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Publication: Gizmorama
Phoenix lands, transmits images from Mars

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Gizmorama - Phoenix lands, transmits images from Mars
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	  Record jump thwarted -- balloon escapes

A retired French colonel's second attempt to set records by 
skydiving 130,000 feet were thwarted Tuesday in Saskatchewan, 
Canada, when his balloon blew away. Initially there was cheering 
at the launch site near North Battleford, about 85 miles northwest 
of Saskatoon, when the helium-filled balloon floated away at 
5:06 a.m., but spectators fell silent when it became apparent 
the balloon had broken free of the capsule, the Canwest News 
Service reported. Michel Fournier, 64, had canceled launch plans
a day earlier because of weather. There was no immediate word 
on whether Fournier will reschedule the Canadian attempt, 
Canwest said. Fournier has had bad luck with balloons -- in 
2002 and 2003, similar attempts were foiled when the balloons 
broke apart during inflation, the report said. His quest is 
to set records for highest altitude free fall, highest 
altitude human balloon flight, time record for longest free fall 
and the speed record for the fastest free fall, as he initially 
would break the sound barrier.

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	  Phoenix lands, transmits images from Mars

The U.S. space agency's rover Phoenix sent images of itself 
back from Mars to Earth Monday, showing it had landed and was 
ready to look for signs of life. The Mars Phoenix Lander also 
sent images of the flat valley thought to have water-rich 
permafrost within reach the spacecraft's robotic arm, NASA 
said in a news release. "We see the lack of rocks that we 
expected, we see the polygons that we saw from space, we don't 
see ice on the surface, but we think we will see it beneath the 
surface. It looks great to me," said Peter Smith of the 
University of Arizona at Tucson, principal investigator for the 
Phoenix mission to Mars. Phoenix's cargo includes science 
instruments to assess whether ice just below the surface ever 
thaws and whether some chemical ingredients of life are preserved 
in the icy soil, NASA said. Phoenix will also study other 
aspects of the soil and atmosphere. Mission team members at 
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.; Lockheed 
Martin Space Systems, Denver; and the University of Arizona 
cheered when the rover landed, NASA said. Only five of 13 
previous attempted Mars landings were successful.


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	 Dutch scientists claim to map female genome

Dutch scientists have said they have mapped the full genetic 
sequence of a woman for the first time. "It's the first woman 
in the world and the first European whose DNA sequence will be 
made public," the researchers at Leiden University Medical 
Centre in the western Netherlands said in a statement. "The 
DNA sequence and its analyses will be published soon, except 
for some private details," it said. "The sequencing of a woman 
allows a better understanding of the X-chromosome," the gene 
thread associated with female characteristics, said Gert-Jan 
van Ommen, head of the team that carried out the study.
Four other genomes had been mapped previously, all of them men.
The genome refers to all of the genes that characterise the human 
species, determining individual traits including a person's 
proneness to certain diseases. 


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