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Publication: Coffee Break
Police send bill to car theft victim

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Wednesday, July 16, 2008             

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People magazine's editor said the U.S. weekly wants to
publish the first photos of the twins born to Angelina Jolie
and Brad Pitt, but no deal has been made.

People exclusively published the first photos of the 
celebrity couple's now 2-year-old daughter, Shiloh.

The magazine's executive editor, Jess Cagle, who is an
entertainment contributor to "The Early Show," appeared
on the CBS morning program Monday to discuss the sale of
photos of the twins, a boy and a girl born during the

"Nobody has these twins yet," Cagle said. "There have been
a lot of reports they've been sold to a magazine, figures 
from $10 million to $20 million. All of that is wrong.
There is no deal and nobody has the pictures yet. I will
say that People wants them and I hope that we get them." 

Asked how many millions People would pay for the photos,
Cagle said: "Well, I can't comment on the millions. I can
say we want them very badly. And the nice thing about
Angelina Jolie, certainly with the Shiloh pictures, the 
money does go to charity. And so, you know, it's nice -- 
it's nice working with Angelina."

The editor declined to comment on how much his magazine
paid for the first photos of Shiloh.
What are your thoughts on Jolie-Pitt twins picture going
for up to 20 million dollars?

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            Police send bill to car theft victim
A British man said police have sent him a bill after their
vehicles were damaged while they were chasing his stolen 
car.  Jason West, 22, said Staffordshire Police sent his 
insurance company a bill five months after the Feb. 6
incident -- which could raise his premiums by up to $4,000,
The Daily Mail reported Monday.  West said he has already 
paid $600 to have his Volkswagen Golf repaired, after it
incurred damage during the car chase. He also paid more 
than $200 to get the car out of impound after police caught
the thief.  "I am being punished through no fault of my 
own. I am a victim of theft," he said.  "I did not go
through my insurance because it was cheaper to repair the
car myself, but if the police carry on I will end up 
paying out twice," West said.


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          Cop on hook for charging grandma as hooker
Prostitution charges were dropped against a 40-year-old
grandmother in New York who insists she never turned a 
trick despite what the arresting officer said.  Monica
Gonzalez was nabbed on the charges in Sunset Park, an 
experience she told the New York Daily News "was very
embarrassing and humiliating."  Her husband of 15 years,
Louie, was appalled, she said.  Contrary to Officer Sean 
Spencer's claim in a sworn complaint, Gonzalez hasn't been
arrested -- for prostitution or anything else, says her 
lawyer, Richard Cardinale.  "Clearly, Officer Spencer, who
has been sued for civil rights violations in the past, has
no qualms about arresting innocent people if it means he
gets to put another notch on his belt," said Cardinale.
Gonzalez, who filed a complaint against Spencer, was
walking along a known prostitution area en route to a
hospital emergency room because she needed treatment for 
an earlier asthma attack.  When confronted by two officers, 
she said, "He (Spencer) said, 'I saw you going up to the 
car. ... His partner said, 'Let her go, I've never seen
her here before,' but (Spencer) wouldn't listen," she said.


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             Police: Cologne samples made men ill
Authorities in Houma, La., said a woman has been arrested
after she allegedly made two men ill by having them smell
"cologne samples."  Houma police and Terrebonne Parish
sheriff's deputies said Patches Wegmann, 23, approached an
18-year-old man outside a Houma restaurant in early June
and asked if he wanted to smell some cologne samples, WAFB,
Baton Rouge, La., reported.  Sheriff's spokesman Todd 
Duplantis said the woman left with three "large black male 
subjects" and shortly after the victim returned to work, 
he experienced dizziness, shortness of breath, numbness 
and eventually passed out.  Police said a similar incident
occurred July 9 when Wegmann allegedly made another victim 
feel ill after having him smell the cologne.  "During the
interview, she admitted to the crime which occurred on
June 9," Duplantis said.  Wegmann was charged with
second-degree battery and unlawful solicitation. She was 
taken to the Terrebonne Parish Jail.  The substance 
Wegmann had the men smell was not identified and her 
alleged motive for the crime was unclear Monday.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thoughts on 'The New Yorker' cover?

"So what's the big deal?  The artist drew it like millions
of others see it.  From everything I have read, it is 
accurate.  Your question of my thoughts,  I whole-heartedly
agree.  That is the way things are, glad someone had the
nerve to bring it out for the country to see."

"Anyway, I think the Obama cartoon on the New Yorker is
funny.  Someone's gotta call BS on the fake news.  All 
humans should boycott mainstream news.  It is filled with
outright lies and distracts people from what is really
going on.  You'll spend all your time worrying about this
new (new strains happen all the time) strain of salmonella 
that's making people sick (not any more cases than usual,
though).  I don't know whether they're controlled by the 
government or if they're trying to get better ratings for
their sensational (false) stories or both.  Whatever. 
Don't watch it.  Period."

"The New Yorker is a magazine with limited readership and 
limited appeal. I cannot think of a better way to get
millions of dollars of free advertising and plugs through 
the newsmedia than to pull a trick like that in the hope 
of increasing sales. How many people will be stupid enough
to bite the bait and buy it?"

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