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Publication: Coffee Break
Police say man ordered python to attack

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Thursday, June 19, 2008             

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           Police: Cook hid lobster tails in pants
Police say a cook at a New York restaurant was arrested
after coworkers allegedly caught him trying to hide 15
lobster tails in his pants.  Investigators said they found 
Raymundo Flores, 40, with 15 frozen lobster tails stuffed
into his pants and bandages on his legs after two of Flores'
coworkers at Junior's Restaurant in the city's Brooklyn
borough caught him taking the tails and called 911, the
New York Post reported Tuesday.  Workers at the restaurant
said several lobster tails, which sell for $29.95 for two,
had been noticed missing from the restaurant's freezer 
recently.  Flores, who was fired from the restaurant, was
charged with petit larceny and criminal possession of
stolen property.


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           Goat prank may yield jail sentences
Police said five recent high school graduates in Eustis, 
Fla., could face up to a year in jail after sneaking two
goats into their former school.  Police Chief Fred Cobb
said the five Eustis High School graduates have been 
charged with criminal trespass and a sixth graduate who
is under the age of 18 has been referred to juvenile court,
the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel reported Tuesday.  Investigators
allege the students brought the goats, a mother and her
kid, into the school under cover of night. The animals 
were discovered by a custodian June 5.  Cobb said the 
students, who graduated May 30, were "outstanding young 
men ... who, this one time, exercised poor judgment." He
said the five charged with trespassing may be eligible for
an intervention program that could keep them out of jail
and prevent them from receiving criminal records.  Cobb
said authorities want "to hold (the pranksters) accountable
but not destroy them."  "You can't simply ignore it," he
said. "What if we had responded and made a dynamic entry 
(to the school) and confronted them? We could have ended
up with a tragic incident."


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         Police say man ordered python to attack
Police in Bridgeport, Conn., said they arrested a man who
allegedly tried to order his pet python to attack his 
girlfriend and police officers.  Lt. James Viadero said
Victor Rodriguez, 21, allegedly refused to open the door 
for Officers Brian Spillane and Joseph Tesla at his 
Cambridge Apartments home, The (Bridgeport) Post reported 
Tuesday.  Viadero said Rodriguez was threatening his
girlfriend with his 9-foot-long albino python and attempted 
to get the snake to attack the two officers after the
building superintendent let them into the apartment.
"He was saying, 'Get them!'" Viadero said.  The snake 
refused to comply and Rodriguez was arrested and charged 
with disorderly conduct and threatening police.  Assistant
Animal Control Officer Mike Tubens said the snake would be 
kept at a city shelter until it can be reclaimed by its 

What are your thoughts on death by lethal injection?   

"I do believe in the death penalty as the ultimate 
punishment. Seriously, if the matter were left up to me, I
would bring back public execution. I would put a gallows in
the center square of every city. I might even allow the
convicted to choose between hanging or firing squad."

"It has always concerned me that if a mode of execution is
painless, it will encourage an attitude of "since it's so
painless, it does not matter whether the person is really 
guilty or not." Just imagine sometime in the future when 
they decide to extend it to the eradication of "designated 
undesirables." It has happened before in history and it 
will happen again."

"Not enough of it !!!!!  Every Penal institution should be
required to show these events to  every prisoner in every 
state ...Maybe the crimes would drop...10 + years all the
way to life these days is a guaranteed retirement to these
non producing society sucking bums." 
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