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Publication: Phunny Pictures
How NOT to get into MENSA

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       Phunny Pictures - Wednesday, July 2, 2008 

Howdy Folks,

I hope that y'all have a safe and happy 4th. I on the other 
hand will sherly have the time of my life sittin' in the 
emergency room 'cause my cousin Zemer will undoubtedlee 
hurt himself while using fireworks. 

It seems that every year a family member of mine ends up 
in the ER with some fireworks related injury. It all 
started with my Grandpa Elmis. 

Grandpa Elmis was the toughest guy I ever new. He could do 
just about anything. Then after a firecracker went off in 
his hand it seemed like Grandpa Elmis could do just about 
anything, just like before even though he lost a finger. 
Well, the only thing he could do was countin' to ten. 

The stump is kind of cool thoughh. He can hide about six 
dollars in change in there. 

Take Care Y'all

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Here are the Top caption submissions as incompetently 
judged by Jethro: 

It's moron, you moron! 

"I got a like brain fer sell - it ain't hardly ben used!" 

"Here's your sign...." 

What?! I'm talking about the Moran family!

Hooked On Phonics Worked for Me 

Did you use spell-check?

They're half off, mine's due in next week! 

How NOT to get into MENSA

Summer skool dropout 

Yes, as a matter of fact I do vote. 


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-- Here's the continuation of captions sent in by readers --

Kids, see what happen when you quit school in the 5th grade.

Yep...us Cardinals fans are a elite groop!

Spellin' ain't importent, as long as you git the massage...

20,000 Nascar fans walked by, nobody noticed!

Get a dictionary, Stoopid! 

Stupid is as stupid does! 

He must have gone to Whatsamatter U. 

A sign from St. Louis, Missouri--the "Show Me" state...
show me how to spell. 

You first! 

Ah, you must be the village idiot. 


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