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Publication: The Polling Station
Supreme Court Upholding The Ban Against Partial Birth Abortions

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Greetings Citizen:
 OK...here is the most controversial issue ever in the history
 of the Polling Station. Why? Because we have a link to a video
 clip that shows an actual partial birth abortion...which is the 
 subject of our national question of the week.
 Please if you make comments in the forums or on the video clip,
 keep a civil tone. Both sides of the issue are extremely passion-
 ate about the subject.
 One last note. The video is extremely difficult to stomach. Do
 not view this if you have a sensitive nature. The clip assaults
 one's senses. But PLEASE VOTE. This is an important issue.
Best regards,



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      ~~~~~~~  National Question-Of-The-Week  ~~~~~~~

    Do you agree with the Supreme Court upholding the ban
    against partial birth abortions?
[If you are unsure what a partial abortion is, we have an actual
        Additional questions can be found the link below.
    To take the National poll and make your voice heard, visit:

                This Week's Question

Give us feedback or your comments on this weeks poll by 

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  Do you think stronger gun control laws would have
  prevented the VA Tech massacre?
         N = 11,676 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       .......  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
       Rep ....  5.5% .... 93.2% ....  1.3%
       Dem .... 43.6% .... 49.2% ....  7.2%
       Ind .... 15.6% .... 80.7% ....  3.7%

           Overall Percentages
22.0% believe stronger gun laws would prevent massacres
74.0% don't believe it
 4.0% are undecided

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   Do you think Attorney General Gonzales should be fired?

         N = 11,640  Margin of Error +/- .5%

       .......  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Rep .....  8.8% .... 78.4% ... 12.8%
     Dem ....  77.9% .... 10.6% ... 11.5%
     Ind ....  40.8% .... 45.5% ... 13.7%

           Overall Percentages
43.7% believed Gonzales should be fired..
44.1% did not...
12.2% were undecided...

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     Do you agree with the firing of Don Imus?

         N = 11,632 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       .......  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Rep ..... 19.9% .... 70.0% ... 10.1%
     Dem ....  45.4% .... 42.7% ... 11.9%
     Ind ....  26.4% .... 62.6% ... 11.0%

           Overall Percentages
30.8% Think Imus should have been fired...
58.1% did not ...
11.1% were undecided...

Visit the Forums to comment on this issue. Visit:

  Should we set a timetable to pull troops out of Iraq?
          N = 11,638 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       .......  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Rep ..... 10.3% .... 85.3% ...  4.4%
     Dem ....  81.1% .... 13.5% ...  5.4%
     Ind ....  40.4% .... 53.8% ...  5.8%

           Overall Percentages
44.9% believe we should set a timetable...
49.9% do not...
 5.2% were undecided...
Visit the Forums to comment on this issue. Visit:href="http://archives.gophercentral.com/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=16287">
             Special Video Clip of the Week 

      Partial Birth Abortion Video Clip: WARNING!!
 This video clip is EXTREMELY disturbing. We only put it up
 after polling 20 of our in-house staff asking if they knew 
 what partial birth abortions entailed. Only 1 out of 20 
 knew. So we found this video clip. It should NOT BE VIEWED
 by anyone who is easily disturbed. It might be one of the
 most devastating video clips we have ever experienced.
 IMAGES. I could not take it. - Pete
Partial Birth Abortion Video Clip
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