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Publication: The Polling Station
Do you think our nation should go to war with Iran?

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April 4, 2006                         155,260 Subscribers
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Greetings Citizen:
We had one of the biggest surveys in months as we near the 
mid-term elections. There is nothing like a polling question 
on GW to bring out the hordes from every side.
We absolutely know that your voice is being monitored. This
is one of the largest free polling services and the number
of political consultants...candidates and media that subscribe
to this publication grows every week.
People like Karl Rove and Bob Shrum read the Polling Station
results. This publication started out as an experiment in 
building a community like "Peoria". Will this community be
able to predict the future Presidential races?
We did in 2004...and published the results the morning of the
election. We have been refining our algorithms getting ready
for the BIG ONE...and all of you are part of this.
Please drop on by the Blog to participate in the many diverse
discussions that take place. It is a different kind of Blog,
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Stop by the Blog and let us know what you think...This is YOUR 
Polling Station and your Blog. If you really want to understand
what America is thinking, you get an anecdotal flavor by 
participating in the Blog discussions.
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The Polling Station
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      ~~~~~~~  National Question-Of-The-Week  ~~~~~~~

       Do you think our nation should go to war with Iran?
        Additional questions can be found the link below.
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This Week's Question
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  Do you believe President Bush is doing a good job in office?
         N = 12,418 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       ........  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
       Dem ....  4.6% .... 94.7% ....   .7%
       Ind .... 29.3% .... 67.1% ....  3.7%
       Rep .... 82.8% .... 12.7% ....  4.5%

           Overall Percentages
38.3% believe Bush is doing a good job...
58.8% do not...
 2.9% are undecided 

With the size of our survey, we feel extremely comfortable
that these numbers are correct.
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 Protests were going on over the weekend in support of
 illegal immigration. Do you believe that crossing over the
 borders into the US illegally should be a felony?

         N = 12,366 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       .......  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Dem ..... 48.2% .... 40.7% ... 11.0%
     Ind ....  61.3% .... 29.3% ...  9.3%
     Rep ..... 80.9% .... 11.5% ...  7.6%

           Overall Percentages
63.3% believe illegal immigration should be a felony...
27.4% do not believe is should be considered a felony...
 9.3% were undecided...
There is movement on this issue. The MSM have been rally-
ing to make those who support secure borders appear as 
racists. The biggest movement on this issue has come from Dems,
who were once solidly anti-illegal immigration in every way.
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 Should we issue more visas to foreign residents to allow
 for more LEGAL immigration?

          N = 12,352 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       .......  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Dem ..... 49.1% ....  37.8% ....  13.1%
     Ind ..... 44.3% ....  41.6% ....  14.2%
     Rep ..... 34.5% ....  50.3% ....  15.2%

            Overall Percentages

42.7% believe the US should issue more visas
43.1% do not...
14.2% were undecided
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  Do you get most of your news information (more than half)
  from the Internet?

          N = 12,336 Margin of Error +/- .5%
    .........  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Dem .... 37.1% .... 60.5% ....  2.4%
     Ind .... 41.3% .... 55.8% ....  2.8%
     Rep .... 35.7% .... 61.9% ....  2.4%

           Overall Percentages
38.1% get over half of their news from online sources...
41.3% do not...
 2.5% are undecided
This is interesting...although because this was an online 
survey, the results are skewed. But the direction of the most
POLITICALLY ACTIVE group is clear. More and more people
are getting their news from the Internet...and we say;

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             Special Video Clips of the Week 
  Here is the video clip that is rocking England. Through
  the Internet, millions are witnessing the callous brutality
  of British soldiers beating civilians as an insensitive British
  cameraman adds his unfeeling commentary. 
Caught on Tape-  British Brutality in Iraq

                       Bonus Clip
     Billie Holiday is a musical legend, one of the best Jazz
     singers of the 1930's through 1950's. She moved audiences
     with her unique singing style. In this rare footage see
     what people experienced when they saw Billie Holiday sing.
Rare Performance from Billie Holiday

    Please rate the clips after viewing them. Thank you!
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