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Publication: Phunny Pictures

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       Phunny Pictures - Wednesday, June 18, 2008 

Howdy Folks,

My good friend Dub came buy the other day to tell me about 
his family reunion party that he had over the weakend. 

He said the food was great, the family unit was closer 
than ever and they had a great time playin' those party 
games that everyone enjoys. 

I asked him, "Exactly what games did you play?" 

He responded with a list: 

1. Sister or Cousin 
2. Find the Wrench 
3. Tastes Like Squirrely 
4. Huntin' Accident or Caught in Machinery 
5. Push the Sheep thru the Fence 
6. Spit and Drool 
7. Name that Roadkill 
8. Bobbin' for Road-Apples 
9. Wet Tube Top Contest 
10. Rundown Pickup Shootout 

It sounded like a great time. It would have been an 
awesome time if they had remembered to play "Right 
Teeth, Wrong Mouth". 

Good times, good times!

Take Care Y'all

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Here are the Top caption submissions as incompetently 
judged by Jethro: 

The latest in designer pets... The Sharpanda

What are you laughing at!

Mickey Mouse with no make-up

Polar Pooch!! 

Don't hate me because I'm Beautiful!!! 

the new craze from China: "Pandapug" 


Don't Laugh, I was trying out for that new Panda movie but 
I was too late. 

My owner is an IDIOT!!!!

I'll get you for this! 


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-- Here's the continuation of captions sent in by readers --

Sure, I look cute, but how do I lick my butt in this getup? 

What is Winston Churchill doing in a panda suit? 

Talk about an identity crisis! 

The new stand-in for the Panda Express commercials.

Another failed cloning experiment... 

Panda suit!? They told me this was a tuxedo!

And they wonder WHY we Bite! 

Please, no flash photography. 

What?! I'm the Kung Fu Panda's stunt double! 

I'm not ugly, you're ugly. 


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