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Publication: Weekend GetAways
Pleasant Pittsburg

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       WEEKEND GETAWAYS - Friday, June 22, 2007
    Make The Most Of Your Vacation - From Coast to Coast!

Greetings Getaway Lover,

We're Off To Pleasant Pittsburg........

Pittsburgh lies where the Allegheny and Monongahela 
rivers meet to form the Ohio River, in the hills of 
southwestern Pennsylvania. First an 18th-century 
French fortress and trading post, Fort Duquesne, 
then the British Fort Pitt, the city emerged as an 
industrial powerhouse in the 1800s, mostly due to 
iron and steel production. Today, the days of steel
manufacturing are mostly gone, and with them the 
industrial pollution that earned the city the nick-
name "Smoky City." 

Pittsburgh has been recast into a pleasing blend of 
turn-of-the-20th-century architectural masterpieces 
and modern skyscrapers and consistently ranks among 
the nation's most livable cities. Pittsburgh today 
has a real sense of fun, with various outdoor 
activities on its rivers and in its parks, unique 
shopping downtown and in the suburbs, and dining in 
some of the state's most interesting locales.
Happy Trails,

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--DESTINATION: Pittsburg

The peninsula formed on the eastern side of this conver-
gence of the three rivers grew into the downtown area, 
often referred to as the Golden Triangle. The city chose 
to put a park at its very tip, fittingly referred to as 
the Point; the stadium that once stood across the 
Allegheny from here (it was imploded in early 2001) bore 
the geographical imprint in its name -- Three Rivers 

Although visiting the park allows for an up-close view 
of the rivers, for the best view you can use one of 
Pittsburgh's two 19th-century cable cars and travel up 
Mt. Washington. The views are breathtaking from the 
overlooks and restaurants up here. You can see the 
rivers flowing together, appreciate the city's unique 
skyline, and take in the two new stadiums, which flank 
the site of the former Three Rivers Stadium and are 
home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Arts/Performance Venue, Library, Museum/Gallery, 
The Carnegie is an opulent cultural center, with the 
Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History, the 
Music Hall, and the Carnegie Library all under one 
Beaux-Arts roof. Don't miss the 19th-century French 
and 20th-century American paintings, the Hall of 
Architecture, the dinosaur and Egyptian collections, 
and the extravagant Music Hall lobby.
www.carnegiemuseum.org. COST: $8. Closed Mon. 

Address: 4400 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Phone: 412/622-3131; 412/622-3289 group tours

Andy Warhol Museum 
Museum/Gallery, Pittsburgh 
The Andy Warhol Museum devotes seven floors to the work 
of the native Pittsburgher and pop art icon. Set inside 
an old warehouse, the museum includes thousands of works 
in many media: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, 
film, and video. An enormous collection of source 
material -- audiotape interviews with friends and 
associates, thousands of photographs, books, magazines 
-- sheds light on the artist, the man, his artmaking 
processes, and his legacy. One of the most intriguing 
exhibits presents the earliest commercial graphics Warhol 
produced for New York City advertising agencies. Don't 
miss the bulletin boards crammed with gossip and celebrity
 memorabilia. www.warhol.org. COST: $8. Closed Mon. 

Address: 117 Sandusky St., Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Phone: 412/237-8300

Cathedral of Learning 
Museum/Gallery, Pittsburgh 
Towering over Oakland is the University of Pittsburgh's 
Gothic skyscraper, the Cathedral of Learning 
(www.pitt.edu; COST: free, taped tours $3), with 26 
Nationality Classrooms, meticulously and lavishly 
executed to represent Pittsburgh's ethnic communities. 

Address: 4200 5th Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Phone: 412/624-6000

Other Places of Interest:

Mattress Factory 
Museum/Gallery, Pittsburgh 

The Mattress Factory, in the North Side's historic 
Mexican War Streets district, is devoted to contemp-
orary installation art, and often with an environmental 
theme. The space gets its unusual name from its location, 
a former Stearns & Foster mattress factory warehouse. The 
rock garden outside, designed by Winifred Lutz, is 
breathtaking. www.mattress.org. COST: $6. Closed Mon. 

Address: 505 Jacksonia St., Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Phone: 412/231-3169

National Aviary 
Zoo/Aquarium, Pittsburgh 
The National Aviary (www.aviary.org; COST: $5) has more 
than 450 birds representing at least 225 species, 
including parrots, bald eagles, and a condor. Many of 
the birds are in cages, but others occupy tree-filled 
aviaries that visitors can walk through. 

Address: Allegheny Commons W, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Phone: 412/323-7234
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The Appletree Inn 
$125 to Over $200, Pittsburgh 
This small Victorian B&B is less than two blocks from 
the shops and restaurants of Walnut Street, near two 
colleges and two universities, and 10 minutes from 
downtown. The rooms of this circa-1884 restored house 
are named for different apples, and each has been 
given a different "flavor." Complimentary breakfast 
is served. This is a no-smoking inn. 8 rooms. Cable TV, 
in-room VCRs, in-room data ports, business services, 
free parking; no smoking. AE, D, MC, V. Full breakfast. 

Address: 703 S. Negley Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15232, USA
Phone: 412/661-0631
Fax: 412/661-7525

Country Inns and Suites 
Under $75 to $125, Pittsburgh 
At this garden-style hotel 7 mi from the airport, the 
pleasant country-style guest rooms overlook a 
courtyard. www.countryinns.com. 152 rooms. Pool. AE, 
D, DC, MC, V. Full breakfast. 

Address: 5311 Campbells Run Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15205, 
Phone: 412/788-8400
Fax: 412/788-2577

1902 Landmark Tavern 
American/Casual, $20 to Over $40, Pittsburgh 
You can feast on fillets, pasta dishes, and famous New 
England clam chowder at this casual early 20th-century 
tavern. AE, D, DC, MC, V. Closed Sun. 

Address: 24 Market St., Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Phone: 412/471-1902

China Palace 
Chinese, $20 to $40, Pittsburgh 
Various architectural touches make the outside resemble 
19th-century Chinese buildings, while Chinese paintings 
and sculptures add beauty to the interior. Classic 
dishes are General Tso's chicken, crispy walnut shrimp, 
and duck. AE, D, DC, MC, V. No lunch Sun. 

Address: 5440 Walnut St., Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Phone: 412/687-7423

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