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Publication: Phunny Pictures
Backyard Roller Coaster

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      Phunny Pics Video Clip - Monday, March 24, 2008
     "Pictures Are Just As Phunny When They're Moving"

Howdy Folks,

I really admire the feller in today's clip. He built his 
very own rollercoaster in his own backyard. I kind of had 
a rollercoaster in the backyard. Well, it was just a big 
old tire, but we had a huge hill to roll down. I'm gettin' 
dizzy just thinkin' about those times. 

Hey, don't forget to rate the clip after viewing.

Take Care Y'all

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It was fun to use.... yes I said fun. When we would come up
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This Week's Video Clip - Backyard Roller Coaster 

John Ivers was sick of waiting in line at amusement parks 
to ride his favorite roller coasters, so he decided to 
build one of his own. Check out this video of John testing 
out his roller coaster for the first time. 

Click here: Backyard Roller Coaster 


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