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Publication: Gizmorama
Phoenix soil analysis might be ended

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Gizmorama - Phoenix soil analysis might be ended
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Good Morning,
Just a heads up, due to the 4th of July holiday Gizmo will
not mail tomorrow, but we will be back Monday the 7th.
I hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. Hopefully
the weather will be nice where you are so you can enjoy
all of the firework shows and bbq's.
See you Monday,

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Phoenix soil analysis might be ended

The U.S. space agency says the next sample of Martian soil to
be analyzed by the Phoenix Mars Lander might be its last.
A team of National Aeronautics and Space Administration engineers
and scientists who assessed the spacecraft's Thermal and
Evolved-Gas Analyzer, or TEGA, after a short circuit was
discovered last month has concluded another short circuit
could occur when the oven is again used. "Since there is no
way to assess the probability of another short circuit occurring,
we are taking the most conservative approach and treating the
next sample to TEGA as possibly our last," said Peter Smith,
Phoenix's principal investigator. Although mission teams will
"stand down" until Saturday evening to mark the Fourth of July
holiday, skeleton crews -- including ones at the Jet Propulsion
Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., which manages the Phoenix
mission -- will monitor the spacecraft and its instruments,
NASA said. "The stand down is a chance for our team to rest,
but Phoenix won't get a holiday," Smith said, noting the
spacecraft will be operating from preprogrammed science
commands, taking atmospheric readings, panoramas and other

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NASA begins new type of astronomy

The U.S. space agency says its Solar Terrestrial Relations
Observatories, or STEREO, have detected particles from the
edge of the solar system. The National Aeronautics and Space
Administration announced last year's event Monday, saying it
marked the beginning of a new type of astronomy. "The two
STEREO spacecraft were launched in 2006 into Earth's orbit
around the sun to obtain stereo pictures of the sun's surface
and measure magnetic fields and ion fluxes associated with
solar explosions," NASA said. "From June to October 2007,
sensors aboard both STEREO spacecraft detected energetic
neutral atoms originating from the same spot in the sky,
where the sun plunges through the interstellar medium."
Mapping the region by means of neutral, or uncharged, atoms
instead of light "heralds a new kind of astronomy using neutral
atoms," said University of California-Berkeley Professor Robert
Lin, lead scientist for the suprathermal electron sensors
aboard the STEREO spacecraft. "This is the first mapping of
energetic neutral particles from the edge of the heliosphere,"
Lin said. The heliosphere is a bubble in space produced by
the solar wind. It stretches from the sun to beyond the orbit
of Pluto. The complex research is reported in the journal Nature.


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Reader Comments... Thoughts on Windows XP ...

We have had Windows XP since purchasing our computer about
five or six years ago. We have had no problems with it and
get along just fine with it. Therefore we have never seen fit
to go to Vista, and like you stated, we have heard many state
that they did not like or care for Vista. - The Coxes


A year ago I bought a new computer with Windows XP and got used
to it. I can’t absorb yet another program, costwise and any-wise:
I am 80 years old and make a modest income through translating,
all via computer and Windows XP. Have mercy! - Evelyn


I have used Windows since Windows 1.0 and I don't want to see XP
go. It has proven to be a very stable system. I have Vista at
home and even though I am getting used to it my XP computer
seems to have less problems. Currently I am have trouble getting
Microsoft Money Plus to install on my Vista computer. I didn't
have too many problems with installs using XP. - Rod


You wanted to know how we like Vista?? I think it's the biggest
fiasco yet, by Microsoft. Who ever was responsible for the
programming had little knowledge of a useful operating system.
It's flashy and showy, but just about useless and one of the most
aggravating systems I've had the honor (?) to use. I also have a
few really nice accessories that can't be used because there is
no drivers available. - Bill


Microsoft has verified that it will indeed stop shipping XP. The
campaign you refer to, has been ongoing for the last several months,
and has obviously had no effect on Redmond. Just thought you would
like to know. - Joe

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