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Publication: The Polling Station
Do you believe that North Korea\'s missile launches are a threat to the US?

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Greetings Citizen:
I want to thank all of you who participated in last week's poll.
Even though we had a truncated week, we eclipsed the previous
week's participation numbers. Whenever we ask a question about
Bush, both ends of the political spectrum come out to vilify
or defend him.
If we asked "Is Bush responsible for Mars' being red?', we would
get both sides coming out in force. Because the staff putting
the Polling Station are almost all Independents, the question
about a third party was internally interesting.
For my money, before we get a "third party", we need a second
party as soon as possible. Here is a quote from Bill Clinton's
mentor and professor, Caroll Quigley:
  The argument that the two parties should represent opposed
  ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the
  other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to
  doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties
  should be almost identical, so that the American people   
  can throw the rascals out at any election without leading
  to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it
  should be possible to replace it, every four years if
  necessary, by the other party, which will be none of
  these things but will still pursue, with new vigor,
  approximately the same basic policies.
  --Caroll Quigley, Author of Tragedy & Hope
Henry sent me this quote folks...he still reads!
The Polling Station
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      ~~~~~~~  National Question-Of-The-Week  ~~~~~~~

    Do you believe that North Korea's missile launches are
    a threat to the US?
        Additional questions can be found the link below.
    To take the National poll and make your voice heard, visit:

This Week's Question
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     Is President Bush to blame for higher gas prices?
         N = 10,548 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       ........  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
       Dem .... 78.7% .... 15.7% ....  5.6%
       Ind .... 47.4% .... 46.8% ....  5.8%
       Rep ....  8.1% .... 90.2% ....  1.7%

           Overall Percentages
45.2% believe Bush is responsible for higher gas prices...
50.4% do not ...
 4.4% are undecided
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       Do you support Israel's invasion of Gaza?

         N = 10,496  Margin of Error +/- .5%

       .......  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Dem ..... 25.0% .... 58.1% ... 16.9%
     Ind ....  40.2% .... 43.2% ... 16.6%
     Rep ....  68.7% .... 18.2% ... 13.0%

           Overall Percentages
44.3% support Israel's invasion of Gaza...
40.1% do not...
15.6% were undecided...
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   Do you believe there should be a major alternative to
   the Democratic and Republican parties?
          N = 10,508 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       .......  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Dem ..... 66.0% .... 20.1% ... 13.8%
     Ind ....  86.7% ....  6.1% ...  7.2%
     Rep ....  50.1% .... 32.7% ... 17.2%

            Overall Percentages

68.2% believe there should be a major alternative to Reps and Dems
19.3% do not...
12.5% were undecided
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    Do you have a favorite Presidential candidate that
    you would like to vote for?
          N = 10,476 Margin of Error +/- .5%
    .........  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Dem ...  43.6% .... 39.8% .... 16.7%
     Ind .... 30.2% .... 53.6% .... 16.1%
     Rep .... 38.4% .... 47.6% .... 14.1%

           Overall Percentages
37.2% have a favorite candidate already
47.1% do not...
15.7% are undecided
I am not sure why undecided are so high. Are these people undecided
whether they have a favorite candidate?
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             Special Video Clips of the Week 

  Caught on tape is this gruesome scene of a pack of lions
  killing a bull. Although the bull puts up a tough fight,
  he is no match for the aggressive lions on the attack.
  This is nature at its most raw.
Lions Attacking and Killing a Bull

                       Bonus Clip
  Crews first broke ground on the New York City Subway
  in 1900 and was officially opened in 1904. And although
  it is not the first Subway, it has become the largest
  Subway system in the entire world 
History of the NY Subway

    Please rate the clips after viewing them. Thank you!

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