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Publication: The Polling Station
Do you believe President Bush is doing a good job in office?

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Greetings Citizen:
Running late this week...so without further comment, here is
this week's issue of The Polling Station.
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Polling Station and your Blog. If you really want to understand
what America is thinking, you get an anecdotal flavor by 
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       ~~~~~~~  National Question-Of-The-Week  ~~~~~~~

    Do you believe President Bush is doing a good job in office?

        Additional questions can be found the link below.
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This Week's Question
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     Rep. Jack Murtha suggested on Meet The Press that VP Cheney
     and Sec. of Defense Rumdfeld should resign. Do you agree?
         N = 9,598 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       ........  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
       Dem .... 85.8% .... 11.1% ....  3.1%
       Ind .... 53.3% .... 42.5% ....  4.2%
       Rep ....  6.3% .... 92.1% ....  1.6%

           Overall Percentages
47.3% Believe Cheney and Rumsfeld should resign...
49.8% do not...
 2.9% are undecided 

The Reps are sticking with Cheney and Rumsfeld... the rest of
the electorate is moving away...
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  Republican Senator Chuck Hagel has said that Iraq is in
  the midst of a "low grade civil war." Do you agree?
         N = 9,578 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       .......  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Dem ..... 86.2% ....  8.6% ...  3.3%
     Ind ....  64.1% .... 27.8% ...  8.1%
     Rep ..... 28.4% .... 59.5% ... 12.1%

           Overall Percentages
59.3% believe Chuck Hagel...
32.8% do not believe him...
 7.9% were undecided...
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    Katherine Harris is running for Senator in Florida because
   "God told her to run." Do you believe her?
          N = 9,558 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       .......  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Dem .....  5.8% ....  89.3% ....  5.0%
     Ind ..... 12.9% ....  73.9% ....  13.2%
     Rep ..... 31.6% ....  45.4% ....  23.0%

            Overall Percentages

17.1% believe that God told KH to run
68.8% will not believe without the burning bush...
14.0% were undecided

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  Does the Democratic Party have any credibility regarding
  its position on the Iraq war?

          N = 9,574 Margin of Error +/- .5%
    .........  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Dem .... 58.1% .... 22.5% .... 19.3%
     Ind .... 23.2% .... 60.4% .... 16.5%
     Rep ....  4.7% .... 91.6% ....  3.7%

           Overall Percentages
27.9% think Dems have credibility with the Iraq War...
59.2% think they do not have credibility...
12.9% are undecided
If anyone can articulate the Dem position on the war,
please share it with all of us at the Blog.
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             Special Video Clips of the Week 
    See part of the speech that many think got Reagan elected.
    Plus see exclusive footage of Reagan's landslide win to
    become our 40th President.
Reagan Wins Landslide  

                       Bonus Clip
     Watch this clip as Kennedy talks about the goal to venture
     to the moon.
JFK: Set Sail To The Moon  

    Please rate the clips after viewing them. Thank you!

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