before I placed my bet, 
so I know the dealer had nothing to do with what happened 
next. I told the dealer that the top dollar (of the three 
I bet) was his if we won, and damned if number 13 didn't 
hit! The dealer took his $35 and my wife and I took our 
$70, which more than made up for the money we'd lost at 
blackjack AND our lunches. We let the original $3 bet ride.
Unfortunately, my hunch only worked once. I don't remember 
which number hit next, but it wasn't 13.
"Another psychic gambling experience involved slots. We 
were waiting in line to go to a show and I glanced over at 
a row of $1 slot machines. Suddenly, an inner voice told 
me to play a particular machine, and only that machine. I 
dropped a $20 bill into the bill validator, and after about
six spins at $2 each, I hit 3 red 7s and won $300! I was 
stunned. My wife and I had spent about $150 that night on 
show tickets and dinner. In addition, we had lost money 
playing slots before dinner. Now we had back twice that 

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Mad At Granddad.                    

"I'm an avid reader of the Paranormal Insider and enjoy 
the articles. I was ticked off by last week's story of the 
granddad who brings his 9-month-old grandson to gambling 
casinos because of the child's psychic ability to pick the 
winning colors at roulette. It sounds to me like granddad 
has a major gambling problem. I wonder if his son and 
daughter-in-law know where he brings their baby! As for 
the baby being psychic, I believe that all children have 
certain abilities until the age of 10 or 12, after which 
their talents seem to slowly disappear in most cases." 

Super-Powered Japanese TV.               

"Super-power" is a Japanese slang term for paranormal 
ability, and programs about ESP and psychic events are 
white-hot on Japanese TV. According to a report in the 
Japan Times newspaper, unexplained phenomena like magic, 
ghost stories and demonstrations of psychic abilities 
have made a big comeback on the airwaves after a decade 
in the doldrums. In fact, one network devoted a walloping 
three hours to the paranormal on New Year's Eve. 

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Do you have questions...comments...leads? Send an email to 
Gus at: Email Gus 


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