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Publication: Angel Voices
Practice makes perfect!

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Your angel message for: Monday, December 11, 2006


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Dear Readers:

Thank you all for your ongoing support and interest, and a
huge thank you to all of you who have graciously shared your
angel experiences and spirit encounters. You are truly
lighting up the world.

Peace, love, and joy,

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Let Go and Let God

Dear Zsuzsana,

About four 1/2 years ago, as I was developing as a medium
and learning to work with the angels, I was told by my
landlady that my 3 children and I would have to move as she
was selling the house we were renting.

It all felt terribly overwhelming as I was a single mum, and
I only had 28 days to find another house, pack and move and
to top it all off, I didn't drive.

I decided, this must be a test for me, as I would tell my
friends that they had to ask the angels to help with
anything, and then trust that everything would be taken care
of. The ultimate test for me!

I had some angel cards, so every time things became
overwhelming, I would breathe deeply, shuffle the cards and
choose one randomly. Each time I did this, I was assured
that my prayers were being answered...that I was well looked
after by the angels...and one even said *Your angels are
helping you to find the perfect place!*

I was constantly assured, and I relaxed and trusted. Well, I
wanted to work from home and teach meditation and do
readings and healings. So, I told the angels exactly what
type of house I wanted.

Believe it or not, in less than a week, I had found the
perfect place (or it had found me!) I was approved to take
on the lease. I moved in precisely 10 days after I was told
I had to move!
Within 2 weeks, we were totally unpacked and settled into
our new home!

Needless to say, I was amazed and this occasion proved to be
the catalyst for me with working with the angels and showing
others that they too, could learn to trust and believe that
there are angels out there helping us along the way and that
all we have to do, is relax, allow and let the Divine into
our lives. Let Go and Let God!!

Many Blessings,


Please send your angel experiences or comments to:
zsuzsana@arcanamatrix.com. In most cases, your stories are
published in chronological order.

Submission Guidelines: If you wish to see your angel story
in print, please use proper grammar and punctuation, and do
not type in all caps. If you wish to have your name printed,
please include it in your signature.

Many thanks,

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EARTH ELEMENT: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Laughter. Angelic
Advice: Laughter is music to the angels' ears, as well as to
those around you. Allow yourself to express your true
delight and appreciation for life in healing laughter. Your
angels wish you joy in: Enthusiasm.

FIRE ELEMENT: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Success. Angelic
Advice: Successes and achievements, large and small, bring
renewed optimism for the future and a deep trust in love and
relationships. Enjoy the excitement of reaching your dreams.
Your angels wish you joy in: Self-confidence.

AIR ELEMENT: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Friendship.
Angelic Advice: There is nothing more beautiful than true
friendship, but your angels remind you that like everything
else in life, friendships must be allowed room for growth,
change, and beginnings and endings. As you grow in spirit,
allow your friendships to transform also. Your angels wish
you joy in: Seasons of love.

WATER ELEMENT: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Delight. Angelic
Advice: Delight is a pleasure that comes from within and
expresses the pure joy we feel in connecting with our lives
and external events. Enjoy your blessings, and allow
yourself to feel wonderful. Practice makes perfect! Your
angels wish you joy in: Exuberance.

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