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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Police Respond To Chyna's Protest

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Monday, Feb. 19, 2007

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Wrestling Society X Pulled From MTV Schedule
Story By: Devis Owens
source: pro wrestling insider

Currently MTV is experiencing a major shakeup amongst 
network executive personnel. Whether related to this 
factor or solely to a decision made by MTV Standards 
and Practices Department, the station has decided to 
pull Wrestling Society X's fourth episode from the air 
next week. In its place will air a program called 

It is believed that MTV higher-ups were uncomfortable with 
a stunt that was scheduled to air on next week's episode 
involving Rickey Banderas throwing a fireball in the face 
of WSX champion, Vampiro. They feared that children would 
try the stunt at home. 

Now also coming into question is the future of WSX being 
aired in a time-slot that goes head-to-head with ECW. Amid 
the corporate shakeup, Paul DeBenedittis was amongst those 
let go. DeBenedittis was responsible for placing WSX in 
the existing time-slot. Time will tell if a move is made. 
MTV is contracted to show 10 taped Wrestling Society X 

Wrestling Society X is currently scheduled to return on 
Tuesday 2/27 at 10:30 PM 

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Police Respond To Chyna's Protest; Alex Wright, Brooke 
Story By: Daniel Pena

TMZ.com has a video of police responding to an animal 
rights protest that got out of control. The protest was 
led by former WWE Diva Joanie "Chyna" Laurer and the Barbi 
Twins. The protesters marched on a facility that apparently 
conducts tests on monkeys and confronted doctors as they 
tried to leave the building. Had police been a few 
minutes later arriving, things could have gotten pretty 
ugly. Click here to see the video. 

Former WCW wrestler Alex Wright (who beat Triple H in a 
pay-per-view match at the age of 18) has opened up a 
wrestling school in Germany. The school is called 'The 
Wright Stuff'. 

Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke is moving to Los Angeles. Due 
to that, it looks like this season will be the final season 
of Hogan Knows Best. A few weeks ago, Hogan said that this 
current season was probably going to be the last one 
because all of the Hogan family members weren't going to 
be together enough to shoot the show. TMZ.com has a video 
on Brooke (with her mom) saying that she'll be moving to 
California soon. 

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Melina's Backstage Heat, Candice's Site 
Story By: Daniel Pena
partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Super Crazy's win over Johnny Nitro on RAW two Monday ago, 
which wouldn't have been dreamed about three weeks ago, is 
not only due to his minor push as of late, but also because 
Johnny Nitro happens to be in the doghouse due to his 
relationship with Melina. Although, Melina's really the
one in the doghouse. Melina had heat on her when she moved 
over to RAW last spring due to her reputation on SmackDown, 
and apparently, she hasn't done too much to change her 
reputation. So well, while Melina's in the doghouse, Nitro 
may be doing jobs to some wrestlers he wouldn't have been 
losing to a few months ago. Interestingly, J.R. went out 
of his way to praise Nitro during his match with Super 
Crazy, since he was the one who was losing. This was 
opposed to burying him as the booking has been doing. 

Candice Michelle has relaunched her official website at 
CandiceMichelle.com It looks really high-tech. 

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