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Publication: Phunny Pictures
Dish Inspector!!!

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       Phunny Pictures - Wednesday, June 4, 2008 

Howdy Folks,

There are alot of things that i do not understand. Things 
like after dinner mints, SUV's, light beer, leap years, 
the french. You know, stuff like that. 

But, there are some things that i do understand. Things 
like tube-tops, Night Ranger, smokin' while showerin', 
datin' siblin's, fishin' with explosives and BBQin'. 

And there are some things that I need to understand. Things 
like the right to remain silent, knowin' when Ive eaten 
enuff cheese, don't microwave metal, youre suposed to have 
two eyebrows and other stuff like that. 

I just thought that y'all should know that i'm a work in 
progress. I'm in need of some serious learnin', but not too 
much becasue my head will start to hurt. 

Take Care Y'all

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Here are the Top caption submissions as incompetently 
judged by Jethro: 


The new Fidomatic brought to you from Kitchenaid

So THAT'S how a dishwasher works!! 

What they really don't know won't hurt 'em 

Some people go overboard trying to conserve energy.

Just as clean as Suds can get 'em 

This new "Green" dishwasher uses no energy! Dog not 


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-- Here's the continuation of captions sent in by readers --

pay the electric bill already! 

$2.00 an hour and all you can eat - not bad!

She SAID to clean my plate! 

Now that is how you do it! 

Redneck dishwasher 

Fido was determined to get the very last of the table 
scraps no matter WHAT it took. 

Dish inspector!!! Just making sure their clean... 


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