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Publication: The Polling Station
Have you voted for any American Idol candidate this year?

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Greetings Citizen:
I think we have some tremendous results this week that reveal
much. There is such agreement on immigration issues one wonders
why politicians are so behind the curve. It is clear what the
American public thinks...but not so clear what the politicians
Also, Reps and Dems really believe there is a difference between
both parties (sorry folks you have to visit the Blog to see the
results on that question).
It is as if we are channeling Henry's old spirit with this
question. Maybe you missed this news item:
    Murdoch To Host Fundraiser For.... Hillary Clinton!
urdoch To Host Fundraiser For.... Hillary Clinton

For those Hillary Clinton lovers out there who believe she is
the antidote for what ails the country...chew on that a while.
Party politics is in Helen Keller's words, a choice between
Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee (That one's for you Henry!). The leader
of both parties is the same; M-O-N-E-Y.
Enjoy today's Polling Station. Share it with a friend...visit
the Blog and rip me if you wish...AGAIN. This is America. Only
please keep it clean. We have several High Schools who use
the Polling Station and the Blogs as a starting off point for

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Polling Station and your Blog. If you really want to understand
what America is thinking, you get an anecdotal flavor by 
participating in the Blog discussions.

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The Polling Station
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      ~~~~~~~  National Question-Of-The-Week  ~~~~~~~

  Have you voted for any American Idol candidate this year?
        Additional questions can be found the link below.
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This Week's Question
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     Do you support the "immigration protest of May 1st?"
         N = 13,312 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       ........  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
       Dem .... 29.8% .... 64.6% ....  5.6%
       Ind .... 13.8% .... 82.0% ....  4.2%
       Rep ....  3.2% .... 95.6% ....  1.2%

           Overall Percentages
15.7% supported the May 1st protest ...
80.6% did not ...
 3.7% are undecided
These are DRAMATIC results. Any candidate running in the
mid-term elections better take note of these results. If you
are running against someone who SUPPORTS the illegal immigrants,
this issue alone might decide the election.
There are MANY politicians who are running away from what is
clear; The American public wants a stop to illegal immigration
and does not believe that illegals deserve citizenship.
Comment The Post Below...

   With the exception of Lou Dobbs of CNN, do you think
   the MSM supports the plight of illegal immigrants?
         N = 13,059 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       .......  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Dem ..... 26.8% .... 27.5% ... 45.7%
     Ind ....  38.1% .... 19.4% ... 42.5%
     Rep ..... 54.6% .... 13.1% ....32.3%

           Overall Percentages
39.6% believe the MSM supports illegal immigrants...
20.1% do not ...
40.3% were undecided...
People believe almost 2 to 1 that the MSM is supporting the
plight of illegal immigrants. Why? How does the MSM develop
editorial positions? Certainly not by polling the public.
They want to influence the public debate...not just report.
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  With declining readership for newspapers across the
  country, do you support government subsidies to keep
  newspapers in business?

          N = 13,224 Margin of Error +/- .5%

       .......  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Dem ..... 18.4% ....  68.1% ....  13.5%
     Ind ..... 10.8% ....  80.1% ....   9.1%
     Rep .....  5.7% ....  88.0% ....   6.3%

            Overall Percentages

11.7% believe the government should subsidize newspapers...
78.7% do not...
 9.6% were undecided
If the government were to openly subsidize the media, they would
look even more like PRAVDA than they already do. Government
subsidized media reflects government policy. When was the
last time you saw a Communist paper criticize the government?
He who pays the piper calls the tune...NEVER forget that!
Comment The Post Below...

  Do you believe there is a significant difference between
  the Democratic and Republican parties?

          N = 13,161 Margin of Error +/- .5%
    .........  Yes ......  No .... Undecided
     Dem .... 79.6% .... 16.1% ....  4.3%
     Ind .... 50.3% .... 43.7% ....  6.0%
     Rep .... 79.1% .... 17.1% ....  3.9%

           Overall Percentages
69.1% believe there is s significant difference between parties...
26.1% do not...
 4.8% are undecided
            Look...Reps and Dems agree!
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             Special Video Clips of the Week 

   After the close of WWII the Korean Peninsula was divided
   at the 38th parallel into the Communist North and the
   Western-led South. In 1950 the North invaded the South
   which led to a conflict that still lasts to this day. 

The 1950s - Korea: The Forgotten War

                       Bonus Clip
   The highlight of Mario Lanza's career was undoubtedly
   his portrayal of the world-famous Italian tenor Enrico
   Caruso in 'The Great Caruso.' In this clip from 'Caruso'
   Lanza sings the famous aria 'Vesti la Giubba.'
Mario Lanza - Vesti La Guibba
    Please rate the clips after viewing them. Thank you!


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