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Publication: Phunny Pictures
Redneck Cat Carrier

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       Phunny Pictures - Wednesday, February 13, 2008 

Howdy Folks,

I forgot that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. My wife ain't 
gonna be to happy about that. 

I need to get her a gift of sorts. Maybe I could get her 
a case of motor oil? No. I got her that last year. 

Maybe I could get her a new pair of waders? No. I got her 
that for our annyversari. 

How about a gift card to one of those spa places? That 
sounds good to me. She'll love that. All shes been doin' 
tha passed two weeks is sayin' that she wants her feet 
rubbed and her corns filed down. And she sez that I don't 
listen to her. 

Take Care Y'all

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Here are the Top caption submissions as incompetently 
judged by Jethro: 

Who says only dogs can advertize beer? 

Redneck Cat Carrier 

That'll teach 'em to forget to clean my litter box! 

Is that what they mean by beer having a head? 

Well it keep him from falling down after his drinking. 

This beer has a bite. 

You've heard of bearcats haven't you? Well, I'm a beercat. 

I'm Busched! 

A bird in the hand is worth a cat in the busch. 

How about some privacy when I'm on the can? 

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-- Here's the continuation of captions sent in by readers --

We're out of beer?! This is a CATastrophy! 


Look's like I'm gonna miss my PETA Anonymous meeting. 

Free cat with every purchase 

Hey, he knows what he likes. 

It's Feline Time! 

Let the cat out of the box! 

Your Cat Is on the Sauce! 

Jinx Has The Drinks! 

BYOBK: Bring Your Own Beer Kitty 


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