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Publication: Diet Buddy
Portion Control! Part-2

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, April, 23, 2007

Portion Control! Part-2

Hi There Buddies...

Last week we looked at some simple ways to control our 
portion sizes by using our eyes to gauge the amount of 
food we put on our plates.  The plates themselves actually 
have a significant impact regarding how much food we put on 
them and what looks like a "normal" serving size.  We also 
received some sort of idea how to judge our food servings 
by using our hands as a guideline and what is realistically 
a sufficienct amount of food. 

This week with the help of Jennifer R. Scott we'll continue 
with Portion Control Part-2 which gives us some general 
ideas of how we can modify our current eating habits and 
start eating in healthy moderation again.

As Jennifer puts it...there's the old adage "All things in 
moderation."  Well there is a school of thought in weight 
loss that says that theory is all it takes to arrive at and 
maintain your natural weight.  With that in mind, let's 
take a look at some simple portion control techniques that 
will surprise you - they're very easy to do, but what a 
difference they can make!

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*  Meet yourself half-way

   You can lose weight and still eat your favorite foods!  
   Just decrease your portion size by half.  For example, 
   if you are used to eating a whole deli or sub sandwich 
   at lunch, just eat half and supplement your meal with 
   raw veggies on the side and finish off with some fresh 
   fruit. Then wait to see if you're still hungry.  If you 
   pause after eating the first half and allow yourself a 
   few minutes to feel satiated, you just may find you're 
   too full to eat the other half anyway.

*  Ask for a doggie bag

   Restaurant portions are unbelievable - nearly twice the 
   size they were 15 years ago.  When dining out, ask the 
   waiter for a take away container as soon as he brings the 
   food.  Go ahead and put some of your food in the box as 
   soon as it is served.  You can always take some back out 
   to eat at the restaurant if you're still hungry, but 
   chances are you won't want to.  Heat the leftovers up 
   tomorrow for lunch.

*  Downsize that dinner

   Many restaurants offer lunch size portions of their 
   dishes, which are smaller than their full-size dinner 
   entrees.  Don't be afraid to ask if you can purchase the 
   lunch size entree at dinner time.  Feeling like a kid at 
   heart?  Ask to order from the children's menu!  If you 
   tell your server that you're dieting, they'll probably 
   allow it.  Practicing this portion control pointer will 
   save your waistline some inches and your wallet some 

*  No mega-super-biggie anything

   Fast food portions are over-sized, so there's no need to 
   add insult to injury by super-sizing. No matter how much 
   of a "better deal" upgrading your meal's size may be, 
   don't be tempted! In fact, steering clear of "meal deals" 
   altogether is very wise. You're much better off ordering 
   a chicken sandwich or burger and a side salad. You could 
   also order a kids meal; kids meals contain what used to 
   be normal sized portions for us grown ups (before there 
   were "value" meals or combos, that is!). 

*  Good portions come in small packages

   If you find your will power is overpowered by a full bag 
   of potato chips sitting in the pantry, don't buy the 
   large bags at all. Buy the individual lunch size bags 
   one at a time. Just don't buy the 12-bag assortment box 
   if you think you'll be easily tempted to finish off the 
   entire box in a sitting! Or, divvy out chips into single 
   serving snack bags as soon as you get them home.

*  Size up servings

   Just how many rice cakes (or your other favorite snacks) 
   are in a serving? Do you even know? Check the box and 
   see - you may be surprised at how many servings you are 
   actually consuming. Learn what a controlled portion of 
   your favorite snacks looks like by measuring them out 
   next time you eat them. Then, once you see how much a 
   serving really looks like, you'll be able to "eyeball" 
   it from then on and know how much is too much.

*  Be gone buffets

   I have to avoid buffets like the plague. It is nearly 
   impossible to practice portion control in an "all-you-
   can-eat" situation. If you've ever left a buffet feeling 
   sick, just think about how you felt the next time you're 
   tempted to gorge.

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More Ways To Control Portions!

1. Break Leftovers Down

   Instead of using one large container to store leftovers 
   such as casseroles, side dishes, or pasta, why not 
   separate them into individually-sized containers?

   That way, when you reach in the fridge to find something 
   to reheat, you're retrieving just enough for one helping.
   Breaking down meal-sized servings into single servings 
   will help you limit your food intake with no additional 

2. Say Yes To Salads

   Eating a salad before lunch or dinner is a sure-fire way 
   to keep from overeating. It will help curb your appetite 
   and give you a sense of satiety sooner.

   Of course, we're not talking a little bit of iceberg 
   lettuce here. To reap full portion control benefits from 
   rabbit food, load up your salad with veggies or even 
   lean meat like turkey cubes. The fiber in the veggies 
   will help you feel fuller and lean meat's protein will 
   give you an instant energy boost.

3. Single Out Trigger Foods

   Buy snack foods in single serving sizes or divvy up full 
   size packages into smaller, individual bags.

   It may be difficult to stop eating, oh, say, tortilla 
   chips straight out of the bag while watching Desperate 
   Housewives, but you're unlikely to inhale the contents 
   of 12 zipper bags without some forethought.

4. Master Mini Meals

   You can make sure your blood sugar stays at an even keel 
   and keep hunger at bay by eating healthful small meals 
   throughout the day.

   A friend of mine has maintained a 30 pound weight loss 
   for three years and is in such great shape, she became 
   an aerobics instructor!  She swears by mini meals to 
   maintain her weight and keep her energy level up. Mini 
   meals are by far the best way to prevent overeating 
   because you'll never get hungry and lose control of 
   your portion intake.


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5. Keep Seconds Out Of Sight

   Don't serve family-style. Keep pots and dishes away from 
   the table where it's all too easy to go for seconds.

   I can't tell you how many times I've re-thought my 
   second helpings as I've made my way from the table to 
   the stovetop. I've often told myself to sit back down 
   and wait it out. Remember, it takes about 20 minutes to 
   feel satiated. By giving myself that "breather" I've 
   realized I wasn't hungry enough for another helping 
   after all. 

6. Make Meat A Side Dish

   Treat meat or meat-based entrees as a side dish rather 
   than the main part of your meal.

   By loading up on veggies and healthy grains as the bulk 
   of your meal instead of using them as sides, you'll feel 
   full sooner and get extra vitamins and fiber. Experiment 
   with new vegetables and preparation methods to keep 
   things interesting.

7. Meet Yourself Halfway

   Make lunch a two-fer. Your mid-day meal can work double 
   duty by being shared or serving as dinner.

   At work, why not split take out with a buddy?  At a 
   restaurant, pack up half of your meal before you even 
   start eating: Voila!  You have an instant dinner!

8. Treat Yourself

   And last, but not least...indulge! Just don't over do it!


These are some very simple rules to incorporate in our 
daily weight loss plan that will ultimately contribute to 
shedding those excess pounds and hopefully keep them off 
for good. After all nothing is as satisfying as looking 
good and feeling great! 

Did You Know ???

That "Mindful eating" is another way to help you master 
portion control. The concept is simple:

-Be aware. Think about what and how much you are consuming. 

-Eat slowly, taste each bite. 

-Recognize how frequently you eat. 

-Enjoy the experience of eating. 

By mindful eating, we monitor our choices and give our 
bodies the chance to respond to what we consume. This way 
we can enjoy food and share the cooking and dining 
experience with others, while recognizing when we have 
eaten enough so that we don't overeat.

Can't stay away from those second helpings?  Try our Diet 
Buddy forum and share your diet concerns at...
Visit: The Diet Buddy Forum 

Have a great week everyone !!!

Disclaimer: Since I am not a medical proffesional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

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