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Publication: Phunny Pictures
Worst Petting Zoo Ever!

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       Phunny Pictures - Wednesday, March 5, 2008 

Howdy Folks,

Have u ever glued yer head to somethin'? I glued my four-
head to my desk... on accident. I'm not too uncomfortable, 
but it makes it hard to make shure iff yer typin' the 
right leetters. 

Take Care Y'all

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Here are the Top caption submissions as incompetently 
judged by Jethro: 

I sure hope bulls can't swim! 

Swimming with the bulls, Italy's answer to Spain's running 
with the bulls 

anyone can walk (run) on water given the right incentive 

Red Bull gives you wings, Black bull makes you walk on 

The newest extreme sport, Water Rodeo! 

Everybody into the pool!!!! 

You can lead a bull to water... 

Surf 'n Turf 

An historic photo from the Battle of Bull Run 



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-- Here's the continuation of captions sent in by readers --

At least no one can see that I just wet my pants!!

Don't have a COW man!! 

Feet don't fail me now!! 

Man! That's one horny beast! 

At first they thought it was Mad Cow Disease but it turned 
out to be Irritable Bull Syndrome or IBS. 

I shouldn't have had that steak for dinner! 

I'll lead, you steer. 

That's what happens when you spill your A-1 on a Bull 

Worst Petting Zoo Ever! 

Guess you just became a vegetarian? 


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